Nutrimost’s Fight For Their Rights: How the Successful Diet Company Had Their Promotional Video Stolen

Nutrimost, a popular diet system, featured a promotional video that spoke about how the system can lose users between 20 to 45 pounds easily in only 40 days. The video included testimonies from customers and Dr. Ray Wisniewski, the principal. This video, however, was pirated by Healthy Living, a rival diet system, and posted on their Can’t Lose Diet site. All references towards Nutrimost were covered by the phrase “Can’t Lose Diet” and testimonies were included.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

In response, Nutrimost has filed a law suit against Healthy Living for this act. Even after receiving a cease-and-desist letter, Healthy Living continued to share a shortened version of the promotional video on their website. 
Nutrimost serves as a diet company that helps lose weight without hunger, exercise, prepackaged meals, drugs, hormones, or surgery. Instead, the company subscribes to using a pastoral medicine blend that is considered both safe and doctor supervised. Not only does the company pledge a weight loss of 20 to 45 pounds in the first 40 days, but others have reported a loss of roughly 5 pounds per week. The stories of success for the company’s services is exponentially growing.
In addition to their diet program, Nutrimost also works to help customers keep up their weight goals. While many other programs have shown customers lose weight and then return to their original weight, Nutrimost strives for customers to stay in a two pound range of their goal. To do this, Nutrimost works one-on-one with clients to set up plans that will allow the to stay at their goal weights. Along with this, customers have reported many health benefits from this weight loss.

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  1. The video has now been removed, but Nutrimost is still seeking $300 thousand for theft and loss of “goodwill and reputation,” along with assurance that the video will not be posted again. There has been a lot of rumors as to what superior papers reviews could have done to remedy the situation.

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