What is a Shared Office Space?


Want the freedom to be your own boss without high cost of opening your own office? Well, shared office spaces just might be the answer your looking for. Let’s take a look at this matter with a little more depth.

Shared office space or coworking spaces is a style of work that involves sharing the work space with others. It’s not your typical office where all workers are employed by the same company, but a community of workers from different fields of employment. Shared office spaces gives you the flexibility to work anytime wish, as most office spaces have 24hr access.

It’s attractive to work at home individuals, freelancers and independent contractors because it takes them away from the distractions of home. It helps curb the feelings of isolation that working from home can cause, and helps build a community. It’s not completed subjective to the space itself but the establishment of a coworking community.

Shared office spaces have grown in popularity with the total commercial workspaces increasing from 300 to 800 since 2011. Many workers have started that they have noticed a boost in creativity and an improvement in their work quality.

With coworking space popularity on the rise, Workville located in New York, offers a friendly and flexible space for you to work. They offer move in ready offices, shared offices and open desks, but don’t feel obligated to work confined to your office space.

Workville, is the number 1 New York shared office space, and their website really paints that picture fully http://workvillenyc.com/. It has a central location, 24hr access, fast internet, mail service, fresh coffee, private phones, and daily cleaning. It’s the Convience of an office space without all the hassle of owning the space.

Shared office spaces can help build your creativity, improve work standards and offer positive feedback from others workers. It’s a way to build social networking and fosters independence.


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