Fabletics: Being The Trendsetter Rather Than The Follower

When it comes to online shopping, fashion bloggers and customers know what things one needs to look out for. People want to buy something that they know is of good quality, and which has satisfied customers in the past. Customer reviews are one of the best things to drive your online traffic to your selling page, which is why Fabletics as a brand decided to invest into this. Fabletics is one of the biggest activewear brands currently on the market. The brand sells clothing that is one of a kind, and which looks like it has come straight from a runway or any fashion magazine. When it came to the idea of attracting more and more customers, good reviews were one of the things that came to mind. People trust other people and therefore tend to buy more if they see other people writing about it. Customers who write reviews are usually the best to go to for fashion advice and tips, which is why listening to their tips is something that is well founded and in sync with the latest fashion trends. People like to read this, increasing the visibility of the product. Fabletics wanted to be different in every possible way, including their advertising techniques, which is why the brand decided to incorporate this into their business strategies.



When the brand first started selling their clothes to customers, they choose to go down the online route and function through their online web store. The brand wanted to attract more customers, which is why they started selling clothes through their membership program. The program allowed customers to receive one set of activewear every month, and then subsequent months as well. The customer would have to log onto the site now and then to check out the clothing that the brand has put out. Fabletics takes great care to ensure that their clothing is regularly updated, considering that their customers come back every month or so to buy their clothing. Offering this has been a huge positive for the company since they have now been able to provide their clothing to their customers before the rest of the activewear sector sees it. Their customers get their hands on one of a kind pieces that one would not be able to find anywhere else. Customers tend to be drawn to these ideas, which is why they like buying early bird passes for things and various events. Being a trendsetter rather than a trend follower is the route that Fabletics plans to take as a group, which is why they have managed to stay ahead of their competition.



When it was time to set up physical stores, the brand took the same route as it did with its marketing. Fabletics decided to take the road less traveled and created solely as one large dressing room rather than a store that is constantly trying to sell your clothes. Customers who want to buy from the brand can see what they want online and come to the stores and try it on. They can see the size, fit and also the material which helps them figure out if they want to buy the product or not.