Dr. Jejurikar, helping others achieve

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certied plastic surgeon, focused on and dedicated to helping his patients safely achieve their goals. Dr. Jejurikar earned his medical degree at the University of Michigan, and has been in practice for between 11-20 years. Being in high demand, Dr. Jejurikar focuses on surgery of the eyes, nose, body, and breasts. His passion, and precise attention to detail, show in the skill of his work, and the smiles patients pleased with his work.


Dr. Jejurikar is in practice in the Dallas, Texas area at two different locations: the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and the Legacy Plastic Surgery Institute in Plano, Texas. Both being renowned facilities equipped with the latest resources, and the most cutting-edge doctors.

Dallas-Based Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, Specializes in Brazilian Butt Lift Enhancement

Being proficient at his art, Dr. Jejurikar strives to provide the most innovative approaches to help patients achieve their desired aesthetic. Dr. Jejurikar also comes highly recommended by his patients. It is best said in a quote from a patient who says:

“Dr. J has performed over 6 surgeries on me and is by far the best you can hope to find… He’s extremely skilled and on top of the latest procedures.”


Dr. Jejurikar is also deeply sensitive and caring for his patients, but also for the less fortunate around the world. He frequently takes medical missions to help the poorer communities around the globe. In particularly, Dr. Jejurikar participates in an annual trip to Bangladesh with an organization called Smile Bangladesh that is centered on helping impoverished children. Jejurikar believes that he is blessed, and humbled to have the opportunity, knowledge and resources available to help others locally and internationally.


Dr. Jejurikar’s surgical experience is extensive with a focus on cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Jejurikar’s aspired intent is to help others achieve their desired look or aspect.