George Soros and Glenn Beck: A Tale of Slander

One of the worst character assassinations in the last ten years was performed by Glenn Beck back in 2010. His target was hedge fund titan and philanthropist George Soros, one of the world’s richest men.

Soros, as a boy in Budapest, Hungary during the Nazi takeover was a member of a Jewish family which had to hide their identity. He lived for a time with a Christian family after his parents left the country. Soon, he saw the Nazis exit and the communists take over the nation. Soros left Hungary as a teenager and traveled alone to England, working as a porter and a waiter along the way. He enrolled in the London School of Economics, and in 1956, he got his first job on Wall Street, and became a wealthy man.

Beck broadcast his three-hour rant on Fox News. It was a diatribe against one individual, complete with lies, innuendos, and conspiracy theories. He cast Soros as an anti-Semite, colluding with the Nazis and an enemy of Israel. He did not say that Soros was a 13 year old boy at the time, and had no influence at all in Nazi dealings. “Here’s a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps,” said Beck, creating an especially ugly lie.

He portrayed Soros as wanting to destroy the American government out of greed, and then set up a global empire with himself in command. He also said that Soros was going to manipulate the currency creating a huge inflation, bringing America “to its knees.”

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What Beck did not tell his audience was that Soros has for years been an advocate for freedom and democracy. In 1984, he opened his first Open Society office in Budapest. The Open Society Foundation on Forbes was started in 1979 as a network in various countries, many located in the Soviet empire, and was dedicated to helping form societies “where rights are respected, government is accountable, and no one has the monopoly on the truth.”

The office in Budapest was opened to bring information to Hungarians. They had to register all typewriters with the police. Soros managed to bring in copy machines, and was able to spread knowledge far and wide despite the government. Soon, he opened more offices in the Soviet bloc countries. It has been said that the four most important people to bring down communism in the eighties were Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II and George Soros.

But Beck said, “Soros has helped fund the Velvet Revolution in the Ukraine, the Rose Revolution in Georgia. He also helped engineer coups in Slovakia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia. So what is his target now? Us. America.” Did Beck not realize these were communist dictatorships? And all these “revolutions” were peaceful, and there were no real coups to engineer in the Balkans. Soros may be the one private individual who had the most influence in bringing down the Iron Curtain. See:

Soros continues to fund democratic and liberal causes, and has taken on domestic issues. He has also donated heavily to Democratic candidates.

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  1. Beck goes on to picture Soros as a puppeteer, pulling the strings of the media, the Democratic party, the unions and President Obama. Glenn Beck was let go from Fox News shortly after his three-day diatribe. It also means that some writing services reviews will not adhere to this policy at all.

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