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Transform Your Bedroom With These Fantastic Ideas  

If you look around your bedroom, what’s the first word that comes to your mind? If the word is ‘boring’ or ‘dull’, you can definitely take some steps to inject your own personality and switch things up for a new and fresh feel. Here are some fantastic bedroom transformation ideas you can even do on your own.

IMG 1Paint is one of the easier methods to instantly transform any space. You can go one step further with a textured material like wallpaper. Get the exact dimensions of your room and always purchase extra wallpaper. You might not make any mistakes in application, but it’s always good to have some extra material on hand just in case any portion gets damaged in the future. Another handy thing you’ll need is a wallpaper sweep for a clean and smooth finish.

An accent or feature wall is definitely an eye catcher, especially if it’s the wall at the head of your bed. If you’re going with paint, you can choose a bright colour, a dark colour, a warm tone or even a myriad of colours. You can also choose to stencil the wall with a pattern of your choice. Before you begin to paint, remember to move your furniture out of the way and ensure the wall and ceiling area is free from dust and cobwebs. To avoid spilling and spoiling your floors, put down some non-slip covers.

IMG 2If you haven’t changed your bedding in years, it’s definitely time to set a new style and give your bedroom a whole new look. Since your bed is one of the most dominant factors, it’s a logical place to start switching things up. Other soft furnishings you can consider changing are your curtains, rug, or any other upholstery in the room. To avoid mismatched patterns, you should change everything in one go for a complete makeover.

Crown molding for bedrooms are one of the best ways to decorate your home. Not only is it relatively easy to install, the materials can easily be purchased from your local hardware shop. MDF and polyurethane crown mouldings are easy enough to locate, but if you want a more solid material like wood and plaster, you’ll have to get them custom-made and professionally installed. If you’re looking for a simple and modern casting, you can choose between cove or flat crown moulding.

IMG 3During the day, we sometimes don’t realise just how important the lights in our homes are. There are many types of lighting options you can consider switching to, but since this is for the bedroom, soft and warm lights are usually ideal. If you dislike the direct glares of pendant lights and ceiling-mounted lights, you can always opt to uplight your room with cove lighting instead. If you’re uncertain how to install a new set of lights or how to adjust the wiring, you should definitely go for some professional help.

Have a piece of art you’ll like to display within the privacy of your bedroom? We often forget that our bedrooms are just as important as the living room and deserves to be decorated too. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even group together several art pieces or photographs in various frame shapes and sizes to create your very own unique gallery wall. Not only does it shout your presence, it’s something you can definitely look at for a long time to come.

Decorating your room in a traditional or modern style doesn’t exactly mean you have a theme going on. Just like dressing up for Halloween involves certain elements, giving your bedroom a themed-makeover can totally transform the feel. If you love the colour blue, you can consider an underwater theme or a milder seaside theme. If you prefer bold colours and lots of bling, you can always consider a celebrity dressing room theme for that posh and luxurious feel.