A better society by achieving human rights for all

We live in a society where some may look to oppress others and have little or no regard for the rights of others especially if they deem them to be different or to be less deserving than them.

This is the reason why the work of human rights groups and other organizations, as well as individuals, who work for the fight for human rights and liberties, is very essential. These organizations may have a presence in the country as well as across the globe.

The organizations continue to receive funding from their supporters as well as the founders who put a lot of trust in their abilities to change the circumstances of others in society. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: https://michael-lacey.com/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

Working for such organization requires a lot of dedication and patience as sometimes the process to achieve justice may be slow and painful especially when those on the other side are suffering real painful atrocities and being treated unjustly especially by others who are in power or who use the law and manipulate it to fit their agenda.

The below organizations have been a beacon of hope when it comes to fighting for human rights.

Border Action Network

This organization was started in 1999 they were established especially to work and serve migrants, especially along the Arizona border.

The border action network has been working to ensure the humane treatment of migrants and in this, they provide various requirements that migrants may require especially working to save the lives of this migrants.

They have been known to provide water along major migrant crossing routes to ensure that the migrants are hydrated and prevent them from dying from dehydration which has been observed to happen. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

They also help these migrants settle in wherever they are found and especially those with families that have young kids. This are usually the most vulnerable as they arrive in the country without much in most cases with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. It is thus paramount to provide food and nutrition for the families and ensure that they are in good health at all times.

The Frontera fund

This is a fund that was also started Arizona and has worked with a lot of migrants and has helped them in various legal areas. The fund was an initiative of Jim and Michael who had witnessed firsthand the atrocities that had been faced by the community.

The assistance accorded by Frontera fund has gone a long way in ensuring the smooth translation of there lives into the country.