Brazilian Finance Entrepreneur Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a well known finance expert who is currently working as a consultant in Brazil. He has had a very long and successful career as finance professional in which he has established himself as a highly trusted advisor. Over the course of his career, Igor has spent his time as an investment banker, entrepreneur and a consultant.

His main areas of specialization in finance is the stock market and also the commodities market. As a trusted expert in these two facets of finance, Igor has been in position to help a number of investors generate higher profits and returns in their respective portfolios.

When Igor Cornelsen first started his career in the finance field, he worked for an investment banking firm. While holding this position, he would establish himself as one of the most competent and knowledgeable investment advisors around. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:

He spent many years helping companies find ways to raise their capital through mergers and acquisitions and issuing new shares of stock. With his assistance, a number of institutional investors were able to meet a number of their top financial goals on a consistent basis.

Although, Igor’s career in investment banking was quite rewarding, he moved on to pursue other opportunities in both entrepreneurship and consulting.

Cornelsen started up his own financial services firm after working in the investment banking field. He named his firm Bainbridge Capital where he would continue to serve a number of institutional investors.

Along with helping companies more easily manage their capital, Igor would also spend much of his time assisting individuals who were looking to improve their financial situation. Due to his extensive knowledge in both commodities and stocks, Igor was able to help investors make sound decisions when it came to acquiring these types of assets.

Along with being an entrepreneur, Igor is also a consultant where he provides his advice to a number of individuals and businesses. As a consultant, Igor often talks to investors and evaluates their goals. Read more: Investing in the Future Success

He then studies the financial markets and lets them know what they should invest in so that they can grow their capital on a regular basis. With his expertise, Igor has been able to maintain his reputation as one of the leading finance experts in Brazil and Latin America.

What Everyone is Saying About Career Preparation at the Academy Art University

If you are considering starting a career in the arts, you may want to see what the Academy of Art University has to offer you. Even if you may not be clear about what area in the arts is your primary focus, this university can help you to discover your passion. From starting a career in liberal arts to pursuing a position in the fine art world, there is something at this university for you and anyone else who wants to become a student of the arts.


Each year this university provides details on the courses that they offer via the school’s official site. So, there is a wealth of information on their site that answers questions that are meant to respond to questions for prospective students. Also, if you want to know what others are saying about the experience that this university provides, you can read the reviews from students who are currently attending. For instance, some students say that they like the university because of the advice that they receive from inspiring teachers that direct them in real life situations. Students will also have a chance to learn the arts from a university from the ground up. Meaning the students are provided with opportunities that they need to become an artist first.


In addition to what the current students are saying, some people like to know what the alumni are saying about their education as it relates to their current careers. For instance, some students who have attended the school of fashion are pleased with the education that they received. To find out more about these careers and how they are working in the real world setting, you can also visit LinkedIn alumni for information about what they have accomplished to date since they are transforming their students into professional designers and artists.


Founded in the year 1920, the Academy of Art University started off with Advertising as its main focus or college curriculum. Today, based on the student and their needs, they are now able to pursue an associates, bachelors and a masters degree from an accredited institution. Students have access to onsite classes and online classes so if the students elect to or have a need to complete some of their courses from home, these classes are currently available. So, if you are interested in this college, you should consider what the students and the alumni are saying about their overall experiences.


Compliance and Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

     Children are usually weaker and more susceptible to harm. Thus, when involved in car accidents, children tend to suffer the worst cases of injuries. It is for this reason that the Pennsylvanian National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has come up with new directives on how children should sit in a car depending on their age. The renowned National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also seeks to address an issue which was raised about having children travel in different cars so that they can use their designated seats.

Children under two years are required to sit in a rear-facing seat. It is argued that facing backward enhances the ability of the seat to protect the child from harm if an accident occurs. This seat also has seat belts that run over the child’s shoulders to provide the required protection to the baby. The seat belts have their locking points located under the child’s armpit. Children between two and five years have an almost similar seat, but theirs is designed to face the front. The way seat belts are harnessed the same to the seat of the children under two.

For children over five, their seat is designed in a way that the child is always in a higher position than others in the vehicle. Hence, the seats’ name booster. Children are required to use this seat until at least 5’0” tall or weigh over 80 pounds. This is usually at 10-12 years during which the child is henceforth required to be always under a seat belt which should fall over the shoulders and also lie on their lap.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a law attorney with a focus on litigation in the banking sector, pharmaceutical activities, criminal defense, and government based investigations. He holds over ten years of experience in the discussed fields. Karl Heideck also blogs about the law in his blog and enlightens his readers on what they should know about legal issues. He offers his services in Philadelphia where he is based.

Karl Heideck holds a BA English Language and Literature which he achieved at Swarthmore College. In 2009, he graduated from Temple University, Beasley School of Law with his fully fledged law degree. Karl Heideck is currently a team leader at Beacon Hill Staffing Group where he is spearheading several legal projects. His experience comes from previously working for a different organization dealing in law. He has worked as a project attorney and a contract attorney.


Hussain Sajwani Taking Over the Real Estate Sector in the Middle East

Hussain Sajwani is the chairman, CEO and the founder of the DAMAC Group, a company he founded in 2002 thanks to the Dubai government decree that allowed ownership of property for foreigners in the Emirate. He saw the foreigners as the primary potential apartment buyers. Husain Sajwani bought land in a then undeveloped side of the town and managed to sell units in his residential building in six months. Since he started construction, Hussain has painted Dubai’s image as a glittering destination.




DAMAC is a UAE based company that deals with glitzy property developments and real estates and associated with eye-catching marketing stunts such as the ‘free Bentley with every luxury apartment.’ The company had a very different origin; it provided food services to the United States Army during the Iraq War in 1991. The company worked for the American in Somalia, the Gulf, and Bosnia. The food business is still part of the group’s operation and serves as a reminder to Mr. Sajwani of his first expertise. However, the company is considering a public offering of shares on the London Stock Exchange.


DAMAC Properties own 8,890 completed units covering 9,070,264 sq. Ft. and has 19,136 units in progress at various places across the middle-east covering 23,816,070 sq. feet. Out of these apartments, 5,193 of them would be completed within 2013. In 2011 October, DAMAC Properties launched DAMAC Maison, a hospitality division that will provide services to people in hotel apartments, a position that will place this company among the most significant hotel apartment developers and operators in the world.


Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner Partners With Trump


Sajwani hopes to enhance his ties with Donald Trump’s real estate company, the Trump organization. The two real estate heavyweights celebrated the New Year’s Eve together, and Hussain Sajwani family and that of Donald’s relationship seems to have been extending further. Mr. Sajwani’s firm DAMAC has built the Trump International Course Dubai.


Sajwani’s Philanthropy Activities


Mr. Sajwani with DAMAC properties has made contributions as part of its part of the support for government’s effort to improve people’s standards of living. Hussain Sajwani handed over a two million AED cheque a campaign to provide clothing to needy children around the world. The campaign was started in conjunction with the Emirates Red Crescent and raised a total of AED 120 million.


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Boraie Development- Moving the Region to Higher Heights

According to articles published in New Jersey Stage the state theater of New Brunswick this summer is thrilled to announce the return of most awaited Summer Movies Series. The Free Summer Movies Series are sponsored by the provident bank foundation and Boraie Development. Showing of the movies will be at 10.30 am, and 7.00 pm and they will show cinemas on 12th July Frozen, July 19th the Extras Terrestrial, July 26th Despicable Me 2, Monster University and August 16th Aladdin.

Tickets are free.

The main aim of showing free movies is to encourage the young generation to enjoy their summer with their families watching their favorite movies. Additionally, the summer camps and other holiday groups around the state theater offer opulent surroundings with historic 1921 movie palace offering New Jerseys live preeminent performance venues. Hiam Boraie, the vice president of Boraie Development, stated that it’s such an honor to sponsor excellent series on this traditional place giving young people and local families to watch movies and bond.

The Provident Bank Foundation Executive Director Jane Kurek state that sponsoring such a big event for the families of different background and for free in a traditional venue is a great thrill and honor. The Vice President of State Theater development and strategic partnership Anne Marie Gewirtz added that showing movie series for free is such great nobility and it’s only possible due to the generosity of the Provident Bank Foundational and Boraie Development. The state theater has state the latest HD projection system that includes 46 inches Stewart film screen, digital sound and a Barco Projector. It also has a seating capacity of 1,850 seats with downstairs and balcony views.

Boraie Development LLC is a company located in New Brunswick and owned by Omar a 73-year-old who is also the company president and he believes that through community cooperation they can build downtown New Brunswick. Boraie development offers vast services in areas focusing urban real estate’s developments and markets. The company is known to be pioneers of property management real estate development and real estate’s sales and marketing.

The company has developed buildings using the latest technology like the Aspire and springs street which is a next-generation office with amenities that pleases the young generation. According to the company President Omar, they plan on building New Brunswick 2.0 giving the community a state of art offices and buildings. He states that they would love to see more office users and quality commercial buildings in the region. Check out his page

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The Oxford Club: Helping Retirees with their Money

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989. The company is a privately owned firm that helps clients grow and manage their wealth. The company mainly consists of private investors as well as entrepreneurs. The company works with clients from around the world.

The company offers many products and services to its clientele. Some of these products are newsletters and investment research services. Some of the latter group of products the company has are the Emerging Trends Trader, Gold and Resource Trader, and the Momentum Alert. With services like these clients can grow and manage money easily.

In an article for Investment U, Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green shows people how to save enough money for their golden years as well as how much of that money should be in stocks. The answer to this question varies for each person. If you expect to live twenty or thirty years after hitting retirement age then it would be wise for the person to set a good deal of money aside for that time. Green provides an example for people to understand. If a person needs five-thousand dollars a month to live on or sixty-thousand dollars per year, the best advice Green gives is to save three-hundred thousand dollars. This money can provide for unexpected expenses cover the costs of daily living. This can also help in the stock market if times get rough for the investor.

There are a few things that people can do if the portfolio is not as large as the one mentioned earlier. First, the person can work more and retire later. Second, the individual can save more money. Third, invest in a higher rate of return which can make the investor more money for retirement. Fourth, set aside a higher risk reserve which could pay off big, and finally reduce living expenses.

These are just a few things that people can do to help bolster their retirement savings. Every situation is different and unique. With the help of Alexander Green from the Oxford Club, any client that is looking to save for retirement can have the necessary tools.

The Rise of Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry has become a very popular site in recent years. This has become the company that people are interested in when they want to see how they can improve upon the possibilities of remodeling their homes. There are certainly a large number of people that take interest in remodeling, and it is no secret that remodeling a kitchen and changing kitchen cabinets is going to be a great value added to the home environment.

That may be one of the reasons that Siteline Cabinetry has become such a valuable part of the home remodeling environment. Siteline Cabinetry definitely makes it possible for a lot of people to get an upgrade if they are planning to sell their homes. Some people may not be in the market to sell. They may only plan to remodel to enjoy the homes themselves. Siteline Cabinetry has the latest in the trends for cabinets, and people that have not remodeled in a while may want to do something that is more contemporary to add a sense of newness to the homes that they are living in.

Siteline Cabinetry is a company that has been around for a while, and there is a large amount of growth in the customer base because it has so many different concepts for remodeling. The kitchen is a very important part of the home, and upgrading this area is always going to add value to the home. There are a lot of people that look at the possibilities of attracting home buyers in neighborhoods where many homes are already on the market. It can be hard to stand out as a home that looks different from all the houses that are up for sale. It is definitely going to be beneficial for people that have this dilemma to consider what Siteline Cabinetry is offering.

This is a company that people are starting to check out because it provides them with a wide range of options when it comes to getting connected to a company that has bountiful cabinetry options. A wide range of options when it comes to upgrading.

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How The American Institute of Architects Is Promoting A Safe Haven For Occupation

The American Institute of Architects is a USA based professional organization that deals with architects. This organization fights for advocacy services, education, public outreach, and community redevelopment as a way of supporting its architectural profession while at the same time improving its own public image to attract more people. As a way of promoting diversity, AIA works with other professional organizations to design and construct various buildings across the country.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded back in the year 1857 in New York City by a group of thirteen architects whose sole purpose was to elevate the level of the profession while at the same time promoting the practical and scientific status of the organization. Since its launch, the organization has grown tremendously and built numerous buildings all over the country. The organization is currently under the stewardship of Robert Ivy who acts as the CEO of the organization.

This organization works with a wide range of individuals such as allied partners, licensed architects, and emerging professionals in the field of architecture. As of today, the company has over 200 employees and hundreds of thousands of architects registered under them. As a policy that must be adhered to accordingly, AIA serves its members through community inclusiveness, information delivery, and advocacy promotion. AIA also sponsors dozens of architectural students who are continuing with their studies. The organization does this so as help the students achieve their dreams as well as facilitate the acquisition and maintaining of their practice licenses. AIA is also mandated with setting the standards that must be adhered to by everyone who is a registered architecture, provide numerous web-based information, and conduct an extensive market research that encompasses all the architecture.

AIA provides its clients with five different level of membership program to anyone who might be willing to join the membership platform. These levels of membership are such Associate members, architect members, international associate members, allied members and emeritus members. AIA helps its members gain licenses and practice across the country without any form of restriction. Any member registered by the AIA must adhere to the set code of ethics and observe the professional conduct that has been set by the organization.

Thanks to its wide array of services that aim to promote a haven for business and homeowners, AIA has its own type of awarding methods that are specifically meant to encourage their workers. These awards are such as the AIA Gold model and the architectural firm award just to name a few.

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Samuel Strauch Finds The Pathway To Real Estate Success In Miami

Samuel Strauch has been able to do a great job in Miami real estate. This is something that he has been very good at selling, and much of his ability to sail comes from his extensive amount of experience with real estate in this area. Miami is essentially a city that sells itself with all the different attractions and parties that are thrown in this area, but Samuel Strauch takes pride in getting to know areas in Miami that his clients are interested in.

A lot of luxury properties are sold in Miami because it is an area where many celebrities relocate. It is also an area that has a lot of heavy traffic for older people that are retiring. This makes it possible for Samuel to sell real estate in Miami to a diverse number of people. There are a host of people that are interested in buying real estate in this area, and Samuel Strauch has a strategy all that are trying to get connected to properties in this area.

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Samuel Strauch has had great success with commercial and residential real estate in Miami. It is almost like the Big Apple of the south in that many parts of Miami never sleep. This has been great for any real estate investor that is trying to sell the city. But Samuel Strauch knows that he he doesn’t have to do much. All he needs to do is research the area and find out the type of properties that his clients are looking for. This is the thing that he puts a lot of time into. He gets to know what his clients are looking for, and he already has the ability to pinpoint where they would like to stay based on his extensive knowledge of Miami and all that this city has.

Samuel Strauch has not always been in the real estate industry because this he was in banking. He has been able to bring forth a great amount of enthusiasm to this field, and much of this is contributed to his ability to plan out the course of his day in advance. He believes that he is most successful when he makes plans to get certain goals accomplished everyday. He has a focus, and the fact that he is focusing on his goals makes him one of the best real estate agents that clients in Miami can encounter.

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The Unpalatable Agonizing Arrest Bore the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Some governments do not cordially welcome the idea of people challenging authority or better still condone this height of bravery. However, the societal ill have to be fought regardless of what it takes. The route featured with amicus resolution, humane apprehension and law enforcement for the people and not against them. This is an ideal state we long for, but apparently, this is far from reality.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund came to being following a harsh ordeal that left some arrested, charged and then follows the cumbersome lawsuits seeking a fair judgment. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the persons who had to bear the cross so a human rights foundation could be. The duo is media mogul torn in between tasks of report writing, editing, and overall management at the time. Similarly, they have co-founded the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Read more; Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

In their daily errands to complete media assignments, they published an article which was doomed to have breached the secrecy laws and one that should not have gotten in the mainstream for public consumption.

The piece was whistleblowing over bound acts of the sheriff. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of the Maricopa County ordered their arrest on 18th October 2007. The arrest took place at midnight and taken to police cells from their homes.

This followed public protests for the arrest, and they finally got released. The lawsuit nonetheless was not withdrawn, and in 2009 a $3.75 million was paid to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin as compensation for the unlawful arrest by the Sheriff.

The two close friends chose to establish a movement to air out issues affecting people. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera was born to enforce and support civil, human and migrant rights.

Other than these roles, Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund educated the public on their right, the rights applicable at the border and their freedom of speech. Its scope is not limited in Arizona but extends to the surrounding areas up to the Mexican border.

While at the location, it works together with non-profit organizations such as the Border Angeles. It primarily looks at the migrant rights and their reforms. This match in the two organization’s goals and vision has made it possible to work for the people together.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

It was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin after the $3.75 million compensation by Sherriff Joe Arpaio. The fund has helped the Hispanic community know their position and rights as human beings or when not on native land. Its impact is already being felt since the media has freedom of expression and termination of human suffering due to racism or bias.

Michel Lacey is a Mathematics professor, a journalist and University of Illinois alumnus. He is also the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Chair. Jim Larkin, on the other hand, is similarly a journalist and a trade unionist with the Socialist Party of America and Industrial Workers of the World. Their suffering has begotten much success through the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.