Marc Sparks: The Entrepreneur Reaching Out To People And Helping Them With Their Businesses

Marc Sparks is a businessman and entrepreneur who is known for undertaking numerous ventures. Through the course of his career, he has been behind the formation of numerous companies and has had a healthy mix of successful and unsuccessful ones. He believes that every company and project that he has taken on is a learning experience to get better at what he does and be a smarter entrepreneur. Besides working with his own companies, Marc Sparks has helped numerous other business owners and entrepreneurs, giving them the support and guidance they need to be successful in their fields. He has always possessed a passion for helping people and sees this as a brilliant way to give back to society. Since he has a lot of experience working with businesses in an array of different fields, he knows what every company needs to be successful and have a sound financial status. Learn more:


Marc Sparks currently lives in Dallas, Texas, and runs most of his companies from their bases in the city. He has helped the economy of the state immensely through the numerous projects that he has undertaken. Marc Sparks is someone who believes in always having a plan. He isn’t someone who likes to leave things to chance and through his experience, believes that any company can be successful if it has a right plan of action to help it through. Whenever he is working with people, advising them with their businesses, he always makes sure that they have a right plan of action in front of them to follow. Having a plan gives these business owners a direction in which they can follow to be successful at what they do. Learn more:


In another effort to help entrepreneurs and people who are running their businesses, Marc Sparks published numerous books. His books cover a range of topics within the field of business, and use his experience as a guiding tool to educate his readers on the do’s and don’t’s of a successful business. He also has a book that specifically talks about all the ventures that he has undertaken and how each one of them turned out. He tries his best to structure his books in a way that someone who is starting up a business for the very first time can easily understand. Learn more:


With the effort that he makes to reach out to people, Marc Sparks can be considered a philanthropic person. But besides helping people with their businesses, he also helps those who are less fortunate and those who need a little help to live with basic human necessities. He is a regular contributor and helper at numerous homeless shelters in his home city. He has also been part of various projects for Habitat For Humanity, building homes for the less fortunate members of society. Learn more:

Arthur Becker Shifts Focus to Real Estate

Arthur Becker works within the world of investing like a professional athlete. He drifts from project to project with absolute preparation and dedication. Over the past twenty or so years Becker has established himself as one of the best in the industry at what he does. Naturally many people are curious as to how he has accomplished this task. Thankfully, Becker is one of the more open CEOs in New York City and he doesn’t mind taking time out of his day to explain his process. Check out Ideamensch for more info.

According to Huffington Post, Arthur Becker first jumped off of the page when he became the Chairman and CEO at the tech investing firm, NaviSite. From 2003 to 2011 Becker’s sole focus was on growing NaviSite into becoming one of the truly elite tech firms in the industry. During that same period of time Becker was also cultivating other talents so that he could pursue a better-rounded portfolio. This pursuit eventually led Becker to investing in his first private company: Madison Partners LLC.

Now Arthur Becker is a Managing Partner at Madison Partners LLC and his focus is on developing technology within the real estate and bio tech fields. Becker says of his shift in focus, “My previous work essentially led up to my first private investment. I have recently narrowed my focus a bit, which has changed my sort of customers.” Becker knows, if nothing else, that you must always be ready to grow and elevate with the clientele that you work with. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

Getting into real estate was an interesting prospect for Becker because he felt that he had some sort of background thanks to the Vera Wang Fashion Company. Becker’s work with then-wife Vera Wang’s fashion line helped him to get an eye on what it meant to cultivate an image and design something to sell. Now, Madison Partners is investing in unique properties all throughout New York City with the intention to flip them for a profit. Becker and Madison Properties are quickly growing thanks to some high quality developmental projects within the city. Becker already has projects going in Soho and Tribeca. More details can be found on Inspirery.


George Soros Building a Business

There are many people who are concerned with what is happening in the world. Not only are our politics more divided than ever, but there are a lot of people who are suffering. George Soros is looking to help as many people as possible during this point in his career. Over time, he has proven to understand how to help them get to the next level in life. George Soros has had a great career in business, and with those resources he is looking to make a positive impact on the world. If you want to do so as well, following his example is the way to go.

Business Advice

When it comes to starting and running a business, there are a lot of things to keep in mind for the future. George Soros has proven that he understands how to scale up a business over time. Not only that, but he truly cares about the impact that he is making in the world today. There are a lot of people who look up to him for a variety of reasons. Not only that, but he is working to help prepare them for the ways in which they can go on without his support. If you want to start a company, understanding how you can impact others during the process is one of the best things that you can do. This is the biggest opportunity for people to make a positive impact in other people’s lives.



With the state of politics today, a lot of people are disappointed about what is going on. If you want to start supporting a candidate, you need to be prepared to spend a lot of money and time doing so. Every year, George Soros spends millions of dollars on people that he thinks should win in various elections. With his worldview, he wants more people than ever before to understand what he is working on. If you are ready to take your influence to the next level, politics is where you will have to go with it. A lot of people today are excited about all of the changes that are taking place in this area over the next couple of years. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Final Thoughts

Overall, George Soros has had a lot of success in both life and business. If you want to start preparing for the future, now is the time to do so. A lot of people today are excited about all of the changes that are taking place in the world. However, there is still a lot of work left to do if you want to help as many people as possible. George Soros is working as hard as he can to impact this change.

Learn more about his profile at

Mike Baur’s Start-Up Enterprise Was Built on Passion

When Mike Baur decided to leave the banking industry to branch out on his own, it wasn’t because he wasn’t satisfied. It was more because he wanted to do more with the talents he learned from those 20 years banking experiences and to build a business from his passion in life.


Therefore, in 2014 Mike make the biggest decision of his entrepreneur career by founding a start-up company. His passion to help new businesses succeed was evident, and Mike knew he had the talent to assist.


Mike is now the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Swiss Start up Factory. The company takes incubator startups and teaches them how to become a success. In addition to providing them with the needed resources to become successful; the company also mentors those businesses to fully execute their full potential. Mike has an extremely keen eye for recognizing extraordinary business talent and he has created one of the best ICT Startup programs in the industry.


With an entrepreneurial-executive type at the top of Swiss Start up Factory, Mike Baur sets the tone for the enterprise with his stellar qualities for motivation and setting a “can do” attitude with everything that he does. His passion is not based on any ego mind-set; it is based upon pure drive for wanting to be the best in the business; doing it with integrity and helping businesses excel.


What sets Mike apart from most business leaders is that he believes in other people’s passion and their desire to be successful. He believes that skills can be developed over time, but passion cannot be ignored. He believes that passion has to be nurtured by someone that has the ability to elevate it. Mike Baur is that person.


Mike is also passionate about hard work and focus. His work ethics are an example to those that enter the SCCF program and impressive to the investors that he interacts with regularly. That is why investors rush to do business with Mike and why he continues to earn the respect of so many business leaders.


As a young CEO, at age 39, he has the drive and energy that fuels others around him. It is infectious and creates an environment within the Swiss Start up Factory which helps continue to make it so successful.


Mike Baur has far exceeded the limitations of traditional marketing strategies for startup companies. His passion has propelled him to great heights and perhaps even exceeding his own expectations.



Dick DeVos Life’s Work

Dick DeVos has held many positions throughout his life. However, the most relevant executive positions were and are at Amway, the NBA’s Orlando Magic basketball team, and currently as president of The Windquest Group.


At Amway, a business created by his father Richard M. DeVos, he got his first taste of entrepreneurship as a child. He remembers the business being set up in his parent’s basement where he and his brother were initially responsible for clearing plates. With age came more responsibility which included speaking and giving product demonstrations to large gatherings.


Then in 1974 he began his actual business career at Amway, touching almost every facet of the business. He held such positions as: finance, research and development, marketing, and manufacturing. In 1984 he became vice president with responsibility of operations in over 18 countries.


He left Amway in 1981 to head the basketball franchise Orlando Magic basketball team as President and CEO. When he started the position some questioned if he was capable of making touch decisions. But they soon learned he had no problem handling the position.


In 1993, he returned to Amway/Alticor to succeed his father Richard M. DeVos. When he rejoined Amway as President he was able to expand operations in over 50 countries and territories. In 2000, he oversaw the restructuring of the business from Amway to Alticor (new parent company).


In August of 2002 he retired from Altricor and became president of The Windquest Group, which is an investment management firm that has holdings in technology, manufacturing and other sectors.


At Windquest he bought on board a specialist in alternative energy. He knew that alternative energy was going to be an important part of the future of the world, but he also recognized the opportunity that alternative energy would be for The Windquest Group. That being said, his company was able to develop an alternative energy which “converts waste heat that is the byproduct of a manufacturing process, and converts it into electricity”.


The Green Machine, as it was called, is produced by TheElectraTherm Company and distributed by Windquest with assistance from ProServices. This, Dick DeVos terms as the three-stool approach. TheElectraTerm Company provides the product, ProServices provides the installation and Windquest provides the financing and high-business plant process.

Sam Tabar and the FullCycle Energy Fund

Just Reported October 18th, 2016: lists Sam Tabar as the new CFO of Awearable Apparel. Sam will be advising the tech giant on financial matters relating to fundraising, and corporate investment. This marks another massive step forward for Sam, who was named COO of FullCycle Fund in 2015.

In December of 2015, Sam Tabar was named the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund, a company that was founded in 2013, which was created in order to finance and own projects that revolutionizes the relationship with waste by converting it into valuable and clean fuel. And as the COO, Tabar was responsible for managing the company’s fund management strategy.

In taking the role is the COO, Tabar said on Twitter that he was honored and excited for the opportunity, and that he looked forward to being able to partner with the talented senior leadership team in order to deliver the mission of FullCycle in moving away from the polluting fuels at lower cost, environmentally friendly fuels and high cost.

In the role with Bank of America, he helped in providing funding managers with targeted introductions for institutional investors including foundations, endowments, fund of funds, pensions and family offices. He had consulted with operations as he built both front and back office teams. And prior to his position at Bank of America, he held the position of Co-head of Marketing for the Sparx Group (PMA), which is the largest independent fund within Asia Pacific. While at the Sparx Group, his responsibilities included managing all of the facets for a global marketing effort. And in addition to his experience in financial management, Tabar has also worked as an attorney for both Schulte, Roth & Zabel and Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom.

In his early career, Tabar graduated with a masters degree in law from the Columbia Law School, and holds a Bachelor’s of Arts from Oxford University where he graduated with honors. He has been the Editor for the Columbia Business Law Journal, and currently serves as a member for the New York State Bar. And as a private venture capitalist, he has became one of the earliest investors for the Tribute, and for SheThinx which is a company that has helped in re-inventing the feminine hygiene industry, this happening through a social mission for empowering women all over the world.  Sam’s official website has more.

What is a Shared Office Space?


Want the freedom to be your own boss without high cost of opening your own office? Well, shared office spaces just might be the answer your looking for. Let’s take a look at this matter with a little more depth.

Shared office space or coworking spaces is a style of work that involves sharing the work space with others. It’s not your typical office where all workers are employed by the same company, but a community of workers from different fields of employment. Shared office spaces gives you the flexibility to work anytime wish, as most office spaces have 24hr access.

It’s attractive to work at home individuals, freelancers and independent contractors because it takes them away from the distractions of home. It helps curb the feelings of isolation that working from home can cause, and helps build a community. It’s not completed subjective to the space itself but the establishment of a coworking community.

Shared office spaces have grown in popularity with the total commercial workspaces increasing from 300 to 800 since 2011. Many workers have started that they have noticed a boost in creativity and an improvement in their work quality.

With coworking space popularity on the rise, Workville located in New York, offers a friendly and flexible space for you to work. They offer move in ready offices, shared offices and open desks, but don’t feel obligated to work confined to your office space.

Workville, is the number 1 New York shared office space, and their website really paints that picture fully It has a central location, 24hr access, fast internet, mail service, fresh coffee, private phones, and daily cleaning. It’s the Convience of an office space without all the hassle of owning the space.

Shared office spaces can help build your creativity, improve work standards and offer positive feedback from others workers. It’s a way to build social networking and fosters independence.


Thor Halvorssen Is The Best Person To Talk To About Social Justice

Everyone who is familiar with social justice issues around the world needs to be familiar with the name of Thor Halvorssen. He is a great person to work with on these issues because he founded the Human Rights Foundation to address just such problems. He started out by rooting out problems in his native Venezuela, and he has also been able to help people around the world by keeping the conversation going.

Thor Halvorssen has been hard on dictators around the world because he knows that they can get away with a lot when they are given the chance to. He knows that these people will do anything to make life hard for the people around them, and then they will keep doing it if they are not in the news or not reported on. He talks about countries like Angola and North Korea where people living there are very oppressed, and he has even called out celebrities who have tried to make trips to these countries.

The people who are suffering in these countries need someone like Thor Halvorssen to step up and defend them, and these people also need to know that he will keep up with what is going on in their countries. Their countries are very easy to learn about because the Human Rights Foundation has all their information on their website, and someone who is watching Thor Halvorssen on TV will learn all these stories.

The Human Rights Foundation and Thor Halvorssen are making the world a much better place. He is out there helping people fight oppression, and he is trying to be sure that he can keep the story alive as long as possible.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:

The Rising Popularity of Antique Collecting

Lately, there has been a great rise in the world of antique collecting. With the rise of reality shows such as Antique Road Show and Pawn Stars, individuals are finding more joy in collecting antiques. There are those who have really stood out in the world of collecting. These individuals take their hobby of collecting to a whole new level.

There are many different types of collecting that have become more popular over the years. Celebrities like Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld have been known for their amazing antique car collections. Many business leaders around the world have also been known for their beautiful antique wine collections. Whatever the collector may be collecting, it can be agreed that the acquisition of historical pieces is becoming more of an art than ever before. The numbers of collectors who are taking this hobby more seriously are continues to rise.

Michael Zomber is an individual who has taken his love of collecting and turned it into a very viable career. For more than 40 years, Michael Zomber has lived and breathed collecting. He is very fond of antique arms. He is also very knowledgeable in the world of Samurai Swords.

Michael Zomber is also very talented at filmmaking as well. He created a critically acclaimed film, Soul of the Samurai. This film helped to further his career past what anyone thought was possible for collectors at that time.

Michael Zomber has been able to see throughout his studies and research that weapons can cause much heartache around the world. Zomber has helped many NGOs in order to lessen the impact of violence in our world. This positive impact that Zomber is making in the world will be remembered for many years to come. It will be very exciting to see what the future holds for this amazing collector.  Michael turned his exoneration into the best thing that ever happened to him.

Kyle Bass Has Opinions About China’s Credit Bubble

It’s hard not to pay attention when a man who made millions predicting against the mainstream during the 2008 financial crisis says something. But at the same time, one must be savvy enough to read behind the lines. With Kyle Bass, those lines are ubiquitous.

Kyle Bass comes from Argentina. He still keeps a favorable relationship with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot in that country. De Kirchner is so bad with money her defaulting decisions have managed to damage Argentina two times in only thirteen years. De Kirchner operates primarily from a socialist mentality, and Bass’ support of her decisions indicates a similar mentality undermines his decisions. After all, he does run Hayman Capital Management, a hedge fund based out of Austin, Texas. Austin is known for being exceptionally leftist, and hedge funds are known for profiting as a result of big-ticket corporate demise.

One place Kyle Bass has had exceptional profit is with CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs; a sordid pseudo-humanitarian group he uses to legally manipulate the stock market. This allows him to short-sell his holdings and make millions. Meanwhile the pharmaceutical companies he’s targeted have to curtail research and development funding, and the sick suffer.

With these things in mind,’s assessment of Kyle Bass’ new statements about China are especially suspect. The man has a billion dollars tied up in a cavalcade of investments which are geared at the credit bubble’s collapse. Kyle Bass believes it’ll happen within two to three years, but has predicted it will take place much sooner as well. Since 2015, he’s been warning of a possible 2016 collapse. In fact, April saw him predict with forty to fifty percent accuracy on FOX that America’s economy would experience downturn as a result of China’s economic collapse. This has yet to happen, and it’s August right now. Given Kyle Bass’ previous investment decisions, it kind of seems like he’s hoping to push the Chinese implosion into happening faster by spooking investors through the mainstream media.