Surround Yourself With The Best And You Can Never Fail

Raj Fernando, grew up in New York as a child of two very intelligent parents. His father was a Fulbright scholar from aboard while his mother studied at Julliard. Starting at a young age, Raj was already surrounded by some of the best minds in the world, his parents. He quickly has come to appreciate that style in the work place of his company. At Chopper Trading, he has a rather intense hiring process. While most firms would look at 30 people, and maybe only hire 3, and fire 27, Raj Fernando does the opposite.

They start by bringing in 2 or 3 candidates, and focus on seeing how they get along with the work environment. They take a tour of the wall less offices, a detailed explanation of their potential duties, and a quick hi to everyone they might be working with or interacting on some level with. Programmers for example start with meeting Raj, and are given some quick questions that promote creativity. Nothing technical is asked at this stage, since Raj is not a programmer himself. If Raj likes him or her, they are sent to the programmers for more intense interviewing. The people they meet are related to the vacancy by either having had the job, have the job currently, or are training for a job at the time. After all the interviews are done the person is circled back to Raj who at that point knows if they are going to fit into the culture or not based on his valued employees’ reviews of the candidate.

Raj Fernando was given some amazing advice while working for a Hillary Clinton foundation; Surround yourself with the best and brightest and nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. This is advice that he has unknowingly been following since he was young.

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Town Residential Shoots for Luxury

The idea behind Town Residential was to provide a luxury real estate company in a market that was essentially locked up and unable to be penetrated in the past. This is something that Town Residential has worked hard toward and it has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way for their clients.


Town Residential offers luxury living options to all of their clients. They work hard to make sure that they are providing luxury solutions to the people who they serve so that they are able to make the most out of their business for people. People who previously were unable to find a great home to buy in New York City are now able to find homes that are not only easy to live in but also have the ability to provide luxury options.


Some clients that Town Residential has have been major players in New York City culture. From politicians to celebrities and everything in between, Town Residential has been able to work with many different clients. While their contracts prohibit them from saying who, exactly, they have worked with, they have made hints at some major people who are a part of the culture. This has allowed them the chance to improve the choices that they have and has given them a great list of references of people who have been happy with the options that they have when it comes to the different things in real estate.


Town Residential was only started three years ago. While this is a relatively long time for a business to be in business in New York City, it is somewhat of a short time for someone to be as successful as what Town Residential has been. Most real estate agencies in New York City do not make it past their first year. The housing market in New York City is not easy for people to be able to break into and is something that even experienced real estate agents struggle with when they first start out.


Throughout the three short years that they have been in business, Town Residential has been making waves. They recently opened their tenth office. This is huge for the company and is something that they feel has made things different for the company. It has given them the chance to serve even more clients than what they had before. Their new office gives them the opportunity to reach people who they would not have been able to reach otherwise and allows them the chance to do much more in a place that is convenient for them and for the clients that they have worked hard to serve.


George Soros and Glenn Beck: A Tale of Slander

One of the worst character assassinations in the last ten years was performed by Glenn Beck back in 2010. His target was hedge fund titan and philanthropist George Soros, one of the world’s richest men.

Soros, as a boy in Budapest, Hungary during the Nazi takeover was a member of a Jewish family which had to hide their identity. He lived for a time with a Christian family after his parents left the country. Soon, he saw the Nazis exit and the communists take over the nation. Soros left Hungary as a teenager and traveled alone to England, working as a porter and a waiter along the way. He enrolled in the London School of Economics, and in 1956, he got his first job on Wall Street, and became a wealthy man.

Beck broadcast his three-hour rant on Fox News. It was a diatribe against one individual, complete with lies, innuendos, and conspiracy theories. He cast Soros as an anti-Semite, colluding with the Nazis and an enemy of Israel. He did not say that Soros was a 13 year old boy at the time, and had no influence at all in Nazi dealings. “Here’s a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps,” said Beck, creating an especially ugly lie.

Beck goes on to picture Soros as a puppeteer, pulling the strings of the media, the Democratic party, the unions and President Obama. He portrayed Soros as wanting to destroy the American government out of greed, and then set up a global empire with himself in command. He also said that Soros was going to manipulate the currency creating a huge inflation, bringing America “to its knees.”

Read more: Puppetry

What Beck did not tell his audience was that Soros has for years been an advocate for freedom and democracy. In 1984, he opened his first Open Society office in Budapest. The Open Society Foundation on Forbes was started in 1979 as a network in various countries, many located in the Soviet empire, and was dedicated to helping form societies “where rights are respected, government is accountable, and no one has the monopoly on the truth.”

The office in Budapest was opened to bring information to Hungarians. They had to register all typewriters with the police. Soros managed to bring in copy machines, and was able to spread knowledge far and wide despite the government. Soon, he opened more offices in the Soviet bloc countries. It has been said that the four most important people to bring down communism in the eighties were Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II and George Soros.

But Beck said, “Soros has helped fund the Velvet Revolution in the Ukraine, the Rose Revolution in Georgia. He also helped engineer coups in Slovakia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia. So what is his target now? Us. America.” Did Beck not realize these were communist dictatorships? And all these “revolutions” were peaceful, and there were no real coups to engineer in the Balkans. Soros may be the one private individual who had the most influence in bringing down the Iron Curtain. See:

Soros continues to fund democratic and liberal causes, and has taken on domestic issues. He has also donated heavily to Democratic candidates. Glenn Beck was let go from Fox News shortly after his three-day diatribe.

Brazilian Real Estate Companies On The Rise


Brookfield Incorporacoes is a Brazilian real estate company that was founded in 2008. Today, it sits as the fifth largest real estate company in Brazil. It is a subsidiary of Canadian Brookfield Asset Management. It was founded through the merger of Brascan Company and MB Engenharia. The company focuses its business in the economic, mid-low, middle, mid-high and high-end sectors of the residential development business. It operates commercially in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Goiania, Campo Grande, Cuiaba, Curitiba, and Campinas.


PDG Realty S.A. Empreendimentos e Participações is a real estate company founded in 1979. It is based out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Today, it sits as the second largest real estate company in Brazil. The company makes its growth through investments in subsidiaries and direct investment in projects. PDG focuses on residential projects ranging all over from lower class to high class.


Construcap has been in business for over 70 years. This company focuses on several market segments: industrial, oil and gas, commercial build, and heavy civil. They are one of the largest construction companies in Brazil, and was ranked one of the best companies in the construction sector by eSportes Terra, Special Edition of the Best and Greatest companies in Brazil in 2012. With its 10,000 employees, they were able to generate over US$760 million in revenue in 2014 alone.


In 2012, Construcap and Flour Corporation joined hands to form CFPS Engenharia e Projetos, S.A. This joint venture was in an effort to pursue engineering, procurement and construction management services in Brazil. CFPS Engenharia e Projetos combines Construcap’s notable prosperity and sustained presence in Brazil with Fluor’s project execution leadership and global resources.  Construcap has also begun construction on a brand new Fiat factory, details of which can be sought here: Fábrica da Fiat – Construcap – Goiana – PE – Em Andamento

Doe Deere Leads and Enchants for Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a fascinating, beautiful, revolutionary, young woman. She has taken her physical attributes and public relations skills learned as a member of a struggling rock band in NYC, and turned them into a personality and a business brand. The company she founded on eBay is named Lime Crime, a playful name using her favorite color at the time. Her brand and Doe Deere have become wildly popular and have allowed her and her husband to move into new digs in the Los Angeles area.

She was recently interviewed in ideamensch, and a series of photos were included in the reporting. Thanks to ideamensch we know her husband’s name, Mark, and that he holds a position within the company.

Doe Deere is involved in mentoring other women in their business endeavors, and her advice should be taken as she had had great success in her business dealings. Deere’s operating management style is one of love and encouragement, and she disdains those executives who rule will an iron fist. Her only business disappointment happened when her company was hacked by a cyber attack. She has since upgraded her level of protection and assures her large customer base that any further security breaches are nearly impossible.

Her business days are spent consulting members of her staff, but she is the figurehead and driving force in Lime Crime, and her efforts have propelled the company to the forefront of the cosmetics industry.

The photos taken with the interview show Doe Deere as a still fashionable model for her brand. In the photos, a sense of feminine perfection is displayed in colors and outfits to shock the sensibilities of even the avant-garde. Read the entire article and enjoy the photo spread here: But she not only pulls off the looks but inspires and creates in us a need to know more about this diva. She has that certain something, an undefined quality that she shares with Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Sophia Loren. This special look is impossible to define but you know who has it in this world of unsophisticated media personalities trying to become stars. Some have succeeded in a monetary sense but getting to the status of a Hepburn or Monroe is more difficult. Doe Deere has a chance to join this select crowd but she seems happy to be a wealthy cosmetics executive with a quirky fashion sense. Hollywood stardom is not the only way to become famous and Deere is making her case for this title every time she is interviewed.


President of Eucatex Company, Flavio Maluf, Optimistic About the Growth of the Manufacturing Industry in Brazil


Mr. Maluf who is both an executive entrepreneur and President of Eucatex, according to Consultasocio, is confident that the short-term future of the manufacturing sector in the country will see some improvements. With the manufacturing sector experiencing constant fluctuation in industrial confidence in 2015, Mr. Maluf has claimed that most manufacturing executives share his sentiments about an improving sector.


The Industrial Confidence Index (ICI) in a report that indicated a 2.1 increase in the index showed the increase in business confidence. The ICI recorded 86.1 points in August while recording 88.2 points in the previous month of August. The index had suffered a 1-point drop and gained a 2.1 increase during that one-month period. The highest ever-recorded level is 88.8 points recorded in July 2014.


About Flavio Maluf


Flávio Maluf has been with Eucatex Group since 1987, LinkedIn shows us. Before he became president, Mr. Maluf went through many positions before becoming reaching the top. In 1996, he became part of the executive team of the company. A year later after his appointment as an executive, Mr. Maluf was appointed the president of Eucatex Group. Ever since his appointment, he has been involved in transforming the company to bring it the new technological age. This transformation has allowed the company to run more efficiently.


Education and Background of Flavio Maluf


Mr. Maluf was born in Brazil in December 1961. He attended Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in São Paulo where he earned a Mechanical Engineering Degree. He continued his Education at renowned NYU where he also lived for a year.


With spouse of 30 years, Jacqueline de Lourdes Torres Coutinho, they have born three children: two girls and a boy. A 22-year-old girl and a graduate in chemical engineering from a London university. A 19-year-old girl and an entrepreneur having founded an administration company. A 15-year-old boy who is an engineering aspirant.  Follow Flavio on Facebook for more about him and his lovely family.


About Eucatex Company


Eucatex Group was founded in 1951 with the aim of constructing metal sheets for the community. In 1994, the business evolved and started production and sale of synthetic wood lines and insulators made from eucalyptus wood fibers. Until date the company continues to grow, it produces wood to supply furniture manufacturers among other things to foreign markets.

Labaton Sucharow’s SEC Whistleblower Lawyer Files Lawsuit Against Biogen Incorporation

Biogen Inc is being sued by Electrical Workers Pension Fund for falsifying its financial reports and disclosures on immunosuppressant, Tecfidera. Labaton Sucharow’s SEC Whistleblower attorney filed a securities lawsuit against the biopharmaceutical company on October 20th, 2016. Court documents stated Biogen violated the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Rule. Labaton Sucharow Law Firm is representing the Pension Fund, investors and absent members who were misinformed about the growth and sales of Tecfidera. Investors were affected if they bought publicly traded securities from July 23rd, 2014 through July 23rd, 2015.


Biogen and specific executives were named in the Electrical Workers Pension Fund v. Kingsley class action lawsuit and accused of hyping the safety of Tecfidera and disclosing dishonest growth potentials. Tecfidera is used by medical physicians to treat multiple sclerosis and was the company’s leading product to generate revenue. The law suit alleges Biogen was aware the product was causing the immune system to weaken. Physicians stopped using the immunosuppressant to treat their patients, which resulted in a reduction of Biogen’s revenue.


After a patient who was prescribed Tecfidera died, Biogen was obligated to disclose the safety of its risks. In July 2015, the company quickly reduced its revenue by 50 percent based on revisions to their expectations of the growth of Tecfidera. Biogen’s common stock took more than a 22 percent plunge, causing stock prices to drop by $85.02 per share.


SEC Whistleblower lawyer representing Labaton Sucharow Law Firm encourages investors and entities to seek appointment as lead plaintiff if they are shareholders in Biogen publicly traded securities between July 2014 and July 2015. There is no requirement to seek appointment as lead plaintiff to receive financial recovery in the class action if the judge rules in favor of Electrical Workers Pension Fund. The court appoints lead plaintiff as a representative for absent members.


To inquire about the Electrical Workers Pension Fund v. Kingsley action, contact Labaton Sucharow and speak with Francis P. McConville. She is available to answer all questions regarding the case and how to serve as lead plaintiff. Labaton is the leading SEC Whistleblower law firm in the nation to represent investors, funds, and whistleblowers. Visit Labaton’s SEC Whistleblower Advocacy online to search for informative resources relating to the whistleblower program and the Dodd-Frank Act. This is the second class action the firm filed in the month of October against publicly traded companies.

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Offers a Wealth Plan


Jim Hunt and the company he founded, VTA Publications, want to make you and your mother rich. This claim and others offer instant, easy riches simply by implementing one of several trading maneuvers used by sophisticated traders and investors on Wall Street and other financial centers around the world. Fledgling investors in the United Kingdom and the United States of America are fortunate to have a plethora of information written in their native tongue concerning the subject of investing.

What they are offering is a way to make money while stock markets are declining. The market condition whenever many stocks are losing value is known as a “Bear” market. Conversely, a “Bull” market is when stocks are gaining in value. Jim Hunt combined with VTA Publications can show you how to profit in these Bear market conditions.

There have been examples of investors making fortunes while tradable stocks or in the case of George Soros currencies are losing value. In 1992 Soros made $1 billion on a single investment placed in the foreign exchange (Forex) markets. Soros bet that the British Sterling Pound would lose value against the other currencies traded, acted accordingly, and made a fortune. Making money during a bear market in stocks is more difficult and involves using sophisticated trading tools. For more information about Jim Hunt and VTA Publications and how to trade bear markets visit their website here:

Trading or investing in any market is risky and is best used for the long term. Any investor should study the current position of a possible investment on charts over a number of time frames. The longer term investments appreciate over the course of years, and the short-term fluctuations of any tradeable position are excessive and impossible to predict successfully. Knowledge is the most valuable commodity in any trading and study of the subject is necessary. All fledgling investors need to read as many books about investing as they can. Many websites offer education some of which is good. But just as “buyer beware” is good advice so too is “investor beware”.  Find out how he plans to make his mom into a millionaire, with some pretty off the wall ideas.

Madison Street Capital leads while the rest follow

Since its launch in 2002, the annual M&A Advisor Awards have served to set the benchmark for excellence by recognizing merit in financing, deal making, and restructuring by honoring the exploits of leading corporations and professionals. This year was no different from the others. In this regard, the M&A Advisor has nominated Madison Street Capital, an international investment banking company based in Chicago, as among the finalists for its yearly awards, which are now in their fifteenth year.

This prominent investment banking firm has received two nominations in two different categories, namely the International and Industrials Deal of the Year (Under $100 million) and Boutique Investment Banking Institution of the Year and according to news found on Benzinga.

The former nomination particularly recognized the important role played by Madison Street Capital in helping Dowco to acquire Acuna and Asociados S. A. The acquisition was a multifaceted cross-border deal, which involved several aspects and was led by Karl D’Cunha who is the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital. According to Karl D’Cunha, the company is pleased to be recognized for its exploits in that particular deal.

In a separate statement, the founder, and CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway reiterated that the company was happy with its success in facilitating Dowco’s procurement of Acuna & Asociados S.A. He further added that the company was humbled to be in contention for Boutique Investment Banking Institution of the Year given that its employees work diligently across different time zones to partner clients with developing businesses that can meet their varied needs for sustained development and success.

The M&A Advisor will announce the respective winners of its 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards on November 9, at a Gala hosted at the New York Athletic Club.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a renowned transnational investment banking institution dedicated to the highest standards of honesty and service in the provision of merger and acquisition knowledge, corporate monetary advisory services, financial opinions as well as valuation services to both public and private corporations. We have office branches in North America, Africa, and Asia. We boast of vast experience in forging partnerships with middle-market companies in various industries and niche markets to realize success via a host of transactions. Madison Street Capital considers emerging markets as a key element of growth for its partners and will continue to dedicate a significant portion of its resources on these markets.

About M&A Advisor

The primary purpose of M&A Advisor since its inception in 1998 is to provide insights and expertise on mergers and acquisitions. Looking back, we have created the leading global network of Turnaround, M&A and Finance experts. Today, M&A Advisor is the distinguished organization identifying excellence, awarding exploits, providing thought leadership and enabling connections among the world’s top finance professionals.

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Sam Tabar and the FullCycle Energy Fund

Just Reported October 18th, 2016: lists Sam Tabar as the new CFO of Awearable Apparel. Sam will be advising the tech giant on financial matters relating to fundraising, and corporate investment. This marks another massive step forward for Sam, who was named COO of FullCycle Fund in 2015.

In December of 2015, Sam Tabar was named the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund, a company that was founded in 2013, which was created in order to finance and own projects that revolutionizes the relationship with waste by converting it into valuable and clean fuel. And as the COO, Tabar was responsible for managing the company’s fund management strategy.

In taking the role is the COO, Tabar said on Twitter that he was honored and excited for the opportunity, and that he looked forward to being able to partner with the talented senior leadership team in order to deliver the mission of FullCycle in moving away from the polluting fuels at lower cost, environmentally friendly fuels and high cost. Tabar has spent most of his career overseeing the budget strategies for different financial institutions. One of these positions is that he was the Head of Capital strategy for Merrill Lynch, Bank of America.

In the role with Bank of America, he helped in providing funding managers with targeted introductions for institutional investors including foundations, endowments, fund of funds, pensions and family offices. He had consulted with operations as he built both front and back office teams. And prior to his position at Bank of America, he held the position of Co-head of Marketing for the Sparx Group (PMA), which is the largest independent fund within Asia Pacific. While at the Sparx Group, his responsibilities included managing all of the facets for a global marketing effort. And in addition to his experience in financial management, Tabar has also worked as an attorney for both Schulte, Roth & Zabel and Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom.

In his early career, Tabar graduated with a masters degree in law from the Columbia Law School, and holds a Bachelor’s of Arts from Oxford University where he graduated with honors. He has been the Editor for the Columbia Business Law Journal, and currently serves as a member for the New York State Bar. And as a private venture capitalist, he has became one of the earliest investors for the Tribute, and for SheThinx which is a company that has helped in re-inventing the feminine hygiene industry, this happening through a social mission for empowering women all over the world.  Sam’s official website has more.