Becoming a Litigator with Karl Heideck

     Litigators make one of the many types of lawyers. Litigators might choose to work as specialists in Personal injury, real estate, and tax etc., or they can choose to work as generalists. They are normally involved in the representation of plaintiff and defendants during civil lawsuits. They are also involved in the management of all aspects of a civil lawsuit. Some litigators specialize in supervising paralegals. These attorneys might be employed in the government or in private law firms.


Becoming a litigator requires that you have a solid education background. First, you have to attended a reputable university or college and taken a four-year bachelor’s degree. Next, you have to enroll in a law school that is approved by the American Bar Association. Then you should complete three years of full-time study, taking a plethora of law courses including criminal law, torts, and civil procedures etc. You also need to apply for an internship to learn more about real life Litigation practices. After that, you can now sit for the bar exam. And, if you pass you can apply for a job in private or public law practices.


If you would like to pursue a litigation career, it is important that you learn the remuneration facts. According to a 2015 statistics by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, all lawyers earn an annual salary of around $116,000. The highest paid litigators are those that specialize in litigation research and lawsuit management.

Job Specification

Litigators are involved in a lot of activities. As a rookie, you will probably spend a lot of time in the library doing research. Then you will be introduced to the courtroom and participate when in the gallery. After your career has bloomed, you can now participate in investigation, drafting of pleadings, settlement, appeals, trials and pre-trials and exchange of information between parties.

If you are not yet sure that litigation is a rewarding career, you can look into the life of Karl Heideck. He is one of the most prominent litigators in Philadelphia.

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