Waiakea Water Produces Fabulous Water While Protecting the Environment

Waiakea Water is a bottled water company that is using new methods and techniques to change he bottled water industry. The bottled water industry has annual revenues of a hundred billion dollars with most of that water selling for easy access to drinking water. This industry has long been ridiculed for selling a product that is extremely cheap to most people in developed countries. Waiakea Water brings changes to the bottled water industry by providing high quality water that is notably different than tap water.

Waiakea Water was founded in 2012. The company uses several methods to provide the best possible water. Waiakea Water filters through thousands of feet of rock before it is collected. This causes the water to be naturally filtered by the porous rock. This rock filtration process also causes the water to pick up certain minerals. These minerals give the water a different taste than tap water. It also causes the water to have salts and minerals that help hydration following vigorous exercise. The filtration process causes the water to have a very desirable PH that causes it to taste very crisp. The combination of these factors results in a very noticeable difference that sets it aside from bottled water or tap water.

Waiakea Water takes major steps to reduce plastic waste. This is one of one of the least attractive aspects of the bottled water industry that deters customers. In addition, the Waiakea Water Company is committed to protecting the environment. The first way Waiakea Water reduces plastic waste is by making their bottles out of a hundred percent recyclable plastic. This is a major development as most plastic bottles have some parts that are not recyclable. Secondly, Waiakea Water plans to introduce the first commercially available plastic bottle that is completely degradable. This is a major technological development that many bottled water companies have been promising. The world currently uses fifty billion tons of plastic with less than a quarter of that being recycled. Waiakea Water plans to lead the way in introducing bottled water that tastes amazing while protecting the world’s oceans and water sources.