George Soros Striving for a better World

The name of George Soros has grown to carry a lot of history with it as well as many ideals for a better world. Mr. George Soros is also known for his proficiency in doing business and for his extensive contributions as one of the most active philanthropists and political contributors.Mr. George Soros was born in Hungary during the occupational force of the German Nazi. His parents were non-practicing Jews who were compelled to go their separate ways and leave their children with fake documents to live in Christian homes. The family had to separate in order to survive. After a few decades, the family was able to reunite and start a new life in England. They settled in London where George Soros enrolled in the London School of Economics. While he was studying at the institution, Mr. George Soros became familiar with the concept of Open Society which was created by one of the teachers and philosophers at the London School of economics. The notion refers to a society that lives without the burdens of prejudice, discrimination, segregation, and racism. The teaching of the philosopher played an impactful role in the mindset and further development of Mr. George Soros and his values.

After he graduated from the London School of Economics, Mr. George Soros has to work as a waiter and a railroad porter before he started working in finance at a London merchant bank. After a few years working at the bank, Mr. George Soros decided to move on and start a life and a business in New York city. H started out by working on Wall Street and eventually established a hedge fund in the year of 1969 which had $12 million in it and later changed the name to Quantum Fund. Later he also became known for breaking the bank of England after he shorted the British pound in 1992. Another achievement of Mr. George Soros is the Soros Fund Management.

The company was established by Mr. George Soros, and up to date, he owns more than $30 billion in assets through Soros Fund management. Combining that with his account amount to a few billion dollars, Mr. George Soros is the 22nd richest person alive in the world.Mr. George Soros has always been a heavyweight in the world of philanthropy. He regularly donates to a vast number of organizations and foundations in order to support and help bring about an open society. Mr. George Soros recently made a strong comeback to the political scene as well as he felt his values were threatened by the presidency of Donald Trump. Mr. George Soros aims to bring about a warmer world that is accepting of all people no matter their race, physical inability, religion, education, sexual orientation, and so on. For that reason, Mr. George Soros remains one of the most avid of critics of the current president.