Who’s Who Among the Brilliant Minds Within the American Institute of Architects

     Since 1857, the American Institute of Architects has been a representative for licensed professionals in architectural design and construction. The Board of the American Institute of Architects seeks to promote greater understanding and appreciation of architecture’s place in society by the general pubic. The institute is also concerned with maintaining quality design standards, and upholding a standard of ethics within professional architecture. The national headquarters for the American Institute of Architects is located in Washington D.C.

The American Institute of Architecture is a robust organization. It consists of a network spanning over 250 chapters, and over 90,000 members who work as professionals within the field of design and architecture. A commitment to driving innovation, enhancing the environment via construction, and cultivating public awareness and value of architecture are some of the organization’s goals. Climate change, the impact of architecture on public health, and sustainable design are all pertinent concerns which the American Institute of Architecture seeks to address.

Robert Ivy received the distinguished honor, of carrying the responsibilities as CEO for the American Institute of Architects in 2011. A recipient of numerous awards, Mr. Ivy is only one of seven individuals, who was honored with the title of Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi within a century. Mr. Ivy was awarded the Crane Award in 2009, and has been the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record since 1996.

Robert Ivy is most certainly passionate about architecture. He is most focused on how social, political, and environmental factors influence the construction of buildings. As an experienced and dedicated professional, Robert has continually been an advocate for architecture’s relevance in society, a sought after leader, and loyal to the American Institute of Architecture.

Robert Ivy spent many years developing experience within his field, which seasoned him for his appointment as CEO for the American Institute of Architecture. Robert spent 14 years as a principal for Ivy Architects, and was a managing partner for Dean and Ivy. Robert Ivy still actively holds the title of Vice President, and Editorial Director for McGraw-Hill Construction. This organization manages publications on design and construction.

Robert was born in Mississippi. He received his Bachelor’s degree in English after attending the University of the South in Tennessee. His Master’s degree in Architecture was attained after graduating from Tulane University. In addition to being the CEO of the American Institute of Architecture, Mr. Robert Ivy is also an active member of various boards at architectural schools in the US and Asia.

How End Citizens United and Conor Lamb Are Going to Win Pennsylvania

     Only a year and a half after Donald Trump rocked the political world, the tides of change could be blowing in once again. 2018 marks an important year for politicians around the country as the Congressional elections get underway. Before these elections take center stage, a special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District will be all the political scene is talking about. Conor Lamb, a surging young progressive, will take on establishment Republican Rick Saccone for a sea that has traditionally been deep red — but might suddenly be vulnerable.

Tim Murphy is the Republican that was forced to step down for the 18th Congressional Seat after an extramarital affair came to light in which he urged his partner to have an abortion, a big no-no in Pennsylvania for the Republican party. Now, Lamb is poised to strike and potentially take the seat. Lamb has to overcome quite the deficit in terms of spending as the Republican party is pouring millions of dollars into this campaign in support of Saccone. Fortunately, Lamb has already scored a huge endorsement from the political action committee End Citizens United. End Citizens United brings grassroots support to the politicians that they endorse in order to facilitate getting out the vote, spreading the message, and returning power back to the people.

In a conventional election year, the 18th District would be an easy win for Republicans but we are no longer in a conventional political year. The historic unfavorability rating of Donald Trump has swayed the nation and Democrats are surging all across the states. Democrats have already flipped 35 state-level seats since Trump took office while also winning a governorship and even a Senate seat in Alabama of all places. Murphy, the prior holder of the seat, even ran unopposed in his past two election years. Trump won the district in 2016 by 20 points over Clinton. All of these factors add up to what should be a fascinating special election to be held on March 13th.

The most important aspect of Lamb’s ascent has been his ability to bridge the gap between conservatives and progressives. Lamb is enough of a moderate that he has found bipartisan appeal across the aisle, bringing in rural voters and labor unions. Lamb’s endorsement from End Citizens United also shows that he is willing to fight for campaign finance reform, a platform that is absolutely integral to the progressive party at this point in time.

Learn more at https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/04/how-to-reverse-citizens-united/471504/.

The Meaningful Life of Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele says his life was changed while working his worst job ever: working at a car wash in Chicago during the winter. It was during this time that he became determined to get a good education and do something meaningful with his life. So he began his professional life by earning his B.A. from the University of Iowa and then a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. After that, he worked at Fenwick & West LLP in the Licensing and Online Commerce Group. He later represented a large number of internet companies in all of their legal affairs.
Today he is enormously in demand for his business and legal expertise. He currently serves as outside general counsel for a variety of technology, aerospace, internet, defense, and biotechnology industries. He is also the founder of and investor in a wide range of restaurants and hospitality companies throughout those industries. Over the years, Hagele has garnered much business experience in telecommunications, software, and hardware areas. Although he excels in very many areas involving business, technology remains his top specialty.

The first thing he does every day is handle the affairs of his technology clients. He does all that in the morning but takes time out of his busy schedule in the afternoon to go for a rejuvenating bike ride. He says he often gets his best ideas during these bike rides. For the rest of the day, he will resolve older problems with those ideas or deal with new problems that come up during that time. Sometimes, he says, implementing problem resolutions is not so easy. This requires that you have much perseverance and keep at it until it is accomplished.

Hagele thinks that Artificial Intelligence will have a huge impact on the future of the technology industry and will drastically alter the way everyone does everything. He is extremely optimistic about this coming change. While his technology clients are very important to him, Hagele always puts all of his clients first in every situation. He says always thinking about their interests before yours is the true key to success.

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Ricardo Tosto: Hiring A Competent Lawyer For Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur or corporate executive? Looking for a competent business lawyer in Brazil? Wondering how Ricardo Tosto helps his clients attain great success and reach their goal? If you are in need of expert help with any business issues in Brazil, look no further than Mr Ricardo Tosto – one of the most sought after business litigators.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a leading litigator and corporate and business law expert. Ricardo Tosto runs a full service law firm committed to providing excellent legal solutions to clients. He is dedicated to providing personalized service and outstanding outcome to his clients. Ricardo works hard to maintain sound relationships with his clients and takes steps to help them grow their business.

Once a business is formed, business or corporate lawyers are regularly consulted to advise their clients through the various legal situations that occur in their businesses. Reliable lawyers work diligently to address their clients’ needs.Having vast experience in the legal field is a valuable resource to businesses and entrepreneurs. Whether you need your lawyer to handle a dispute matter, draft a contract, negotiate an agreement, or answer business law questions, a good lawyer will stand prepared to assist.Ricardo Tosto is well-prepared to help clients prepare, commit to and complete their projects. He can advise on how to carry out processes such as mergers and acquisitions to ensure that they go smoothly.

Ricardo Tosto has the knowledge and resources to guide you through the entire stages and phases of any business or corporate law matter you’re dealing with, including mergers and acquisitions, breach of contract, shareholder issues, business disputes, and much more.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a top lawyer and has one of the most prominent law firms in Brazil. His clients range from multinational organizations and institutions to private individuals and come from a wide variety of industries.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is known for his expertise in business and corporate law. He is a powerful litigator with many years of experience in the field.

Doe Deere: Launching a Line of Cosmetic Products

Doe Deere is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur who is most well-known as the founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetic company which manufactures innovative beauty products, including lipstick, make-up, hair dye, and much more. Doe Deere explained that the origin of her company is her eBay account name, “limecrime”, and she created the account back in 2004. Through eBay, she sold some of her creations which includes beauty products, and it became an instant trend and she started to develop international following after the success of her launch. She then decided to establish her own company in 2008 and named it Lime Crime.



Today, Doe Deere is serving as the CEO of her own company, and she is making sure that Lime Crime would be providing the beauty products that are currently in demand. She has been working with her creative staff to brainstorm about future varieties of beauty products that they would have to create. The company also relies on what is in demand, and according to her, the assistance that her colleagues is providing makes her job easier. She thanked her creative team for their continued support towards her company, and she wishes that they would stay with her for a longer time. Doe Deere stated that being a CEO for Lime Crime is fun, because they do not impose strict rules within the company regarding someone’s appearance. She stated that at Lime Crime HQ, the rules concerning an individual’s hair style and color is virtually non-existent, and they are allowing their employees to do what ever they wanted with their appearance. As a company which promotes and sells beauty products, it is a must that they should not be meddling with individual styles. Doe Deere have also stated that without the Lime Crime employees, her business would never succeed.



At first, Doe Deere revealed that she was having a hard time promoting her products. Some people would also discourage her from selling her products online, because they believed that no one would actually buy them. The reason why people are discouraging her when the company was founded in 2008 is because of the fact that most people who wanted to purchase a lipstick would like to test the product first. Bring a great thinker, Doe Deere shrugg off all the negativity and continued with her job of making her product known. She then researched about Generation Z, or those people who were born after 1997. She found out that the younger generation is more adept at using the technology, and she thought that she will gain a lot of revenue if she decided to market her product with the younger generation. Most people who are from Generation Z are the ones who consume the most number of hours purchasing products online. The decision of Doe Deere to market her products to the younger generation was proven to be effective, because it became popular. She stated that her customers would love their line of boldly colored lipsticks, and these are the products which are quickly selling out. Learn more:  http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true


Jeff Aronin Continues Growth in Field

The field of biosciences is an incredibly important one that is very important towards the overall success of mankind. Those that are in this field are very integral because they are involved in the advancements of biotechnology and medications. This can directly help to improve overall patient care, extend the life of an individual, and make people more comfortable and happy. One individual that has continued to have a major impact on the field of biosciences is Jeff Aronin.


Jeff Aronin is a very successful investor and businessman in the field of pharmaceuticals (CrunchBase). He has had a long career in the field and has held a variety of positions that have helped to develop his career into what it is today. Prior to starting his career, Aronin received a BS from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from DePaul, which is in Chicago.


Ever since graduating from MBA School, Aronin has continued to grow and develop in the industry. Today, he is the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, which is a life sciences company that helps to develop and accelerate a variety of pharmaceuticals and medical devices through a range of different stages. Ever since he has been a member of the organization, Paragon has been able to get 13 different products approved by the FDA and into the marketplace. These have helped to improve and save the lives of many different people.


While his role at Paragon is very important and requires a lot of commitment, he is also involved in many other areas that help to improve the lives of other people (WorldBusinessChicago). Due to his passion for education, he frequently looks for opportunities to teach and mentor other people. This includes spending a lot of time going back to universities to guest teach or hold speeches.


Beyond his support to the educational system, Aronin is also very involved in a number of different charitable organizations. He is currently on the Board of Directors for the World Business Chicago. He is also involved in a number of other local charities that help to benefit non-profit organizations and people that are in need.


The Ideas of Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

National Steel Car, through its strategies, has expanded its boundaries and put up branches. The dedication of Gregory James Aziz as the leader of the firm ensures that the rail sector becomes a viable segment, particularly to the economy. The idea is well substantiated by his move of registering the company under the policies of the ISO to ensure that its operations fall within the set regulations of the law.


National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc., has incorporated into its system not less than 900 recruits who are well qualified in various level to boost the operations of the organization. There are directors whose primary role is to ensure that the new employees in the company fit the rights qualification measures. The step is achieved by subjecting them through interviews and only the one that meets the requirements are made become part of the staffs in the organization. There is another push that company has established with the aim of retaining its customers in the market and reaching out to the new ones. The fact that its operation is defined by the policy and the regulation, Gregory Aziz has made the objectives of the company to align with the law.

There are areas that Gregory James Aziz and its team of National Steel Car has concentrated its efforts. These include the marketing. Their concept of promoting the firm’s products has been achieved through the distributors of the National Steel Car which are located in various regions of the world. The clients of the company have found it easier to approach the National Steel Car agents and present their needs. The central office of the National Steel Car is located in Hamilton. All the other branches are controlled centrally by the management of the company.

National Steel Car has stood in the market with its relevance for the last 15 years. Gregory Aziz was a student at University of Western Ontario. He is a graduate in the sector of economics, and the area has boosted its operation of managing the National Steel Car. He was parts of the people who were playing a huge role in assisting his family business Affiliated Foods. The ambitions and dedication of the Gregory J Aziz elevated him to the high ranked post of the company. He then expanded the firm level of marketing to the international scene.

Gregory James Aziz has possessed leadership skills that have enabled him to overcome challenges at National Steel Car.  Refer to This Article for more information.

American Institute of Architects Progress

     The American Institute of Architects is a successful company that provides education in the areas of government support, community rebuilding, and public engagement. The American Institute of Architects aims to help build the image that architecture currently has into something more significant. There are over 90,000 people that are dedicated members of the American Institute of Architects they are loyal to the standard and quality of work that the AIAI provides. They are located in Washington, D.C. The American Institute of Architects was started in 1857 by 13 knowledgeable architects. Robert Ivy is currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of the American Institute of Architects.

Robert Ivy, a very respected member of the American Institute of Architects, was appointed to be the Executive Vice President/ Chief Executive Officer. On the first day of February 2011, his duties were made active. Robert Ivy is known by many people within the architecture world. He was made a part of the College of Fellows in 1993 and the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record from 1996 until they named him the new Executive Vice President/ Chief Executive Officer. He is also on the editorial management team for McGraw-Hill Construction. He has received many awards for his popular work in the architecture field.

He is dedicated to making the issues that affect the architectural vicinity. Problems that are social, political, and environmental do not pass them by they are also affected by the issues that everyone else faces. He aims to make the architects work environment one that allows them to grow in the area of their choice steadily. The architecture community has no problem trusting him because he has held positions at the American Institute of Architects for almost a score.

The American Institute of Architects announced that Robert Ivy was the new Executive Vice President/ Chief Executive Officer in 2010. They were very excited to have him joining the team in such a high position. They trusted him because he has excellent skills as an architect and as a leader. His leadership skills and his skills as an architect made he a phenomenal fit for the team. He also backs his architect and leadership skills with education. He has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Tennessee and a Masters in Architecture from Tulane University, Louisiana.

George Miller expressed his excitement to have Robert join the team. His great belief in Robert Ivy’s abilities to make the American Institute of Architects better that it is and to take it far than they have ever been. He feels that they are in incredible, capable hands concerning the hard work, dedication, and commitment that Robert Ivy attaches to his work.

Please check http://www.archdaily.com/tag/robert-ivy for more.

GovPayNet Acquired By Securus Technologies

A statement from Robert E. Pickens, Chief Executive Officer and President of leading technology provider Securus Technologies, recently gave a statement announcing that he and his company are incredibly excited to be welcoming GovPayNet to their portfolio of products. The move in acquiring GovPayNet is exciting and will offer a great opportunity for Securus to expand their business.


Securus is currently the lead provider for technological solutions in the public safety, corrections, government payment services, law enforcement and investigations sector. The company is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas and is currently working to service over 3,500 agencies including public safety, corrections and law enforcement agencies, who have over 1,200,000 inmates using the services. Securus Technologies connects emergency response unites, public information, incident management, biometric analysis, information management, communications, as well as inmate self-service, monitoring products and many other services. The company is also the recipient of an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, as announce in an earlier article that also outlines their business and can be found here.


The recent acquisition of GovPayNet by Securus Technologies is very exciting. GovPayNet is a leader in the payment industry, known for their accurate processing of credit and debit card payments for government agencies. GovPayNet offers their customers ways to pay for bail, violations, as well as real estate and property tax payments. This will be a great addition to the Securus Technologies family, it an go hand in hand with the services they currently offer and will be another way Securus Technologies can bundle services for government agencies.


Securus Technologies recently also acquired JPay, and now with the addition of GovPayNet, they are sure to offer even more cutting edge solutions for their clients. This will accelerate their abilities and can allow them to grow into more areas as well as more revenue.


A New Focus for National Steel Car and Gregory Aziz

The backbone of the North American economy had been the railroads for nearly a century before major trucking companies came into existence. Even now, railroads offer their customers a way to get enormous quantities of goods across the country at a rate per pound that is often lower than the competition. However, due to the inability of these railroad companies to pull right up to their customers like trucks can, many large corporations have switched their business to trucking carriers. A major shift needs to occur in the industry in order to get customers more enthused about rail transport, and Gregory J Aziz is working to make that a reality.


Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994 from its then owner Dofasco. For nearly a century, National Steel Car has focused on the manufacturing and sales of rolling stock and railcars such as tankers, boxcars, flatcars, hoppers, and coal cars. They have serviced every major railroad in Canada for many years, but without a clear strategy for the future and a rapidly changing industry, NSC was not able to keep up with its competitors in the trucking industry, and many railroads were no longer able to purchase the railcars it produced. Aziz wanted to change that.


Using his past business experience and knowledge, Aziz took a fresh look at the Company. He knew that customers would need to have a high-quality car that would withstand not only the test of time and the elements but also the rigorous safety frameworks created by regulators. This would mean that engineering would have to become one of the main departments of the company. He also realized that National Steel Car had been sold and purchased so many times that the management group did not have a clear direction. This had to change.


Starting in 1995, Gregory J Aziz made some major changes to the company. He first put out a new mission and vision of the company that focused on customer service and engineering, changing the strategy of production from accessible and cheap to high-quality and safe. He then hired over 2,000 additional employees and spent millions on new equipment and capital projects to increase capacity and attract more customers.


Now, National Steel Car is one of the only rolling stock companies left in North America. It has sales of over $200 million each year, and it is the premier company used for almost every major railroad out there. The new focus on engineering and quality has created demand for the products and ensured the life of the company for many years. Get Related Information Here.