The Difference Between A Straight Razor And Hair Shears

A straight razor and pair of hair shears are two professional tools you can use in your salon. You can use a straight razor and hair shears to cut and style hair, but it is best to learn the difference between the two before using them on your clients.


You can find straight razors from a variety of brands, such as Donald Scott NYC. The styles range from a tool that opens into an “L” shape to a tool that resembles a comb. A straight razor is used to add texture or layers by cutting the hair at different angles.


Professional shears feature a finger rest, stationary blade and cutting blade. The blades usually range from 3-inches to 5-inches. You can use the shears to create an even cut across the hair.


Donald Scott NYC offers a variety of hair styling tools for your salon. You can use the Swivel Twist Razor to create textured looks and shorter shapes. The DS/X4 Razor is used to trim discrete areas, from behind their ears to the nape of their neck. It is best to use the Prepare Liquid Tool Glide with any razor from this brand.


The professional shears and straight razors from Donald Scott NYC are perfect for creating different styles and cuts.

Chop Stik Pro from WPRNY on Vimeo.