Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Successfully Balanced A Thriving Career And Family

Jennifer Walden was on a sure path from a young age, knowing exactly what she wanted to do with herself and her career. Jeniffer had very supportive and well to do parents that encouraged her to follow her dreams above all else. Jennifer studied at the University of Texas in Galveston where she was able to earn her medical degree. After Jennifer finally completed her schooling and was a professional she went on to work at New York’s Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital where she earned considerable experience as a doctor. During Jennifer’s 8 years of training in New York, she was an associate for Dr. Sherrel Astons as well.Jennifer decided it was time to move back to her hometown in Texas because she was going to be a mother. Jennifer had been trying to have kids for many years with her husband but faced several difficulties.

After her dream came true with her two sons, she wanted to be closer to home and family. Since 2011, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been successfully balanced a successful career of a doctor as well as maintaining a strong and healthy family life with her husband and two kids. Jennifer says it can be quite difficult trying to balance family life and such a demanding career, but it is worth it for her to achieve her goals and build her influence as a successful woman in a largely male-dominated field.Today, Jennifer is one of the top plastic surgeons in all of Texas. This shows her true skill and determination to be successful in plastic surgery. Jennifer believes all women should be capable of having a fulfilling career that is not hindered by their gender, which is part of what keeps her motivated and influencing other women out there today. As a respected doctor and leader in her field, Jennifer takes great pride in her practice and her active family life.