The Oxford Club Provides High Level Market Research for its Members

Many investors are very happy to see their portfolios achieve the benchmark returns and consider that when this happens they are ahead of the game. Members of The Oxford Club have a different perspective as they are looking to outperform the indexes even while lowering their risk. How do they accomplish this? They utilize their time-tested strategies in a two-pronged approach which takes into account all market conditions.

The Oxford Club is a private organization that has been based on networking since their founding in 1989. A small group of talented professionals sought strategies that would achieve greater returns on their investments. They found that their personal contacts often brought more relevant industry information which often led to better investments. This approach is the first prong and it’s a powerful mechanism that is still practiced today.

The second prong is their reliance on superlative market research to find the most lucrative opportunities. The executive team at The Oxford Club’s headquarters are staffed by financial experts who are adept at uncovering nascent trends which drive industries and sectors. These analysts have deep levels of experience as investors and researchers which give the club’s publications a strong reputation.

There are three monthly newsletters that are produced by The Oxford Club and they provide the aforementioned skilled analysis and trading tips as well. The Oxford Communique is their flagship newsletter and it is full of insights and it also puts the spotlight on market drivers in accordance with micro and macro pictures.

The Oxford Club is also home to 12 trading services that focus on some of the most popular market sectors. A good example is their options trading service that teaches members how to use them in a risk-mitigated manner and how to generate income as well.

A strong investing and financial foundation can be obtained by Oxford Club members when they utilize their educational service called Investment U. There is something for every caliber of investors with their videos, courses, and club conferences. The conferences, in particular, are a great way to network with other members and learn from talented market experts. The Oxford Club has three levels of membership which can boost any portfolio.

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Bruno Fagali – When A Moral Compass Manifest’s Strong Direction

     Bruno Fagali Is one of the most hard-working lawyers in Brazilian law. His law firm specializes in Anti- Corruption Laws and various other specialties such as Electoral Law, Administrative Law, Procurement, Regulatory, and Compliance Law.

In Brazil, it takes 5 years to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. The degree is also called the Bacharel em Direito or Bachelor of Laws. Once you obtain the Bacharel em Direito you have the right to sit for the bar exam. Brazil is Latin America’s largest country. There are approximately two hundred and seven million people who live in Brazil. When you think of Brazil you may think of a country that is culturally rich with gorgeous inhabitants. However, many parts of Brazil are economically impoverished. Corruption is one of the many detrimental distractions that affects the citizens that inhabit the beautiful country of Brazil.

Bruno Fagali was very aware about the issues of injustice that were plaguing his country. He went to college because he needed to get an understanding of how government and laws work.

Bruno Fagali shines above many other attorney’s in Brazil. He pursued a law degree and he graduated in 2009 from Pontifical University. Shortly after he pursued a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Sao Paulo in 2015.

Bruno Fagali deserves to be recognized for his ambitious nature. His determination was shown immediately after law school. He demonstrated his focus and persistence as he acquired a job as an intern for a law firm named Radi, Associados Advocacia, and Calil.

During the course of his career Bruno Fagali has worked diligently to become a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

Bruno Fagali has got to be tough skinned. He has made powerful decisions to work against corruption and other systemic challenges. Bruno Fagali has established his own law firm called Fagali Advocacy. The law firm was created to work with people in relation to the anti corruption movement in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali displays compassion and empathy towards his fellow countrymen as he works towards righteousness. When you live by principles of integrity it will show in your dealings with all people and situations. Bruno Fagali’s Law Firm has shown professionalism, passion, drive, organization and it has achieved results. The Fagali Law Firm has had to navigate the jungle of corruption successfully to survive. The firm is consistent and still displays some degree of vulnerability and empathy to appeal to the people that they are trying to serve.

Jed McCaleb: The Growth Of The Stellar Development Foundation

Jed McCaleb is one of the world’s leading experts in bitcoin technology and cryptocurrencies. In 2014 he helped to cofound the Stellar Development Foundation in an effort to develop a system that will help to ameliorate some of the issues that are currently plaguing the world’s financial infrastructure. Jed McCaleb has been involved in cryptocurrencies since their infancy and originally created one of the largest bitcoin exchanges which was known as MT. Gox.

Today Jed McCaleb believes that the influence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as a whole will continue to grow and even some non-crypto assets will become digitized utilizing the same backing to technology. With this current project at the Stellar Development Foundation, he is aiding the development of a universal payment network that will help to change the way financial transactions take place internationally. Currently, the Stellar network is capable of processing transactions in less than five seconds significantly faster than rival cryptocurrency bitcoin. The blockchain technology that Stellar is based on creates a decentralized public ledger that is totally immutable which in turn makes it an incredibly secure way to process transactions.

Jed McCaleb has expressed interest in the growing rate of occurrence of initial coin offerings. Initial coin offerings are a unique way that blockchain technology companies are attracting venture capital that allows regular retail investors to get in on the ground floor of new potential projects. He believes that the growing interest initial coin offerings shows there is still a large amount of untapped potential in the cryptocurrency sphere. Over the last four years, nearly $9 billion has and raised through these initial coin offerings.

Over the course of the next ten years, Jed McCaleb believes that the benefits conferred by blockchain technology will be applied to a number of other asset classes that bear no relation to cryptocurrencies. These could potentially include digitized tokens of stocks and bonds. By digitizing them, it was impossible for investors to trade resources in a decentralized manner that will help to reduce financial fees and eliminate the need for intermediaries and transactions.

The Stellar Development Foundation is now within the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies when measured by market capitalization and is currently trading around 23.8 cents.


The Chainsmokers: Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart’s Quest to Stand Out

The release of The Chainsmokers’ new song, “Closer”, had spawned some surprise by their fans as the song not only featured the talented voice of Halsey but also featured the voice of The Chainsmokers’ own Andrew Taggart. It’s especially surprising considering many artists within the EDM genre are mostly known for covering their identities, keeping themselves seen as more of musical superheroes.

Artists such as Daft Punk and DeadMau5 are great examples of this. However, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart wish to stray away from this trend in favor of being more personal with their fans. A duo that their fans can identify with.

They explain that they often come across songs where it seems like the same song but different versions of it and that it just seemed difficult to differentiate between the artists behind those songs. The duo are familiar with this very trend as it was something that they were trapped in for some time during the beginning of their career. Such a phase is what pushed them to become artists that blur the musical genre lines, blending genres such as hip-hop, indie, pop, and dance. It’s this motivation that launched their hit songs like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”. Their song, “Closer”, is just another example of the duo’s determination to make sure that they leave their mark on music and not simply be another generic EDM act. It also explains their collab with an act like Halsey. Halsey herself being a unique staple for today’s generation of music.

The duo explains that music for them is something personal as it’s a passion that both have been interested in for quite some time prior to them forming the band. Both Pall and Taggart were DJs prior to their careers, however, it was mostly regulated to a passionate side hobby. Now Pall and Taggart have made a career out of doing what they enjoy and plan on being a continuous storm of creativity and innovation within the EDM genre.

Rocketship Education and The Challenge It Offers Against Ineffective Academic Systems

From the world go, it is always the work of risk-takers that make the huge amount of impact on the world’s growth. It’s not in the books. Mostly, books and the luxurious status symbols of our schools are products of the risk takers and those who are not nerds. This seems to be what Rocketship Foundation is all about, as it generates more students that are hard-trained to not depend on books but to go in the field and stick to the ground of reality. The point of a good quality education is to get a roundhouse view of the world and make it better with solutions that are not academic, not just for theories but for those that work.

The Motivation of Students

Now that the new season of education is here at Rocketship Education, we can expect a lot of new students to try out the kind of new school in Rocketship Education that’s responsive to reality more than just its attachment to redundant and expensive non-effective education.

These students are also more excited about the way that the Rocketship Education is continuing its kind of holistic education that harnesses the different types of intelligence of a student. Hence, the students today of Rocketship Education would have a lot of new and solid educational things that would shape them in the future and make sure that even if they have a bit of a marginalized background, they can get equal chances.

The unapologetic kind of education available in Rocketship Education will in the new school year shape and upend the way training is done today. What makes Rocketship Education makes the bad financial background of the students a blessing in disguise is the fact that their holistic education is way better than the ones they could get from an overpriced, lazily done type of educational set-ups.

About Rocketship Education

Headquartered in Redwood City in California, Rocketship Education is the non-profit that helps low-income families get the right education they need to get a better future. The innovative and personal approach to Rocketship Education stands out and will challenge the old systems.

The Intricate Nature of Entrepreneurship

The world of business is both an art and a science. Entrepreneurship is even more complex because it calls for both innate and learned skills to execute successfully. Some people are better off working for a business organization. They find the experience of daily challenges and the reality of competing with the other staff members for attention and possible promotion, a true turn on. The narrative changes for an entrepreneur, though. The latter individual cannot stand the roadblocks and limits imposed on their way by their supervisor, manager, director or board of management. An entrepreneur is a risk taker. They want to explore something others have not experienced, and own it. In short, an entrepreneur hates being controlled by the mind of another person in the course of their creative genius’ exploration of possibilities beyond vicinity. So, they won’t make great employees.

So, What Does It Take To Be An Entrepreneur?

Well, as mentioned earlier, it is often the combination of factors. It is a nature and nurture collaboration. While it is not easy to control the “nature” aspect of the equation, the nurture part can be molded and remolded. To make a good entrepreneur, one must be open to learning; learning even the seemingly outrageous. There is a need to be ready for disappointment and resistance. Stories suffice of human resistance to things real and things imagined. The natural tendency to maintain the status quo; no matter how costly or painstaking suffices for all living things. One must be prepared to learn from the best and the worst. Either way, you chart your way to entrepreneurial success. Apart from learning from mistakes and the working tricks by those who have succeeded before you, there is the appropriate environment for innovation and creativity. A born entrepreneur fails to fit into the static routine of employment because, usually, there is already a script that must be followed to the letter. Similarly, countries outsmart each other, based on the environment they facilitate to their citizens. According to the global entrepreneurship index released in 2016, the US, Canada, Australia, and Denmark lead in entrepreneurship. A look at the environment in these countries contrasts sharply with what transpires in countries with the lowest entrepreneurship index. But, that is not still enough. Entrepreneurship requires a certain self-drive; a desire to go out of your way and do something for yourself and others in a different, non-conventional way. The world has some outstanding examples of such people.

Jose Hawilla

Jose Hawilla is a Brazilian born business mogul. He once worked as a journalist with radio stations and TV. Mr. Hawilla was an accomplished sports reporter and later an editor with popular media. However, like a true entrepreneur, he saw an opportunity and grabbed it. He is one of the few who decided that sports journalism could be a major income earner. As expected he was resisted and even ridiculed by friends, colleagues, and others around. However, Jose Hawilla went on to establish a newspaper line that focused on sports news. The newspaper grew and spread like wildfire, and evolved into what is now Brazil’s most respected and successful Sports Marketing Company: Traffic; owned by the business mogul; a true example of how an entrepreneur thinks outside the box and achieves the unthinkable. His initiatives have taken him to cover all the major world sporting events; from Olympics to the world cup, to cross-country championships.

Jose Hawilla is a highly influential personality in Brazil. He also owns a network of newspapers penetrating the inner parts of Sao Paulo, among other major ventures. You can follow their Twitter page.

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Heal N Soothe Popularity Grows

     Dealing with bone and joint pain is a very common issue that affects millions of people on a daily basis. This pain tends to get worse as people continue to age and their bodies can no longer take the physical activity that they once could. For those that are dealing with joint pains and would like some relief, there are a variety of options available. Unfortunately, many of these require a significant amount of physical therapy and pain medications, which can be expensive and addicting. For those that are looking for a better option, one great option would be to use Heal N Soothe.

The new and growing product Heal N Soothe is a natural pain reliever that could help to provide you with relief from your pains. When using Heal N Soothe, you will simply apply it to areas of your body that are not comfortable and are in pain. Unlike other types of pain killers, Heal N Soothe only uses the most natural elements that are shown over time to help reduce pain and inflammation. Some of the elements that are found in the product include ginger, turmeric, and other items that are commonly found in nature.

While it is still a new and growing product, many different people have used Heal N Soothe and have had positive experiences. Those that use it have found that it can be easily taken and will result in a reduction in joint pain. While many people like to take it after exercising and early in the morning, others choose to take it before bed to ensure they get a good amount of rest at night.

Another advantage of Heal N Soothe is that it does not have the same side effects as other types of pain killers. More traditional pain killers can leave someone feeling groggy and less alert, which can be a disadvantage for anyone that needs to have a clear mind during the day. Furthermore, traditional pain killers can be habit forming and pose a lot of additional risk in that regard. Since Heal N Soothe is a completely natural product that is made up of commonly consumed vitamins and minerals, it does not come with the same risk.

If you are dealing with neck and joint pain, discussing Heal N Soothe with your doctor as a pain relief aid or supplement could prove to be very beneficial and help you live an active life.

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Pardons for political support is that the new benchmark?

A presidential pardon is not meant to elicit as much heated as it did when President Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The sheriff had been in the headlines for a long time for his controversial and at times racist actions primarily targeting the Hispanic communities.

The sheriff was at his wit’s end as this one would have caught him flat-footed, and there wasn’t much he would have done apart from dealing with the consequences of his actions. The sheriff was a man who was well used to impunity and having served as sheriff for six consecutive terms he had come to expect that he and the law were the same thing.

He had been accused of violating the terms of a court order and as such a lawsuit brought against him. What followed would be a case that took several years and eventually Judge Susan Bolton found him guilty of disobeying a court order.

The sentencing date was supposed to follow this guilty verdict, but for a man who had found an ally in the president, it was easy for him to get his attention and get a pardon. The sheriff had just escaped the justice system, and as Judge Bolton validated that pardon, it became absolutely clear that he would not be held to account at least not, as a result, that lawsuit.

The pardon was issued in a public event that was meant to appease the trump political base that also served as the sheriff’s base. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

According to Lacey and Larkin, this were two men who had used their power to manipulate the justice system and as such set a precedent that seemed to say “as long as the powers that be were on your side you could get away with a lot.” The sheriff had over the years overseen some of the worst crimes committed by a sheriffs department in recent history.

He is a man who had little regard for procedure which became clear when he diverted money meant for jails to other areas despite having inmates held in tent cities that were marred by under-staffing allegations it was not uncommon for four officers to be left in charge of hundreds of inmates.

This would lead to cases where the same officers who were tasked to serve and protect turning their batons on inmates under the slightest of provocation, sexual offenses went unreported while suicide among inmates skyrocketed. All this was happening despite the sheriff’s department overseeing over one hundred and forty million dollars annually.

The sheriff was so focused on his personal agenda that whenever allegations of any wrongdoing even by his officers he would be fast to deny and discredit everything asserting that it was the work of detractors and those opposed to him. The self righteous campaign would always work on his political base and this would be proved by his reelection for six consecutive terms. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The house of cards would, however, come tumbling down when he vied for the same position for the seventh time and was defeated. It meant that he was now a civilian and his power to manipulate the system had been curtailed and were it not for the pardon things might have been worse.

How Dr. Shafik Sachedina As Succeeded In As A Leader In His Field

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a dental expert who has initiated a lot of transformation in the medical sector. His leadership’s skills have been paramount in running Sussex Health Care. The institution specializes in the provision of treatment who have been affected by mental problems. The facility has provided high-quality care to people who have dementia. People with neurological systems have been assisted in the facility. Shafik is currently serving as the chairman of the board of the healthcare center.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has played an important role in leading Sussex Health Care to be an effective healthcare provision Centre. The facility has saved many lives since it was established. He has enabled the hospital to win several awards due to the exceptional services that it provides. The leadership and vision of Shafik have contributed a lot towards the achievements of the goals of the health facility.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina entered into a joint venture with the University of Chichester. The collaboration has enabled the staff of Sussex Health Care to obtain various skills which are necessary for improving medical services. Some of the skills that the staff has obtained are social care and management. Dr. Shafik assured the public that the learning collaboration would enable the company to deliver high-quality service to its clients.

The exceptional leadership skills demonstrated by Dr. Shafik are attributed to his solid educational foundation. He is a graduate of University of London. He provided services in the medical field in England for many years after his graduation.

Dr. Shafik is one of the prominent leaders of Jamati Institutions. He provides leadership services as the chairman of the department. His main role in the institution is to facilitate the activities that are taking place Ismaili Community. The organization deals with the provision of voluntary services to members of the public. Shafik also provides voluntary services at Aga Khan the services he has provided in the various institution has ignited a passion for entrepreneurship in the medical field.

Dr. Shafik has contributed a lot in running the affairs of Ismaili Imamat and community. His role at Aga Khan Development Network has ensured that the members of Ismaili community can access the services of the organization. He has enabled the community to be linked to various programs. Dr. Shafik has become an example to many people in the provision of voluntary services. He has served in many capacities as a volunteer. He has been emulated by many leaders in the world.


Who’s Who Among the Brilliant Minds Within the American Institute of Architects

     Since 1857, the American Institute of Architects has been a representative for licensed professionals in architectural design and construction. The Board of the American Institute of Architects seeks to promote greater understanding and appreciation of architecture’s place in society by the general pubic. The institute is also concerned with maintaining quality design standards, and upholding a standard of ethics within professional architecture. The national headquarters for the American Institute of Architects is located in Washington D.C.

The American Institute of Architecture is a robust organization. It consists of a network spanning over 250 chapters, and over 90,000 members who work as professionals within the field of design and architecture. A commitment to driving innovation, enhancing the environment via construction, and cultivating public awareness and value of architecture are some of the organization’s goals. Climate change, the impact of architecture on public health, and sustainable design are all pertinent concerns which the American Institute of Architecture seeks to address.

Robert Ivy received the distinguished honor, of carrying the responsibilities as CEO for the American Institute of Architects in 2011. A recipient of numerous awards, Mr. Ivy is only one of seven individuals, who was honored with the title of Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi within a century. Mr. Ivy was awarded the Crane Award in 2009, and has been the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record since 1996.

Robert Ivy is most certainly passionate about architecture. He is most focused on how social, political, and environmental factors influence the construction of buildings. As an experienced and dedicated professional, Robert has continually been an advocate for architecture’s relevance in society, a sought after leader, and loyal to the American Institute of Architecture.

Robert Ivy spent many years developing experience within his field, which seasoned him for his appointment as CEO for the American Institute of Architecture. Robert spent 14 years as a principal for Ivy Architects, and was a managing partner for Dean and Ivy. Robert Ivy still actively holds the title of Vice President, and Editorial Director for McGraw-Hill Construction. This organization manages publications on design and construction.

Robert was born in Mississippi. He received his Bachelor’s degree in English after attending the University of the South in Tennessee. His Master’s degree in Architecture was attained after graduating from Tulane University. In addition to being the CEO of the American Institute of Architecture, Mr. Robert Ivy is also an active member of various boards at architectural schools in the US and Asia.