Eva Moskowitz Is Dedicated To Public School Reforms

Eva Moskowitz is on a mission trying to deride the education experiences of poor children in New York. In 2006, she opened the first Success Academy Charter School in Harlem. Her plan has always been to keep expanding and in December 2016, the charter school network purchased a $67.7 million dollar space in the Manhattan Tower. The plans are to build two more schools, bringing the total number of schools to 41.


Eva was raised in Manhattan and attended Stuyvesant High School, where she grew dissatisfied with the lack of good teachers. When later interviewed about her early education, she said that the teaching was so inadequate that, “the students could teach themselves.” Eva Moskowitz earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History, from the University of Pennsylvania, there a professor disparaged her writing ability. While working on her PHD at John Hopkins University, she took additional courses in writing to improve her skills.


The critique about her own writing abilities, lead Eva Moskowitz to make writing a priority at Success Academy. The focus goes beyond just writing, the school has a goal to provide an exceptional public school education for children in low income areas. Success Academy Charter Schools have earned the prestigious reputation as the “largest, highest performing” public school system in New York.


As founder and Executive Officer, Eva Moskowitz plays a central role in the planning and developing the curriculum structure at Success Academy. Thanks to her efforts, the test scores of students attending the Academy continue to rise to higher levels. In Math the student’s scores were at 94%, which is an exceptional percentile for the Common Core exams. These are statewide exams, which measure proficiency in areas such as Math and English proficiency.


Eva penned an opinion article for New York Daily News and in it she talked about what lead her to founding Success Academy. She reflected on the New York school system as being designed to fail the average student. Eva said that the emphasis at Success Academy Charter Schools is on providing a high quality education to students from all backgrounds.