Vijay Eswaran on Choosing a Work Setting for Meeting Your Career Goals

Given that many people are conservative in nature, many graduates only think of looking for jobs after they graduate instead of looking on the flipside of being able to create jobs.

Vijay Eswaran, executive chairman QI Group, encourages students to open their world not only to job seeking, but also to job creation. Consequently, he is urging institutions of higher learning to encourage graduates to take risks.

Adapting to an Ever-changing World

With the advent of artificial intelligence, robotics and innovation, the world is quickly changing. It is, therefore, crucial for graduates to adapt to the pace of change in the globe.

While addressing students at a forum in Universiti Malaya, Vijay Eswaran, noted that graduates from countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan have mastered the art of getting experience first from the corporate setting, but that they do not limit their work experience to this setting. These graduates look forward to being their own bosses and creating employment opportunities for others.

Choosing a Work Setting

While comparing the corporate and startup work environment, Vijay Eswaran informed students of his decision to go the startup way. He, however, noted there is nothing wrong with either going the startup or corporate way. However, he urges graduates to weigh the pros and cons of working in either setting before choosing which suits them best.

It is important to pay attention to your personality, unique needs and work style even as you make this decision as both environments are unique and challenging in their own special way. Most importantly, it is important to choose a job meeting your qualifications.

Differences between Startup and Corporate Setting

In a startup setting, a student has to be both a team member and the leader. The responsibility accompanying this is enormous since there is little or no delegation of responsibilities. Additionally, the startup setting is ever evolving and need you to think out of the box all the time to solve problems.

It is, however, very fast-paced and there’s open communication. This to him is the beauty of the startup setting. On the other hand, in an already established business, you have a structured setting where you can methodically work towards achieving your goals. Consequently, no work setting is better than the other since you get to work towards your goals in both.

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A better society by achieving human rights for all

We live in a society where some may look to oppress others and have little or no regard for the rights of others especially if they deem them to be different or to be less deserving than them.

This is the reason why the work of human rights groups and other organizations, as well as individuals, who work for the fight for human rights and liberties, is very essential. These organizations may have a presence in the country as well as across the globe.

The organizations continue to receive funding from their supporters as well as the founders who put a lot of trust in their abilities to change the circumstances of others in society. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

Working for such organization requires a lot of dedication and patience as sometimes the process to achieve justice may be slow and painful especially when those on the other side are suffering real painful atrocities and being treated unjustly especially by others who are in power or who use the law and manipulate it to fit their agenda.

The below organizations have been a beacon of hope when it comes to fighting for human rights.

Border Action Network

This organization was started in 1999 they were established especially to work and serve migrants, especially along the Arizona border.

The border action network has been working to ensure the humane treatment of migrants and in this, they provide various requirements that migrants may require especially working to save the lives of this migrants.

They have been known to provide water along major migrant crossing routes to ensure that the migrants are hydrated and prevent them from dying from dehydration which has been observed to happen. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

They also help these migrants settle in wherever they are found and especially those with families that have young kids. This are usually the most vulnerable as they arrive in the country without much in most cases with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. It is thus paramount to provide food and nutrition for the families and ensure that they are in good health at all times.

The Frontera fund

This is a fund that was also started Arizona and has worked with a lot of migrants and has helped them in various legal areas. The fund was an initiative of Jim and Michael who had witnessed firsthand the atrocities that had been faced by the community.

The assistance accorded by Frontera fund has gone a long way in ensuring the smooth translation of there lives into the country.

The Phenomenal Success of Securus Technologies – Rick Smith

For decades, Securus Technologies has been known to provide a one of a kind technology for the correctional facility. The technology has improved security for inmates and is making the work of jail wardens easy. However, the innovation did not come easy; it required a lot of innovation and dedication to produce such a masterpiece of work. One clear thing is that the management of the company has had a high impact in achieving its success. In July 2008 when Rick Smith took over as the CEO of Securus Technologies, the company registered more numbers in development.

The outstanding achievements of a Rick cannot be vividly understood without reflection into his past. When he took over the leadership of the company, many people had confidence in him because of his experience. Read more on

Smith has a rich educational background. He spent a lot of time and resources to gather his management skill. He studied at the State University of New York, Buffalo where he graduated with a bachelor degree in Engineering. Rick also has an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of technology and an MBA from the University of Rochester.

His work experience prepared him well for the job at Securus. From 1972 to 1998, he worked for Global Crossing North America In as the controller and chief information officer. He was later appointed the president of Frontier Information Technologies. Another institution that enjoyed the services of Rick Smith is Midwest Telephone Operations. In this firm, he served as financial manager, business development director and the vice president.

The peak of his career was with Securus Technologies. Rick Smith is based in the company’s headquarter in Dallas Texas. His tenure has seen the company increase its service base, with a wide range of product and services. Currently, more than one million inmates and 26,000 correctional facilities enjoy the services of Securus Technologies. Today many jails can swiftly respond to an emergency, have accurate reports, better communication, monitoring and biometric analysis and even offer information to the public, thanks to the leadership of Rick Smith at Securus. Visit for more info.

However, success was challenging. Rick had to ensure sufficient strategies are in place for his success. When he took over the leadership of the company he was aware of competitors such as Global Tel Link. To counter the competition, Smith ensured the business had a broad range of products and services. He further set up call center to improve the communication via the Securus’s technology.

Rick also ensured he had trained field agents that responded to the customers in time. The agent also enables the company to collect the right information which helped in improving their services.

Those who have either directly or indirectly involved with the correctional system appreciates The remarkable contribution of Rick Smith to Securus. It is an innovation that has brought peace and hope to many people.


Securus Technologies’ Positive Influence on Clients

In October 2016, we published comments from feedback received from customers on the use of technology to prevent and solve crimes. The compilation came from official communication through emails or letters. The comments came from officers responsible for bettering the environment and making the incarceration safe.



On average, we come up with a service or product that aids in the enforcement of law thus helping officials from correctional facilities curb crimes. Having received so many emails and letters about how our services keep society safe only cements the affirmation of Richard Smith, our chief executive officer, that incorporating safety in our undertakings is part of our DNA.



Following the publication, we extended an open invitation to our customers and potential investors to visit our technology center in Dallas for a presentation on how what we do prevents and solves crimes. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. In 2016, Securus got an A+ rating and got accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).



About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company committed to providing criminal justice technology solutions. We serve over 3,450 corrections agencies by giving biometric analyses, communication and information management. The firm, which was founded in 1986, now has about 1,000 employees.



As at July 2016, we had invested over $600 million in acquisitions, patents and technologies in the past 3 years. A significant step was the acquisition of JPay Inc. in 2015, which allowed us to offer correctional facilities with a program for communication, education, and payment on a digitized platform.



Throughout the years, we continue to evolve and adapt to the continually changing needs of our clients. In 2016, we came up with Cell Defender technology in partnership with Harris Corporation. To block illegal cell phones from accessing any mobile networks, we developed the wireless containment solution in 2017.