Doe Deere: Launching a Line of Cosmetic Products

Doe Deere is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur who is most well-known as the founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetic company which manufactures innovative beauty products, including lipstick, make-up, hair dye, and much more. Doe Deere explained that the origin of her company is her eBay account name, “limecrime”, and she created the account back in 2004. Through eBay, she sold some of her creations which includes beauty products, and it became an instant trend and she started to develop international following after the success of her launch. She then decided to establish her own company in 2008 and named it Lime Crime.



Today, Doe Deere is serving as the CEO of her own company, and she is making sure that Lime Crime would be providing the beauty products that are currently in demand. She has been working with her creative staff to brainstorm about future varieties of beauty products that they would have to create. The company also relies on what is in demand, and according to her, the assistance that her colleagues is providing makes her job easier. She thanked her creative team for their continued support towards her company, and she wishes that they would stay with her for a longer time. Doe Deere stated that being a CEO for Lime Crime is fun, because they do not impose strict rules within the company regarding someone’s appearance. She stated that at Lime Crime HQ, the rules concerning an individual’s hair style and color is virtually non-existent, and they are allowing their employees to do what ever they wanted with their appearance. As a company which promotes and sells beauty products, it is a must that they should not be meddling with individual styles. Doe Deere have also stated that without the Lime Crime employees, her business would never succeed.



At first, Doe Deere revealed that she was having a hard time promoting her products. Some people would also discourage her from selling her products online, because they believed that no one would actually buy them. The reason why people are discouraging her when the company was founded in 2008 is because of the fact that most people who wanted to purchase a lipstick would like to test the product first. Bring a great thinker, Doe Deere shrugg off all the negativity and continued with her job of making her product known. She then researched about Generation Z, or those people who were born after 1997. She found out that the younger generation is more adept at using the technology, and she thought that she will gain a lot of revenue if she decided to market her product with the younger generation. Most people who are from Generation Z are the ones who consume the most number of hours purchasing products online. The decision of Doe Deere to market her products to the younger generation was proven to be effective, because it became popular. She stated that her customers would love their line of boldly colored lipsticks, and these are the products which are quickly selling out. Learn more: