Planning Events to Wow

Attending an event can be a wonderful time. Planning the event can be just the opposite. A lot of work goes into the planning process, and it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are high qualified event planners out there who are ready to take on any project and do it in an amazing way.


Twenty Three Layers is one of the best event planning companies in NYC. Jessica Boskoff started her company ten years ago and has a long list of satisfied clients to show for all her hard work. Ms. Boskoff has assembled a team of event planners in NYC, and they are ready for any event that comes their way. They pride themselves on being the best and put everything they have into each event they are part of.


There are many steps that go into finding the right event planner. Before hiring anyone, know what you want out of your event and what you want out of your event planner. Have your vision in your mind and be ready to explain this to the event planner. Have your budget set and have an idea of what you need this budget to cover.


Meet with a few event planners before hiring any of them. Have a face-to-face meeting and get to know each event planner. Share with them your ideas for the event and see what they have to say. Ask a lot of questions to be sure you both are on the same page for the event. The right planner will be able to describe how they see the event turning out after they hear your ideas.


After meeting with the prospects, hire the event planner that fits best with your vision. It is beneficial to have a working relationship with your event planner. This will allow the communication to flow easier and things to stay on track.


Hiring the right event planner can make or break an event. Twenty Three Layers has the team and the experience to make each event perfect and create a lasting impression for years to come.

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Dick DeVos Life’s Work

Dick DeVos has held many positions throughout his life. However, the most relevant executive positions were and are at Amway, the NBA’s Orlando Magic basketball team, and currently as president of The Windquest Group.


At Amway, a business created by his father Richard M. DeVos, he got his first taste of entrepreneurship as a child. He remembers the business being set up in his parent’s basement where he and his brother were initially responsible for clearing plates. With age came more responsibility which included speaking and giving product demonstrations to large gatherings.


Then in 1974 he began his actual business career at Amway, touching almost every facet of the business. He held such positions as: finance, research and development, marketing, and manufacturing. In 1984 he became vice president with responsibility of operations in over 18 countries.


He left Amway in 1981 to head the basketball franchise Orlando Magic basketball team as President and CEO. When he started the position some questioned if he was capable of making touch decisions. But they soon learned he had no problem handling the position.


In 1993, he returned to Amway/Alticor to succeed his father Richard M. DeVos. When he rejoined Amway as President he was able to expand operations in over 50 countries and territories. In 2000, he oversaw the restructuring of the business from Amway to Alticor (new parent company).


In August of 2002 he retired from Altricor and became president of The Windquest Group, which is an investment management firm that has holdings in technology, manufacturing and other sectors.


At Windquest he bought on board a specialist in alternative energy. He knew that alternative energy was going to be an important part of the future of the world, but he also recognized the opportunity that alternative energy would be for The Windquest Group. That being said, his company was able to develop an alternative energy which “converts waste heat that is the byproduct of a manufacturing process, and converts it into electricity”.


The Green Machine, as it was called, is produced by TheElectraTherm Company and distributed by Windquest with assistance from ProServices. This, Dick DeVos terms as the three-stool approach. TheElectraTerm Company provides the product, ProServices provides the installation and Windquest provides the financing and high-business plant process.

Doe Deere Talks About Founding Lime Crime

There are several new cosmetics companies in the world today, and one of the most progressive is Lime Crime. The brand was started by Doe Deere in an effort to bring brighter colors to the world, and she wants women to wear something that made them feel good. She built the brand on her own, and it has grown over time to include hair color and the vegan lifestyle. This article explains some of her thoughts on starting her company.


#1: How Does She Manage The Office?


Doe works in the office every day, and she is hardly at her desk. She is moving around the office, and she lives on meetings with her creative team. They are looking for better ways to make their brand beautiful, and they have started a free flow of information that makes the company more powerful.


#2: Why Does She Model The Brand?


Doe models her own brand because she believes in consistency. She is a beautiful woman who looks lovely in the colors her brand builds, and she wants women to feel inspired as she models new colors and hair every month. She has an Instagram that offers inspiration, and she ensures the brand looks the same in all aspects. The consistency is what brings back customers in the future.


#3: How Does She Build Idea?


Doe speaks often about allowing ideas to come to her as she works. She knows her business will grow quite a lot with new ideas, and she does not wish to rush the process. The problems of the cosmetics industry are found in moving too quickly, and she believes in being patient. She meets with her creative director every day, and she wants her team to think of new ideas that will make the business look that much better. The ideas may not flow all at once. They come around when they have been thought over by the team as a whole.


#4: What Is Her Favorite Trend?


Doe is quite excited about customers coming back from brick and mortar stores to online stores. Her business does not have makeup counters, and she does not want it to go to physical stores. She wants her customers online where the shopping experience is consistent, and she is capable of offering her customers more options when the costs are lower. The changes in the industry have left her business quite a lot of room to grow.


Doe Deere’s Lime Crime brand is a powerful name in cosmetics, and she is working quite hard to ensure women look their best in her makeup. She models the brand to keep their image consistent, and she offers colors that are found nowhere else.

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Who is Capitol Anesthesiology?

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) was established in 1973. Since then, the association is one of the largest independent practice of anesthesiologist in the nation. Over 80 physicians and 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are part of the group representing more than 20 medical facilities in the greater Austin area. Just some of the fields our anesthesiologists are qualified in include obstetric, cardiothoracic, and pediatric anesthesiology. The goal of the MDs and CRNAs is to offer the best quality anesthesia care together. This is work of a group, not just one staff. The administrative staff aids the process by helping out with the billing, answering any questions about the procedure or insurance, and helping to make the process go by smoother. Additionally, CAA is a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI) so the association is actively participating in ensuring improvement in anesthesia practices though various education and data reporting. This way, CAA can guarantee that the absolute highest quality of care is being offered to its patients while still keeping up to date on the latest advancements in the practice of anesthesiology.

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association takes pride in having some of the most qualified anesthesiologists in the Austin area, even nation, part of the group. Not only is the Capitol Anesthesiology Association ensuring the best care for patients today, but taking the necessary steps to improve to continue being on the forefront of medicine and patient care for the future. The commitment to upholding this standard is a task not taken lightly.

Managing Traffic in Williamson County

On December 15, 2016, the 19th annual “Williamson County Growth Summit” convened with several hundred attendees at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center. The Austin Business Journal’s summit was designed to update business and governmental entities on economic growth potentials in the region, including a focused assessment of Austin’s and Williamson’s opportunities to manage shared transportation concerns.


Panel Focusing on Transportation Specifics. Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein (Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority) was joined by Joseph Kopser (RideScout), Texas External Affairs Director Leandre Johns (Uber Technologies Inc.), and Transportation Futurist Jared Ficklin (ArgoDesign ) in a panel discussion examining the interface between technology and transportation needs for Austin and its counties (i.e., Hays, Travis, and Williamson). Ficklin, an advocate of emerging technology, noted that building and land-use codes, adoption of driverless vehicles, and infrastructure permits must become more flexible to accommodate urban transportation evolution.


Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTMRA). While self-driving vehicles and fostering greater ride-sharing will impact the Greater Austin infrastructure with their innovations, Heiligenstein noted that the region was really facing transportation capacity issues. Even with a projected 5% utilization of automated vehicles, influx of new citizens will offset any reduction of vehicles on high traffic routes like US Highway 183 and State Highway 290. Twelve lanes for traffic should be anticipated in the future. By building additional roadways and modifying roads to make them “smarter” in managing traffic flow, infrastructure for area commuters should be the focus for moving people in and in-and-out of the developing suburbs.


Big Picture for Transportation. Mass transportation over numbers of miles, e.g., suburb to urban core, is an appropriate focus for the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority given its mandate to enhance the economic and quality-of-life in the Greater Austin area. Heiligenstein observed that “Williamson has done such an amazing job of structuring its infrastructure over the past 15 years or so. But you are still going to have more people coming here. [We should] try building [and] expanding … the corridors we have remaining … to make them smarter, more efficient and more technically advanced.” RideScout’s Kopser suggested that the Big Picture is important; but from a more narrow viewpoint, commuters accessing mass transportation still need support for connecting to the transportation system and connecting from that system to their final destinations.

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Squaw Valley Reports It Is Overcoming Water Contamination Issue

October 2016 saw a major rainfall event in the Lake Tahoe region that caused problems for many businesses and individuals using groundwater wells, including the Squaw Valley Ski Resort that uses groundwater supplies for its Upper Mountain destinations. A statement released by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings explained the water contamination issue occurred in a supply system that had only been upgraded the previous summer and was identified before any guests had used the affected water supply; to date no health issues have been reported because of the contaminated water supply from four identified wells.

The wells have been cut off from public use, which has led to Squaw Valley officials on Weather closing all Upper Mountain restaurants in a bid to keep the guests using the Upper Mountain locations as safe as possible. Water supplies are not being used in the Gold Coast and High Camp areas of the resort and will remain shutoff until the traces of E. Coli and Coliform found through the resort’s own testing procedures on have been removed from all four wells. Complimentary bottled water is being supplied to those guests using the Upper Mountain slopes that remain open to make sure every stay is as comfortable as possible.

Immediately after the bacterial contamination was identified Squaw Valley officials set into motion a plan designed to remove all contaminants from the water supply with the aid of independent experts and the Placer County Environmental Health Department. By the end of November Wesley Nicks, of the Placer County Environmental Health Department was able to report the swift action taken at Squaw Valley in the wake of the rainfall event had led to three of four wells now being free from E. Coli contamination; the same wells were now also being reported to contain lowered levels of the Coliform bacteria as the cooperation of different groups had led to initial success in returning the water supply to its usual quality level.

Billy McFarland and the Magnises Black Card

Billy McFarland is the CEO of the black card named Magnises. The card forms the best way to spend money as a young professional or a new socialite. At the start, McFarland picked a privileged few that were able to access the card. People that obtained the card have called it cool enough.

In a recent interview, Billy McFarland mentioned the origin of the Black Card. He stated that when anyone moves into a new city to get their first job, one first gets stuck in the industry and career they work. There is no real way for anyone to get to meet with other people from other sectors. Newbies to a city never experience a city to its maximum. So the Magnises team formed the black card to allow millennials meet new people and try new experiences. Such experiences have enabled people live a dream life in their city.

Billy McFarland’s typical day at the office involves expanding the brand. The company strives to become productive through scaling across the country and internationally. It endeavors to have the black card a must-have card for every millennial that wants to get ahead both socially and professionally. The entire team focuses its work on accomplishing this goal. Unlike other black cards in the market that carry substantial annual fees and costs, the Magnises card requires only $250.

The Magnises is not a credit card but is an extension of an existing credit or debit card. The Magnises strip gets information from another card’s magnetic strip. If you become an elite Magnises member, you will be paying the $250 fee from your card. To apply for the card online, you have to answer a few questions first. Such questions are simple such as finding your favorite shopping places in NYC and your favorite restaurants in the city.

Most members have received several perks for spending on their Magnises card. Just a few months after its launch, members of the have been given a value similar to that offered by American Express. The card has attracted big brands such as Tesla and Samsung to create an exclusive aspirational consumer.

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Offers a Wealth Plan

UPDATE 09/12/2016:
Jim Hunt recently introduced his new system Wealth Wave, which is designed to provide a unique take on the time tested approach to profiting from a bear market. Currently, the system can be sought on the VTA Publications website. Jim Hunt is well known for his ability to make complicated stock methodology understandable to the everyman, and this new system is no different.

Jim Hunt and the company he founded, VTA Publications, want to make you and your mother rich. This claim and others offer instant, easy riches simply by implementing one of several trading maneuvers used by sophisticated traders and investors on Wall Street and other financial centers around the world. Fledgling investors in the United Kingdom and the United States of America are fortunate to have a plethora of information written in their native tongue concerning the subject of investing.

What they are offering is a way to make money while stock markets are declining. The market condition whenever many stocks are losing value is known as a “Bear” market. Conversely, a “Bull” market is when stocks are gaining in value. Jim Hunt combined with VTA Publications can show you how to profit in these Bear market conditions.

There have been examples of investors making fortunes while tradable stocks or in the case of George Soros currencies are losing value. In 1992 Soros made $1 billion on a single investment placed in the foreign exchange (Forex) markets. Soros bet that the British Sterling Pound would lose value against the other currencies traded, acted accordingly, and made a fortune. Making money during a bear market in stocks is more difficult and involves using sophisticated trading tools. For more information about Jim Hunt and VTA Publications and how to trade bear markets visit their website here:

Trading or investing in any market is risky and is best used for the long term. Any investor should study the current position of a possible investment on charts over a number of time frames. The longer term investments appreciate over the course of years, and the short-term fluctuations of any tradeable position are excessive and impossible to predict successfully. Knowledge is the most valuable commodity in any trading and study of the subject is necessary. All fledgling investors need to read as many books about investing as they can. Many websites offer education some of which is good. But just as “buyer beware” is good advice so too is “investor beware”.  Find out how he plans to make his mom into a millionaire, with some pretty off the wall ideas.

Interior Design And Smarter Living With IoT Gooee LED Lighting

Gooee IoT light bulbs are making homes more efficient everywhere. LED lightbulbs last years and years longer than regular incandescents and they cost less to operate. Though the out of pocket cost up front is a little bit more than a traditional light bulb, the cost efficiency of running the light wins in the end. Gooee’s light sockets are also making it possible to control the IoT lighting ( features throughout the entire home with just the touch of a button. Because smart sockets are connected to WiFi, it becomes a possibility to turn down the lights in the living room, and shut them off in the bathroom, while turning out the outside lights all while controlling them from the ipad on the couch.

Light temperature can also be changed which is great for interior design concepts. If the interior design of the room is changed from cool blue tones to a warmer red, it is possible to change the light temperature in the bulbs to match with the room. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing but changing light temperature and intensity has health benefits as well. In the winter some people affected by the time changes and the less sun lit daylight hours may benefit from a smart light adjustment done on the ipad that turns the lights on earlier and keeps them brighter to wake up the dweller more quickly, and adjust them to a dimmer level for a more serene bedtime setting.


Inspiring Information About Doe Deere of Lime Crime

Doe Deere was born and partly bred in Russia until the age of 17 when she moved to the United States in the New York City. Her ambition led her to become the able CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, which has helped her bring out the main purpose of makeup which is to express beauty and not necessarily hide flaws, as it is the perception borne by many. She had always desired to develop cosmetics, probably of lime, her favorite color. Actually it is from such that she borrowed the name Lime Crime. Her efforts got rewarded when she launched her line of striking free cosmetics in 2008, Lime Crime.



In addition, you might also find it interesting to learn that she pursued much of this on her own. Being an aggressive person, Doe appears on media severally addressing entrepreneurs and particularly women, encouraging them to remain in the quest. It is easy to catch up with her on public events like PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. Her Instagram serves as a mentorship page where she buoys up womenfolk to engage her for relevant tips and guidance.



The Uncommon Nature of Doe



As opposed to many people, Doe’s main interest is in fulfilling that which feels best to her in the beauty lines. In fact, the mission of Lime Crime is mind-blowing by the fact that it reads “rebellion in color.” Simply, according to Deere you do not have to bow for anyone. What you feel about your makeup is what matters, whether it hits the world by storm or not. Her initiative has boosted many women especially in their self-esteem.



She designs these products herself. As she confesses, it takes patience for a mere idea to be implemented and refined. She has to test the products herself to approve of their quality and authenticity. Doe says it might take weeks or even months before her ideas are grilled into the final product. As an entrepreneur she has to consider her customer’s interests which is a factor that gives her confidence as she approaches her potential and existing clients.


As well, despite her enviable success and great administrative skills, Doe strongly believes in showing respect to her employees and clienteles. As she explains, her purpose is in elevating other people and make them better through affirmative reinforcement. Her nature is hilarious and what you may not know is that she is also philanthropic. Recently she donated some bucks to Bide-A-Wee, an animal rescue organization.

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