Jeanmarie Guenot; CEO And President Of Amphivena


Jeanmarie Guenot has built a remarkable career. She has worked in both the private and public sectors that have contributed to her success.



Jeanmarie Guenot is the current CEO and President of the Amphivena therapeutics company. This is a company that is focused on developing innovative for bifunctional antibody therapies.

Newson6 covered Jeanmarie’s most recent initiative to research T-cells for cancer therapy and treatment.


Prior to joining the company, she founded the SKS Ocular Company in 2009. She also served as the first employee of the company. This is a start up an ophthalmic facility that is focused on dry AMD. She was with the company for3 years before leaving.



Jeanmarie Guenot was also the business advisor for the Hoffman-la rochie. This was her first job that set her through the path of success. In her career, she worked as the managing director of the Guenot Company. She, however, held the position for one year. Between 2003 and 2008 she was the vice president and head of the corporate and business development of the PDL BioPharma. She was also the associate of the Atlas venture for three years.



She earned her MBA from the University of Pennsylvania at the Wharton School and also Ph.D. from the University of California.  Further background on Dr. Guenot can be sought on LinkedIn here:



About Amphivena therapeutics



This is a company that is focused on developing antibody therapy to deal with blood cancer. The mission of the company is to participate in research projects that will help in the eradication of cancer. They are looking to enhance the patients’ immunity which will eventually help in destroying the cancer cells. They have a team that is focused on restoring the blood formation and circulation.



It is their partnerships that have helped them in achieving their success. They have combined their expertise, resources, and strengths in developing the innovative therapies for the patients.



The most interesting fact about this company is that it is managed by a team of successful women. In addition to Jeanmarie, there are other experienced and knowledgeable women who have gained skills in the pharmaceutical industry. The team includes; Lori Kunkel, Judith A Fox, Jennifer Sims and Susan Dana Jones.  Recently, Jeanmarie entered a partnership with Takeda, through Amphivena, to further biotechnological research.