President of Eucatex Company, Flavio Maluf, Optimistic About the Growth of the Manufacturing Industry in Brazil


Mr. Maluf who is both an executive entrepreneur and President of Eucatex, according to Consultasocio, is confident that the short-term future of the manufacturing sector in the country will see some improvements. With the manufacturing sector experiencing constant fluctuation in industrial confidence in 2015, Mr. Maluf has claimed that most manufacturing executives share his sentiments about an improving sector.


The Industrial Confidence Index (ICI) in a report that indicated a 2.1 increase in the index showed the increase in business confidence. The ICI recorded 86.1 points in August while recording 88.2 points in the previous month of August. The index had suffered a 1-point drop and gained a 2.1 increase during that one-month period. The highest ever-recorded level is 88.8 points recorded in July 2014.


About Flavio Maluf


Flávio Maluf has been with Eucatex Group since 1987, LinkedIn shows us. Before he became president, Mr. Maluf went through many positions before becoming reaching the top. In 1996, he became part of the executive team of the company. A year later after his appointment as an executive, Mr. Maluf was appointed the president of Eucatex Group.


Education and Background of Flavio Maluf


Mr. Maluf was born in Brazil in December 1961. He attended Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in São Paulo where he earned a Mechanical Engineering Degree. He continued his Education at renowned NYU where he also lived for a year.


With spouse of 30 years, Jacqueline de Lourdes Torres Coutinho, they have born three children: two girls and a boy. A 22-year-old girl and a graduate in chemical engineering from a London university. A 19-year-old girl and an entrepreneur having founded an administration company. A 15-year-old boy who is an engineering aspirant.  Follow Flavio on Facebook for more about him and his lovely family.


About Eucatex Company


Eucatex Group was founded in 1951 with the aim of constructing metal sheets for the community. In 1994, the business evolved and started production and sale of synthetic wood lines and insulators made from eucalyptus wood fibers. Until date the company continues to grow, it produces wood to supply furniture manufacturers among other things to foreign markets.

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