Waiakea Water Makes Big Splash

Waiakea Water is a bottled water company that has been able to gain a great amount of customers in recent months. The success of this company is truly a sign of just how much it is growing, and people can rest assured that it is only going to grow more.

Waiakea has been able to do this because it is a unique brand of bottled water that has a very interesting storyline. Lots of bottled water companies that all appeared to look alike, but Waiakea was being carved out to be special. This is a company that was definitely going to gravitate towards the top with consumers because there was a novelty connected to the way this water was purified. When people hear about the concept of bottled water they are instantly curious about how this water is purified and where it comes from. There are a ton of companies that sell what is considered spring water, but there has been a lot of dispute about how this water is actually purified and bottled.

With the Waiakea water there is a great amount of intrigue because it is called volcanic water. No one had ever thought of that, and this had not been something that people had considered for bottled water.

That may be the thing that has made CEO Ryan Emmons such a popular person in the bottled water community. He has created a company that has managed to do what so many others have failed to do. He has created a whole new process for water purification and the fact that this water comes from Hawaii is even more exciting.

When social media is the thing that people look for when they want to try something new, it is important to have a great marketing campaign. It is important to have a great storyline. Emmons appears to have known this better than anyone. Waiakea will stand out as one remember. No one is going to forget this when they hear volcanic water. That is why it makes perfect sense that this company is growing at such a rapid rate.

Dherbs.com Will Have You Feeling Fantastic in 2017

Do you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle? There are so many ways of doing exactly that. All it takes is your willingness to try something different and to be disciplined at it. This is what Sheryl Underwood will tell you if you asked her about her weight loss journey.

Sheryl Underwood already had a workout regimen before she discovered the benefits of a detox program. While looking for ways to detox and to flush out toxins from her body, she stumbled upon the Dherbs.com Full Body Cleanse. She decided to give it a try and see whether she would lose some weight.



In a recent talk show on radio, Sheryl Underwood discussed her journey and how she started on the 20-day program. The recipes in the program helped her lose a few pounds and she would use it alongside her usual exercise routine. She recommends the product to anyone who wants a natural way of losing a few pounds.


Dherbs.com offers directions on how to benefit from the cleanse as well as practical recipes which you can make using raw foods. For extra information on how to succeed with the diet, visit their website today!


Dherbs.com specializes in in herbal supplements, helping consumers achieve optimal health. The company also offers the Full Body Cleanse, which was recently featured on the Steve Harvey Show. Harvey himself lost 12 pounds from using the cleanse. A.D. Dolphin, the CEO of Dherbs.com, helped Harvey through this process.

On February 6th, 2017, Dolphin appeared on Harvey’s show. He shared raw food recipes with viewers, a dietary plan that should accompany the cleanse. Fresh fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, and seeds are some of the recommended raw ingredients. Dolphin helped viewers reframe their view of what it means to eat raw food. He applied his creative culinary skills to creating zucchini noodles, walnut tacos, and delicious smoothies!

The raw diet is a great accompaniment to the Full Body Cleanse. Benefits to the Full Body Cleanse include defeating cravings, losing weight, improving circulation, and even lower blood pressure. Dherbs.com’s Full Body Cleanse helps consumers achieve optimal bodily function, and many www.TrustPilot.com reviewers have noted as much.

The cleanse acts a refresher for the body, giving individuals a boost and helping them revamp their health. During the cleanse, the body detoxifies, which removes toxic build up in the build body.

After completing the cleanse, users generally feel more energized and focused. They even report having a better outlook on life. In addition, the cleanse helps with complexion and boosts the immune system! So what are you waiting for? The Full Body Cleanse is the perfect route to a healthier you in 2017. Don’t forget to check out some awesome raw food recipes from Dolphin to accompany your cleanse. The Rickey Smiley Morning Show gave it a shot, and had nothing but good things to say about their results on Dherbs.com.