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     Children are usually weaker and more susceptible to harm. Thus, when involved in car accidents, children tend to suffer the worst cases of injuries. It is for this reason that the Pennsylvanian National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has come up with new directives on how children should sit in a car depending on their age. The renowned National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also seeks to address an issue which was raised about having children travel in different cars so that they can use their designated seats.

Children under two years are required to sit in a rear-facing seat. It is argued that facing backward enhances the ability of the seat to protect the child from harm if an accident occurs. This seat also has seat belts that run over the child’s shoulders to provide the required protection to the baby. The seat belts have their locking points located under the child’s armpit. Children between two and five years have an almost similar seat, but theirs is designed to face the front. The way seat belts are harnessed the same to the seat of the children under two.

For children over five, their seat is designed in a way that the child is always in a higher position than others in the vehicle. Hence, the seats’ name booster. Children are required to use this seat until at least 5’0” tall or weigh over 80 pounds. This is usually at 10-12 years during which the child is henceforth required to be always under a seat belt which should fall over the shoulders and also lie on their lap.

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