How Dr. Shafik Sachedina As Succeeded In As A Leader In His Field

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a dental expert who has initiated a lot of transformation in the medical sector. His leadership’s skills have been paramount in running Sussex Health Care. The institution specializes in the provision of treatment who have been affected by mental problems. The facility has provided high-quality care to people who have dementia. People with neurological systems have been assisted in the facility. Shafik is currently serving as the chairman of the board of the healthcare center.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has played an important role in leading Sussex Health Care to be an effective healthcare provision Centre. The facility has saved many lives since it was established. He has enabled the hospital to win several awards due to the exceptional services that it provides. The leadership and vision of Shafik have contributed a lot towards the achievements of the goals of the health facility.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina entered into a joint venture with the University of Chichester. The collaboration has enabled the staff of Sussex Health Care to obtain various skills which are necessary for improving medical services. Some of the skills that the staff has obtained are social care and management. Dr. Shafik assured the public that the learning collaboration would enable the company to deliver high-quality service to its clients.

The exceptional leadership skills demonstrated by Dr. Shafik are attributed to his solid educational foundation. He is a graduate of University of London. He provided services in the medical field in England for many years after his graduation.

Dr. Shafik is one of the prominent leaders of Jamati Institutions. He provides leadership services as the chairman of the department. His main role in the institution is to facilitate the activities that are taking place Ismaili Community. The organization deals with the provision of voluntary services to members of the public. Shafik also provides voluntary services at Aga Khan the services he has provided in the various institution has ignited a passion for entrepreneurship in the medical field.

Dr. Shafik has contributed a lot in running the affairs of Ismaili Imamat and community. His role at Aga Khan Development Network has ensured that the members of Ismaili community can access the services of the organization. He has enabled the community to be linked to various programs. Dr. Shafik has become an example to many people in the provision of voluntary services. He has served in many capacities as a volunteer. He has been emulated by many leaders in the world.


Ricardo Tosto: Hiring A Competent Lawyer For Your Business

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Jeff Aronin Continues Growth in Field

The field of biosciences is an incredibly important one that is very important towards the overall success of mankind. Those that are in this field are very integral because they are involved in the advancements of biotechnology and medications. This can directly help to improve overall patient care, extend the life of an individual, and make people more comfortable and happy. One individual that has continued to have a major impact on the field of biosciences is Jeff Aronin.


Jeff Aronin is a very successful investor and businessman in the field of pharmaceuticals (CrunchBase). He has had a long career in the field and has held a variety of positions that have helped to develop his career into what it is today. Prior to starting his career, Aronin received a BS from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from DePaul, which is in Chicago.


Ever since graduating from MBA School, Aronin has continued to grow and develop in the industry. Today, he is the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, which is a life sciences company that helps to develop and accelerate a variety of pharmaceuticals and medical devices through a range of different stages. Ever since he has been a member of the organization, Paragon has been able to get 13 different products approved by the FDA and into the marketplace. These have helped to improve and save the lives of many different people.


While his role at Paragon is very important and requires a lot of commitment, he is also involved in many other areas that help to improve the lives of other people (WorldBusinessChicago). Due to his passion for education, he frequently looks for opportunities to teach and mentor other people. This includes spending a lot of time going back to universities to guest teach or hold speeches.


Beyond his support to the educational system, Aronin is also very involved in a number of different charitable organizations. He is currently on the Board of Directors for the World Business Chicago. He is also involved in a number of other local charities that help to benefit non-profit organizations and people that are in need.