Making Better Technologies For Solving Crimes

Crimes occur every day, the only thing that we can do is try to prevent them as much as possible. Primarily, this means that we must develop technologies to attempt to prevent crimes before they ever occur in the first place. That is what Securus Technologies has done and continues to do.


In recent times the company has asked prison officials to answer some questions about the technologies that they have used to solve crimes or the tools that they would like to have in their arsenal to solve crimes in the future. They received hundreds of letters and e-mails from these officials with responses.


One official stated that he was able to use Securus technology to listen to an inmate conversation between two siblings. The older sibling was coaching the younger sibling on what to say when questioned about a shooting. It was a sibling trying to help out another sibling when it came to coming out with the right answers to the questions. However, since this conversation was captured by the recording technologies it was able to be used to help solve the crime.


Monitoring technologies within the prisons help the officials to review and investigate claims of harassment and to access any potential threats to the staff. It is important to remember that both inmates and the guards are both in a potentially dangerous situation. Things can get out of hand at a moment’s notice. The technologies developed by Securus help those officials remain safe and also investigate any issues that arise.


Securus Technologies helps cut down on dangerous phone calls made by inmates. They can allow the jails to still maintain their rules against cell phones while at the same time keeping the recordings of all of the phone calls that occur within the walls. It is a vital tool for law enforcement and helps keep everyone a little safer.