Bruno Fagali and the Future of Brazilian Law

     Mr. Bruno Jorge Fagali is a notable lawyer from Brazil who has been in practice since 2008.Although he has been in the field for only a few years, he has established a reputation for himself as an expert in several of the areas of law.

Mr. Bruno Jorge Fagali received his higher education at the Pontifical Catholic University – a Brazilian institution in the city of Sao Paulo. In 2008, Mr. Bruno Jorge Fagali graduated and entered the world of legal practice. In 2016 and graduated with his master’s as well. Mr. Bruno Jorge Fagali’s majors are the law of the state, administrative law, and anti-corruption law. Later he continued to expand upon his expertise and studied the fields of compliance and ethics, among else.

Mr. Bruno Jorge Fagali started gaining experience early on in his studies. He took internships and volunteered many times in order to gain as much practice as possible during his years of study. Practical experience is extremely valuable in the field of law.

After he had graduated, Mr. Bruno Jorge Fagali was on the board of a few institutions such as the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics. He has also worked at a few law firms such as the Radi, Call and Associados advocacy at the law firm of Nova/ sb. Mr. Bruno Jorge Fagali has experience at positions such as board member, lawyer, and more. He works in the fields of public law, compliance, and the likes.


Jeremy Goldstein discusses prevention of hostile takeovers

Jeremy Goldstein as made a name for himself as one of the country’s Premier mergers, acquisition and executive compensation attorneys. He previously worked for over 15 years with the famed Law Firm Wachtel Lipton, doing some of the biggest deals in corporate history of the recent past.


Starting in 2014, Goldstein struck out on his own, in an effort to concentrate more heavily on counseling at-risk business owners both large and small on how to avoid the perils of a hostile takeover at the hands of shareholder activist. Although Goldstein is now independently wealthy due to his long tenure at the firm Wachtell Lipton, he chose to focus on private practice because he truly believes in helping business owners who may fall victim to predatory shareholder activist and their uncouth practices.


One crucial step in Goldstein’s journey to becoming his own boss has been the addition of his name to the New York State Bar association’s new online lawyer recommendation system called Lawyer Referral and Information Service. The New York Bar Association has over 35 years of experience recommending lawyers to those in need of legal service who may be unable to determine the exact nature and area of expertise in which their cases will be tried. The New York Bar Association is also the oldest such association in the entire United States, being founded in 1876 and having operated continuously for over 130 years.


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For his part, Goldstein has been actively editorializing against the perils of shareholder activism and getting the word out to business owners, executives and board members on how they can stave off attacks by unwanted suitors. One of the themes that Goldstein has constantly hit on is the fact that most hostile takeovers take place under circumstances where management and shareholders are in a state of extreme contention. Goldstein recommend strongly to minimize this.