Waiakea Water Produces Fabulous Water While Protecting the Environment

Waiakea Water is a bottled water company that is using new methods and techniques to change he bottled water industry. The bottled water industry has annual revenues of a hundred billion dollars with most of that water selling for easy access to drinking water. This industry has long been ridiculed for selling a product that is extremely cheap to most people in developed countries. Waiakea Water brings changes to the bottled water industry by providing high quality water that is notably different than tap water.

Waiakea Water was founded in 2012. The company uses several methods to provide the best possible water. Waiakea Water filters through thousands of feet of rock before it is collected. This causes the water to be naturally filtered by the porous rock. This rock filtration process also causes the water to pick up certain minerals. These minerals give the water a different taste than tap water. It also causes the water to have salts and minerals that help hydration following vigorous exercise. The filtration process causes the water to have a very desirable PH that causes it to taste very crisp. The combination of these factors results in a very noticeable difference that sets it aside from bottled water or tap water.

Waiakea Water takes major steps to reduce plastic waste. This is one of one of the least attractive aspects of the bottled water industry that deters customers. In addition, the Waiakea Water Company is committed to protecting the environment. The first way Waiakea Water reduces plastic waste is by making their bottles out of a hundred percent recyclable plastic. This is a major development as most plastic bottles have some parts that are not recyclable. Secondly, Waiakea Water plans to introduce the first commercially available plastic bottle that is completely degradable. This is a major technological development that many bottled water companies have been promising. The world currently uses fifty billion tons of plastic with less than a quarter of that being recycled. Waiakea Water plans to lead the way in introducing bottled water that tastes amazing while protecting the world’s oceans and water sources.

One of the Ancient World’s Deadliest Weapons; The Trabuco

     If you were a medieval warrior and happened to encounter a massive boulder, hundreds of randomized projectiles, or a plague infected corpse raining down upon you, chances were your enemy possessed one of the most powerful artillery weapons of the day; the Trabuco. Also known as the balancing Trabuco, for its use of a balancing mechanism in firing, the weapon was designed in various styles and sizes to accommodate varying loads. The Trabuco was used effectively for centuries to terrify and bring down the most skilled armies and well built fortresses. Richard the Lionhearted even had two massive Trabuco’s built and installed during the attack of Acre in 1611, which he affectionately named ‘God’s Own Catapult’ and ‘Bad Neighbor’.

The Europeans of the Middle Ages received the weapon thanks to Russian travelers and traders around the year 600 AD. The weapon found its origins in China, and was perfected by Persian designers who were bought in to assist in the construction of two further Trabuco’s to assist the Chinese in battle against Mongol invaders. European kingdoms used the Trabuco for battling rival kingdoms in the age of feudalism, and when the Crusades began, the weapon was employed by Christians and Muslims alike. It was durning this time that the Trabuco served as the distribution method for an antiquated version of germ warfare, as both sides lobbed their own corpses, ridden with the plague, into the opposing camp, in hopes of infecting enemy soldiers.

The Trabuco quickly spread throughout the world and saw use under both the Brazilian and Spanish armies in its heyday. Though the weapon was often times used to lobe heavy stones at fortress walls, or at invading armies, the Brazilian’s added their own unique twist to the Trabuco’s function. Loading the sling with an assortment of random projectiles, the army used the weapon in a kind of medieval shotgun effect, with devastating results. By the rise of the age of gunpowder, the Trabuco had all but grown obsolete when faced with the explosive power of the cannon. Though a few were deployed sporadically after this time, eventually the Trubaco faded into the history of warfare forever.

Looking For a Surgeon for the Brazilian Butt Lift in Dallas, Texas?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is designed to enhance the buttock. Individuals who are unhappy with their backside for any reason may look into having this procedure in order to improve upon the appearance of it. This procedure tackles a number of issues that may be connected to the area including an excess of skin, its overall form, or if it is lacking fullness.


There are just two main types of the Brazilian Butt Lift though the procedure can be customized in order to meet the specific needs of the patient. The surgery may involve removing excess tissue from the buttocks or adding excess tissue from another area of the body to the buttock area. Both removing tissue and adding tissue will allow the surgeon to alter and enhance the shape of the area. This procedure does not call for a lot of cutting and is considered to one of the less invasive of cosmetic surgeries.


When choosing a surgeon it is important to conduct research and to ask those around you. Finding the best surgeon to meet your need requires you to look into the individual and the facility that has your interest. It is important to conduct an interview with your surgeon so that they understand exactly what your needs and what your specific surgery will call for.


There are a number of places in and near Dallas, Texas where someone in that area can find a surgeon to perform the Brazilian Butt Lift. These places include Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery, North Texas Plastic Surgery, Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and Dr. Kevin Light Cosmetic Surgery. One should take the time to look into each place and find the best surgeon for them.


Dr. Jejurikar, helping others achieve

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certied plastic surgeon, focused on and dedicated to helping his patients safely achieve their goals. Dr. Jejurikar earned his medical degree at the University of Michigan, and has been in practice for between 11-20 years. Being in high demand, Dr. Jejurikar focuses on surgery of the eyes, nose, body, and breasts. His passion, and precise attention to detail, show in the skill of his work, and the smiles patients pleased with his work.


Dr. Jejurikar is in practice in the Dallas, Texas area at two different locations: the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and the Legacy Plastic Surgery Institute in Plano, Texas. Both being renowned facilities equipped with the latest resources, and the most cutting-edge doctors.

Dallas-Based Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, Specializes in Brazilian Butt Lift Enhancement

Being proficient at his art, Dr. Jejurikar strives to provide the most innovative approaches to help patients achieve their desired aesthetic. Dr. Jejurikar also comes highly recommended by his patients. It is best said in a quote from a patient who says:

“Dr. J has performed over 6 surgeries on me and is by far the best you can hope to find… He’s extremely skilled and on top of the latest procedures.”


Dr. Jejurikar is also deeply sensitive and caring for his patients, but also for the less fortunate around the world. He frequently takes medical missions to help the poorer communities around the globe. In particularly, Dr. Jejurikar participates in an annual trip to Bangladesh with an organization called Smile Bangladesh that is centered on helping impoverished children. Jejurikar believes that he is blessed, and humbled to have the opportunity, knowledge and resources available to help others locally and internationally.


Dr. Jejurikar’s surgical experience is extensive with a focus on cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Jejurikar’s aspired intent is to help others achieve their desired look or aspect.


Louis Chenevert Helped UTC Become a Global Industry Leader

Louis Chenevert, the former Chief Executive Officer, remains one of the legendary figures in UTC’s history. Louis’ continued commitment and incredible achievements during his time at UTC have greatly contributed to the company’s current position in the global map. He undoubtedly left the firm better than he found through his strategic investments in human resource, innovation, and UTC’s long-term goals.

As the CEO, Louis Chenevert was proactive in his leadership approach: he delivered on short-term objectives while keeping his focus on the future of United Technologies Corporation. While serving as the president of Pratt & Whitney, Chenevert saw the potential that GTF engine had. When he took over the UTC’s CEO role in 2016, the visionary leader rushed into marrying the two companies, an effort that has since revolutionized the aviation industry. The $10 billion and about 20 years investment has produced a more efficient jet engine with 16% and 50% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions respectively.

Louis also invested significantly in his human resource base. With the understanding that employee development contributes greatly to the future success of a company, UTC and its CEO encouraged the staff to pursue lifelong education through the company’s internal scholarship program. It is estimated that in the last two decades alone, UTC’s employees have earned more than 39,000 various degrees. The company has reportedly invested about $1 billion in the program. Gregory Hayes, the current CEO, has equally agreed with Louis that the $1 billion scholarship program was a worthwhile investment.

The solid foundation laid by former CEO Louis Chenevert has not only fueled United Technologies Corporation’s current global expansion but future growth as well. His innovative and visionary leadership has created several job opportunities as well as fueled economic growth in the entire U.S.

About Louis Chenevert

The renowned businessman was in Quebec, Canada. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in production management from HEC Montreal. Chenevert began his career at General Motors and worked with them for about 14 years before joining Pratt & Whitney. In 2006, Louis Chenevert was elected the president and CEO of UTC. He has received a number of key awards in the course of his career, including Honor Award by National Building Museum, and an honorary doctorate by HEC Montreal.

Jeunesse Provides Outstanding Fitness Program to Support Supplement Product

When consumers want to take control of their body, they look to Jeunesse for the best weight-management program. Jeunesse collaborated with the leading nutritionist and celebrity-known Mark MacDonald, to combine an eight-week program along with the best supplement to help consumers live a healthier lifestyle.

Mark has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show to discuss healthy alternatives, and he’s a regular contributor to CNN and HLN. As a New York Times best-selling Author, Mark has the kind of knowledge that Jeunesse wanted to utilize to help continue its mission for people to become empowered with their health. The Zen Project 8 program helps with establishing better nutritional choices as well as helps those who are more advanced but need guidance for their weight management.

With the use of the dietary supplements, the program starts with a process that removes all of the unnatural foods and drinks that people tend to consume. Secondly, the program helps to cleanse the digestive system of all impurities that interfere with the body’s internal functions. Thirdly, during the flushing process toxins are removed from the body through a rigorous process that is centered around hydration and completely non-invasive.

As a National Ambassador to the American Diabetes Association, Mark MacDonald has designed a natural way for Jeunesse customers to not only transform their body but to also become completely involved in their longevity. The Zen Project 8 program also includes a large community of like-minded people who support each other at each phase of the program and thereafter. With the Zen Project 8, customers get it all.

Jeunesse was founded eight years ago by longtime partners Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Their passion for helping people have healthier and empowering lives has been at the foundation of Jeunesse’s product design’s and fitness program. The company’s global platform that now exists was started when Randy and Wendy wanted to revolutionize products that would give consumers a youthful outlook and existence. Jeunesse’s motto is “We Are Generation Young”. The company’s products are used by thousands of consumers all around the world regardless of age, race or socioeconomic status.

Elysium Health Seeks to Help People Live a Healthy Lifestyle

When Dr. Leonard Guarente first started seriously pondering the idea of founding his own direct-to-consumer science brand, one of the main ideas that drove him to explore the idea was the knowledge that the general public has little idea of exactly how far the state of aging science has come in the last few decades. The world-renowned MIT professor had dedicated his career to investigating the effects and mechanisms of aging, so he decided to personally work to create a product that would help people support their well-being and be widely available to the public.

Applying the Science

One of the most fundamental ways in which people can ensure that they live out their golden years in the best health possible is to optimize their cellular well-being.

To support cellular well-being, Dr. Guarente and his team at Elysium Health created Basis, a daily supplement that is proven to increase the levels of NAD+ in our cells. NAD+ is an important coenzyme that helps with crucial cellular functions and Basis increases the levels of it in our cells. This, in turn, supports our cellular health and ensures that the crucial cellular functions continue operating at their optimal levels.

Who are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin?

Michael Lacey is the son of Newark, NJ construction worker. He didn’t grow up with all the latest amenities, but that didn’t stop him from striving for greatness. If anything, it made him hungry for change, which is what he hoped to achieve by attending Arizona State University.
He started school in the late 60s but by the early 70s, he’d dropped out. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/

In Arizona, the media’s coverage of campus antiwar protests was ultra-conservative. He and some other students joined up and created their own weekly paper that covered the other side of the argument.

Their paper was called Phoenix New Times, which is still around today. Their first issue came out in the 70s, right before Lacey dropped out. By 1972, Lacey met Jim Larkin, another college drop out. Together, they formed one of the best media teams the industry has ever seen.

Lacey handled all the editing while Larkin handled advertising. Before long, the weekly grew into a region paper that explored social and political issues without bias. They also began exploring other subjects as their paper gained prominence on a national level.

By the early 80s, New Times was beginning to branch out into other states. In 1983, they acquired a fellow like-minded paper from Denver, Westword. They eventually acquired LA Weekly, Miami New Times, and Village Voice from the NYC. Their new company, Village Voice Media, is one of the most recognized companies in the industry. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://frontpageconfidential.com/michael-lacey-jim-larkin-arpaio-frontera-fund-first-amendment/

In 2012, they sold the company shortly before receiving a $3.75 million settlement from Maricopa County. The sale of VVM and their settlement had nothing to do with each other. They felt ready to move on from VVM and wanted to focus on leading their Frontera Fund.

After decades of reporting on atrocities and abuses, they wanted to do more than just write about it. What really sparked their interest in philanthropy was dealing with Maricopa County’s corrupt sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Arpaio is, by far, one of the worst people they’ve ever dealt with.

Back in the late 2000s, New Times began writing stories about Sheriff Arpaio’s activities. He wasn’t just a bad man; he was a bad sheriff. He couldn’t even properly manage his own sheriff’s office. Not to mention, he spent most of his time persecuting and abusing local Latinos.

Bob Reina Is Making Video Communication Easier For Everyone

You might not expect a former police officer who didn’t come from a technical background to be making headway in the internet video communication field, but that’s just what Bob Reina is doing. Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion, a company that began as a software designer for videos that could be sent through email but now has other live video streaming tools. Learn more about Bob Reina: https://www.businessforhome.org/2011/11/bob-reina-ceo-talk-fusion-interview/ and http://www.bizjournals.com/search?q=Bob+Reina

The way it works is through WebRTC technology, a technology that streams video seamlessly over a web browser without needing to download or install large software, or even needing the Adobe flash player plugin.

The step-by-step instructions for use are easy to follow. From video emails and newsletters, to live face-to-face chat and video conferencing, Talk Fusion has become recognized as a legitimate software company.

Bob Reina loves helping people in any way he can, and as a police officer his career had started off promising in that area.

But with the long shifts he had to work and a retirement goal he didn’t feel he would meet, Reina decided to change careers and go into multilevel marketing instead. It was trial and error in the first several years of his newfound career, but in 2004 he stumbled across the idea that would get his business off the ground.

He had taken videos while on vacation and needed a way to send them to his friends, but found out there was no software available that could be used to email them. So that’s when he and his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen decided to create the software themselves and the brand name of Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina wanted to make Talk Fusion a multilevel marketing company because he had seen how he could make it profitable while also allowing others a chance to go into business for themselves.

Talk Fusion associates who sell the products have a lot of incentives for making sales and referrals including bonus paychecks and even luxury vacations. Bob Reina is also a proud owner of many pets and a supporter of the Tampa Humane Society, an animal shelter organization that also has veterinarian services.