Bruno Fagali – Revolutionizing the Anti-Corruption Space

Bruno Fagali is a corporate integrity manager “Fagali Lawyers.” His enterprise is a private business based the public interest dealing with communication. Bruno Fagali is a learned scholar obtained his degree from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo in an advertising agency in the year 2009. Due to his efforts, he managed to do his masters by the Faculty of Law of USP.

Bruno Fagali cuts across every challenging aspect in regards to the law, but he majorly deals with Anti-corruption and more specifically on issues related to federal civil actions, administrative contracts, and regulatory law. Bruno Fagali is gifted as a man with strong personality and confident. Due to this unique aspect, he has been selected to be a member of several organization of great repute including the community of ethics and a corporate alliance of the Congress.

Through his career journey, Bruno has undergone very tough times while he is in his line of duty dealing with cases which involve domestic violence, family law and consumer law way back in 2006.Surprisingly in 2007, he did a remarkable judgment on the case which involved the Advisory public law contract. But this time around he realized he was talented in two aspects that are regulatory law and administrative process, so he focused in only the two.

Bruno Fagali took a risk once in his profession and published an article that exposed the corrupt tycoons. This raised questions which brought confusion but expressed the worries of the citizens which also made him famous. The best thing to aspire to live is to be fruitful after your hard work.

In conclusion, it’s surprising that I came to learn that Bruno Fagali can speak and write up to four languages fluently that include French, English, Portuguese and Spanish. This shows how Bruno works hard to achieve the best in his life.