Billy McFarland and the Magnises Black Card

Billy McFarland is the CEO of the black card named Magnises. The card forms the best way to spend money as a young professional or a new socialite. At the start, McFarland picked a privileged few that were able to access the card. People that obtained the card have called it cool enough.

In a recent interview, Billy McFarland mentioned the origin of the Black Card. He stated that when anyone moves into a new city to get their first job, one first gets stuck in the industry and career they work. There is no real way for anyone to get to meet with other people from other sectors. Newbies to a city never experience a city to its maximum. So the Magnises team formed the black card to allow millennials meet new people and try new experiences. Such experiences have enabled people live a dream life in their city.

Billy McFarland’s typical day at the office involves expanding the brand. The company strives to become productive through scaling across the country and internationally. It endeavors to have the black card a must-have card for every millennial that wants to get ahead both socially and professionally. The entire team focuses its work on accomplishing this goal. Unlike other black cards in the market that carry substantial annual fees and costs, the Magnises card requires only $250.

The Magnises is not a credit card but is an extension of an existing credit or debit card. The Magnises strip gets information from another card’s magnetic strip. If you become an elite Magnises member, you will be paying the $250 fee from your card. To apply for the card online, you have to answer a few questions first. Such questions are simple such as finding your favorite shopping places in NYC and your favorite restaurants in the city.

Most members have received several perks for spending on their Magnises card. Just a few months after its launch, members of the have been given a value similar to that offered by American Express. The card has attracted big brands such as Tesla and Samsung to create an exclusive aspirational consumer.