Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Offers a Wealth Plan

UPDATE 09/12/2016:
Jim Hunt recently introduced his new system Wealth Wave, which is designed to provide a unique take on the time tested approach to profiting from a bear market. Currently, the system can be sought on the VTA Publications website. Jim Hunt is well known for his ability to make complicated stock methodology understandable to the everyman, and this new system is no different.

Jim Hunt and the company he founded, VTA Publications, want to make you and your mother rich. This claim and others offer instant, easy riches simply by implementing one of several trading maneuvers used by sophisticated traders and investors on Wall Street and other financial centers around the world. Fledgling investors in the United Kingdom and the United States of America are fortunate to have a plethora of information written in their native tongue concerning the subject of investing.

What they are offering is a way to make money while stock markets are declining. The market condition whenever many stocks are losing value is known as a “Bear” market. Conversely, a “Bull” market is when stocks are gaining in value. Jim Hunt combined with VTA Publications can show you how to profit in these Bear market conditions.

There have been examples of investors making fortunes while tradable stocks or in the case of George Soros currencies are losing value. In 1992 Soros made $1 billion on a single investment placed in the foreign exchange (Forex) markets. Soros bet that the British Sterling Pound would lose value against the other currencies traded, acted accordingly, and made a fortune. Making money during a bear market in stocks is more difficult and involves using sophisticated trading tools. For more information about Jim Hunt and VTA Publications and how to trade bear markets visit their website here: http://www.vtapublications.co.uk/shop/?orderby=date

Trading or investing in any market is risky and is best used for the long term. Any investor should study the current position of a possible investment on charts over a number of time frames. The longer term investments appreciate over the course of years, and the short-term fluctuations of any tradeable position are excessive and impossible to predict successfully. Knowledge is the most valuable commodity in any trading and study of the subject is necessary. All fledgling investors need to read as many books about investing as they can. Many websites offer education some of which is good. But just as “buyer beware” is good advice so too is “investor beware”.  Find out how he plans to make his mom into a millionaire, with some pretty off the wall ideas.