Jed McCaleb: The Growth Of The Stellar Development Foundation

Jed McCaleb is one of the world’s leading experts in bitcoin technology and cryptocurrencies. In 2014 he helped to cofound the Stellar Development Foundation in an effort to develop a system that will help to ameliorate some of the issues that are currently plaguing the world’s financial infrastructure. Jed McCaleb has been involved in cryptocurrencies since their infancy and originally created one of the largest bitcoin exchanges which was known as MT. Gox.

Today Jed McCaleb believes that the influence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as a whole will continue to grow and even some non-crypto assets will become digitized utilizing the same backing to technology. With this current project at the Stellar Development Foundation, he is aiding the development of a universal payment network that will help to change the way financial transactions take place internationally. Currently, the Stellar network is capable of processing transactions in less than five seconds significantly faster than rival cryptocurrency bitcoin. The blockchain technology that Stellar is based on creates a decentralized public ledger that is totally immutable which in turn makes it an incredibly secure way to process transactions.

Jed McCaleb has expressed interest in the growing rate of occurrence of initial coin offerings. Initial coin offerings are a unique way that blockchain technology companies are attracting venture capital that allows regular retail investors to get in on the ground floor of new potential projects. He believes that the growing interest initial coin offerings shows there is still a large amount of untapped potential in the cryptocurrency sphere. Over the last four years, nearly $9 billion has and raised through these initial coin offerings.

Over the course of the next ten years, Jed McCaleb believes that the benefits conferred by blockchain technology will be applied to a number of other asset classes that bear no relation to cryptocurrencies. These could potentially include digitized tokens of stocks and bonds. By digitizing them, it was impossible for investors to trade resources in a decentralized manner that will help to reduce financial fees and eliminate the need for intermediaries and transactions.

The Stellar Development Foundation is now within the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies when measured by market capitalization and is currently trading around 23.8 cents.


The Oxford Club: Helping Retirees with their Money

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989. The company is a privately owned firm that helps clients grow and manage their wealth. The company mainly consists of private investors as well as entrepreneurs. The company works with clients from around the world.

The company offers many products and services to its clientele. Some of these products are newsletters and investment research services. Some of the latter group of products the company has are the Emerging Trends Trader, Gold and Resource Trader, and the Momentum Alert. With services like these clients can grow and manage money easily.

In an article for Investment U, Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green shows people how to save enough money for their golden years as well as how much of that money should be in stocks. The answer to this question varies for each person. If you expect to live twenty or thirty years after hitting retirement age then it would be wise for the person to set a good deal of money aside for that time. Green provides an example for people to understand. If a person needs five-thousand dollars a month to live on or sixty-thousand dollars per year, the best advice Green gives is to save three-hundred thousand dollars. This money can provide for unexpected expenses cover the costs of daily living. This can also help in the stock market if times get rough for the investor.

There are a few things that people can do if the portfolio is not as large as the one mentioned earlier. First, the person can work more and retire later. Second, the individual can save more money. Third, invest in a higher rate of return which can make the investor more money for retirement. Fourth, set aside a higher risk reserve which could pay off big, and finally reduce living expenses.

These are just a few things that people can do to help bolster their retirement savings. Every situation is different and unique. With the help of Alexander Green from the Oxford Club, any client that is looking to save for retirement can have the necessary tools.

Madison Street Capital Gets To the Finals in the M&A Advisors Award

The M&A Advisor Award is an award that recognizes the best performing companies within the financial industry. The award celebrates quality services, innovativeness in terms of making deals and genius strategies. It aims at encouraging companies to so their best so that the financial industry can move forward. The Award was founded back in the year 1998 and has since been offering Merger and Acquisitions intelligence while at the same time rewarding those that have the most contributions in the industry.


Last year, Madison Street Capital was nominated for the M&A Advisors Award. On the 29th of August, the company announced that they had made it to the finals. Madison Street Capital had been nominated in two categories- (Under &100M) International and Industrials Deal of the Year and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.


Madison Street Capital was nominated for the International and Industrials Deal of the Year for their Dowco Deal. Madison, through the leadership of Karl D’Cuhna who is the company’s managing director, had helped the company in acquiring Acuna & Asociados S.A. Charles Botchway, the Founder and CEO of the company, congratulated the tem on the Dowco Deal. He acknowledged his taking for undertaking such a challenging task, but ending up as winners.


Madison Street Capital is one of the most reputable global investment banking companies. The company has been a huge success. Particularly, in Mergers and Acquisitions. For this reason, they have time and again been nominated for various awards. They are known for undertaking the most complex mergers and acquisition deals and helping their clients emerge as winners.


Integrity on the part of the Madison team plays a big role in its success. They are honest in all their processes and they genuinely care about their clients. To them, the success of their clients translates to their success. Also, the Madison Street Capital reputation has got them to earn some premium clients including Central Iowa Energy LLC, Fiber Science and Medial Group Inc.


Madison was founded back in the year 2005 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The firm specializes in offering consultation services within the financial industry. They are wizards in the provision of mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, restructuring, reorganizing, and private placement. Aside from advisory services, the company also provides valuation of intangible assets and goodwill to their clients.




David Giertz – Helping Consumers Get Flexible And Affordable Insurance And Retirement Planning Products And Advise

In a recent interview with Wall Street Journal, Dave Giertz, who is one of the top financial advisors working with Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, said that the consultants need to talk with their clients about social security in a more refined manner. Dave mentioned that the survey conducted by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute clearly points to the fact that most of the clients having financial advisors on are not satisfied with them and that the advisors don’t educate them about the social security, which is an integral part of the retirement planning.

David Giertz also added that most of the people in the survey confirmed the fact that they wouldn’t mind changing their advisors if their advisors don’t start talking about the social security more elaborately. Dave mentioned in the interview that as the Social Security handbook consists of around 2,700 rules, the fundamental duty of the advisers is to take note of the core standards and develop confidence around it over time. David Giertz added that it is necessary for the people to be concerned about social security and the advisers to educate their clients about it because social security can be around 40 percent of the retirement planning fund. He mentioned on that the people who choose to opt out of social security at a relatively early stage tend to lose around $300,000 over a period of twenty to twenty-five years.

Davie Giertz did his graduation in business administration and management from the Millikin University and completed his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Miami – School of Business. As the President at Nationwide Financial Distributors, Dave Giertz has helped in increasing sales and reaching out to a wider audience on a national level at He believes that retirement planning should start early, and his company offers a range of insurance and retirement planning products that makes wealth creation over the years, straightforward and hassle-free.

Mike Baur Uplifts Young Entrepreneurs

Starting a business and ensuring that it runs successfully is not easy for someone who is new to entrepreneurship. Many are the times when startups do not get to see the light of a new year. While this remains a challenge, a different story can be said if only the entrepreneurs had a mentor to guide them. That is what Swiss Startup Factory does for young entrepreneurs. Swiss start-up factory was launched in 2014, with the aim of seeking thriving entrepreneurs. It is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

The Swiss Start-up Factory offers incredible opportunities to entrepreneurs from the first day, through a strong network in Switzerland and around the world. The company usually runs a three-month accelerator program, whereby they offer an exceptional platform of services, mentoring, and coaching.

Swiss Startup Factory was established in 2014 by Mike Baur, Oliver Walzer, and Max Meister. Since its establishment, it has managed to achieve its objectives. Mike Baur is in charge of fundraising rounds as well as financing within the enterprise. He is also the CEO.

About Mike Baur
Mike Baur is the co-founder of Swiss Start up Factory. Mike grew up in Fribourg, Switzerland. Till date, he has a strong attachment to his hometown. At a tender age, he was fascinated by matters that entailed finance and banking. Therefore, he was excited to make his passion his profession. He is a master’s graduate in Business Administration from the University of Rochester in New York. He also holds an executive MBA from Bern University. Before launching the company, he worked for about 20 years in Swiss Private Banking. By working hard and keeping up his determination, Mike was able to rise from a commercial apprentice at UBS to become an executive board member in a large private bank in Switzerland.

In 2014, Mike felt it was the time he set off to start his entrepreneurial journey. At this period, he was 39 years old, and he began the SSUF. Mike has a strong passion for mentoring the youth and thus spends a lot of his time in the Swiss Youth entrepreneurship, and he also supports several Swiss startups; both as a mentor and financially.

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My First Business Loan!

I got my first business loan from Nexbank when I went in one day looking for a way to buy a new office for my company. We needed to have a loan that would actually pay for the office and the furnishings we needed to bring in. It was a lot of work and a lot of money. We only had a couple chances to get this done before we had to move, and I am glad I went to see Nexbank because they moved faster than anyone else.

NexBank Acquires College Savings Bank

I have always been pleased with Nexbank because they make me feel like I belong with their company, and I know that they are very pleased to have my as a customer. Being their customer is a good things for me because I can walk right into the branch when I need help, and I never have to feel like I am walking into the hornet’s nest.

There are some people like me who come in to get business loans, and I have seen multiple people come in to close on the same day. That was really nice for me to see because it showed me that this bank wants to help a lot of people.

Our company is thriving because of the people at Nexbank, and I am very proud to be their customers. They have always made things easy for me, and they have always been helpful. I like knowing that I can get a new loan when I need one to make my business better.

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Forefront Capital Takes Aim to Aid Investors

Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler pays a little bit of attention to the film world, especially when movies about his line of work are dropping — such as the film “Money Monster”. “Money Monster” stars George Clooney as a television host who helps people make choices on Wall Street. A disgruntled viewer soon takes over the show, armed with a bomb, after seeing his fortune bleed away due to bad advice. While the film is fictional there are some circumstances that are very much real. Reifler decided to point out some common issues surrounding Wall Street, especially in the face of those who are considered a ‘lower tiered’ investor.

Reifler is quick to point out that there is a huge fundamental flaw in the way that Wall Street works. The vast majority of brokers on Wall Street charge their fee irregardless of how well their clients are actually performing. For 1% level investors this is no big deal, but for those that don’t meet SEC ‘accredited standards’ this could end up being devastating. Wall Street needs to be held accountable for their failures, not just those who have entrusted them with their money.

Next up Reifler points out how unfair the whole investment field is thanks to SEC rules and regulations. In order to get granted the most accessible investment opportunities you must be listed as ‘accredited’ by the SEC. To claim this title you need to have a net worth exceeding $1 million dollars, excluding your value in real estate. This literally means that 99% of the people in the country are going to be left by the wayside. Which brings us to Reifler’s final point.

The stock market is one of the most volatile investments that people can make and non accredited investors can go completely bust overnight. With Reifler’s help there is more hope for investors to make that upward movement.  See Brad’s full list of credentials on LinkedIn, or follow the man himself on social media.