Jeunesse Provides Outstanding Fitness Program to Support Supplement Product

When consumers want to take control of their body, they look to Jeunesse for the best weight-management program. Jeunesse collaborated with the leading nutritionist and celebrity-known Mark MacDonald, to combine an eight-week program along with the best supplement to help consumers live a healthier lifestyle.

Mark has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show to discuss healthy alternatives, and he’s a regular contributor to CNN and HLN. As a New York Times best-selling Author, Mark has the kind of knowledge that Jeunesse wanted to utilize to help continue its mission for people to become empowered with their health. The Zen Project 8 program helps with establishing better nutritional choices as well as helps those who are more advanced but need guidance for their weight management.

With the use of the dietary supplements, the program starts with a process that removes all of the unnatural foods and drinks that people tend to consume. Secondly, the program helps to cleanse the digestive system of all impurities that interfere with the body’s internal functions. Thirdly, during the flushing process toxins are removed from the body through a rigorous process that is centered around hydration and completely non-invasive.

As a National Ambassador to the American Diabetes Association, Mark MacDonald has designed a natural way for Jeunesse customers to not only transform their body but to also become completely involved in their longevity. The Zen Project 8 program also includes a large community of like-minded people who support each other at each phase of the program and thereafter. With the Zen Project 8, customers get it all.

Jeunesse was founded eight years ago by longtime partners Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Their passion for helping people have healthier and empowering lives has been at the foundation of Jeunesse’s product design’s and fitness program. The company’s global platform that now exists was started when Randy and Wendy wanted to revolutionize products that would give consumers a youthful outlook and existence. Jeunesse’s motto is “We Are Generation Young”. The company’s products are used by thousands of consumers all around the world regardless of age, race or socioeconomic status.