Jose Auriemo Neto Leads the Brazilian Real Estate Industry into International Recognition

Jose Auriemo Neto is a successful Brazilian business executive who also serves as the Chairman and CEO of the JHSF, a high-end real estate firm in Brazil which is revolutionizing the real estate industry in the country. Mr. Auriemo is the son of Fabio Auriemo who founded the company in 1972. Jose started working in the company in 1993 and ever since his efforts have seen the company grow to greater heights.

Since taking over the leadership of the company from his father, he has effected several changes that have seen the company invest in mega projects worth billions of dollars. In return, the projects have turned out to be cash cows for the company generating billions in revenues. JHSF has four main segments of its operations namely; shopping malls, executive airport, commercial developments and hotels and restaurants.

Jose Auriemo oversees all the operations of the company and ensures that the company puts its money where they can generate good returns. Some of the company’s major projects in Brazil overseen by Jose Auriemo Neto include the Cidade Jardim Shopping Mall situated in Sao Paulo. Others include Metro Tucuruv and Bela Vista shopping malls in Salvador and Ponta Negra Shopping Center situated in Manaus.

Some of these projects have seen it injecting billions of dollars into the Brazilian economy and employing thousands of people. Also, they have given Brazil an acclaimed international status regarding executive shopping malls. In light of this, in 2009 Auriemo oversaw the JHSF’s first venture into retail business, whereby he signed exclusive partnerships with world-renowned brands such as Gucci, Hermes and Jimmy Choo in Cidade Jardim Shopping mall. Later on in 2012, JHSF under the able stewardship Jose Auriemo signed a deal with Valentino, which led to the launch of the very first Valentino and R.ED Valentino outlets in Brazil.

Auriemo is a graduate of Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University. Mr. Jose Auriemo exhibited his leadership abilities at a tender age. At the age of seventeen years old, founded Parkbem, a parking lot management firm. He was appointed the director of shopping malls for JHSF at the age of 22. In 1998, he earned the rights to develop Shopping Santa Cruz, which was the group’s first shopping mall and he oversaw its successful development to completion which opened the way for more world –class shopping malls.

JHSF Real Estate Giant and Its Dedicated Chairman, Jose Auriemo Neto

Every country or region has had experts in every field: in architecture, medicine, banking and even real estate. One company stands out. In Brazil, JHSF is associated with big buildings and long-lasting landmarks. It is the household name for any person with a real estate project. The company was started back in 1972 in Sao Paulo, and it employs close to 500 people.

JHSF grew into an international expert in real estate, taking projects in US and Uruguay as well. Although JHSF is known as a reputable company that has helped come up with outstanding restaurants, airports, commercial buildings and residential properties, some of its most outstanding achievements are the 815 building on fifth avenue New York, Iguatemi shopping complex in Sao Paulo and the General Motor race track.

The company, which was initially started by two brothers: Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo under the name JHS, has since grown to a big international leader in real estate. It has two subsidiaries under it namely Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Telecoms Companies. JHSF has invested further into recurring revenue. JHSF has been keeping up with the current trends in real estates and works. I has invested in the best architects to make sure the buildings are complex, sophisticated and are up to the standards.

Jose Auriemo is the face of the company. His ideas have always brought forth success to the company. Jose is a 31-year-old investor who is wise and experienced. He is not just a successful CEO and Chairman of JHSF, but he is also a true family man who is running a family business successfully. Besides being heavily involved in various businesses, he also runs his own family like a true modern heroic father. He is married to Mariana and they both have children, which he never leaves behind whenever he gets a new project. In 2015, Jose moved to New York with his family and even enrolled them in a school there so that he could oversee the construction of the high-rise apartment building on Fifth Avenue, New York.

Jose Auriemo graduated from the Fundacao Armando Alveres Penteado (FAAP) in Sao Paulo. He started working at the family company, JHSF, in 1993 and became such as success with viable ideas that saw him become one of the executives in 1997.

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Roberto Santiago: The Entrepreneur who Developed Joao Pessoa’s Manaira Shopping

The prestigious Manaira Shopping mall was established by Roberto Santiago close to 30 years ago. Roberto is a Brazilian businessman recognized for developing state-of-the-art shopping malls with leisure, entertainment and stores all on the same location. Manaira Shopping is located in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, and is the largest in the region. Roberto Santiago began entrepreneurship during his youthful years where he invested in a carton manufacturing firm. The firm distributed cartons to other companies and managed to achieve massive growth and success. Later, Santiago invested in real estate properties where he purchased a piece of land in Joao Pessoa City where he proceeded and developed the Manaira Shopping Mall, which was opened in 1989. This mall is recognized across the state of Paraiba for offering exceptional shopping experience to the public and visitors. Learn more about Roberto Santiago at Wikipedia

Features of Manaira Shopping Mall

The land in which the Manaira Shopping center is developed covers an area of approximately 135,000 square meters. The parking space at the mall can hold about 3,180 vehicles when fully parked. The design of this mall is based on international standards, where it has a bank and college, making it a public place. The mall has lots of entertainment venues catering for the needs of all, both adults and children. Other features at Manaira Shopping include the gaming zone, movie halls, shopping stores, kids’ zone, salon, restaurants and food court, boutique hall, spa, gym and many more. The mall continues to add new features and facilities regularly in order to offer clients first class entertainment as they deserve.

Some of the facilities that offer complete fan to visitors are movie theaters. These facilities are fitted with 3D equipment that provides exceptional experience to movie lovers. In addition to watching their favorite movies and series, fans are allowed to buy soft drinks and snacks. Hotel and restaurant facilities are abundant at Manaira Shopping. The food stores offer a variety of themes with both local and international taste. You can enjoy any type of fast food, as well as executive dining with your family or colleagues. Capital Steak House is one of the favorite restaurants for all customers, both local and tourist. The bowling alley is also available at the mall, and it offers people the opportunity to enjoy bowling game in a very attractive and vibrant environment. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

Domus Hall is another lively feature at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. It was a redevelopment project that was completed in 2009 and is on the roof of the mall. It is a two story structure with capacity to accommodate approximately 10,000 fans. Roberto Santiago was brought up in Joao Pessoa. He earned his degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

Town Residential Shoots for Luxury

The idea behind Town Residential was to provide a luxury real estate company in a market that was essentially locked up and unable to be penetrated in the past. This is something that Town Residential has worked hard toward and it has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way for their clients.


Town Residential offers luxury living options to all of their clients. They work hard to make sure that they are providing luxury solutions to the people who they serve so that they are able to make the most out of their business for people. People who previously were unable to find a great home to buy in New York City are now able to find homes that are not only easy to live in but also have the ability to provide luxury options.


Some clients that Town Residential has have been major players in New York City culture. From politicians to celebrities and everything in between, Town Residential has been able to work with many different clients. While their contracts prohibit them from saying who, exactly, they have worked with, they have made hints at some major people who are a part of the culture. This has allowed them the chance to improve the choices that they have and has given them a great list of references of people who have been happy with the options that they have when it comes to the different things in real estate.


Town Residential was only started three years ago. While this is a relatively long time for a business to be in business in New York City, it is somewhat of a short time for someone to be as successful as what Town Residential has been. Most real estate agencies in New York City do not make it past their first year.


Throughout the three short years that they have been in business, Town Residential has been making waves. They recently opened their tenth office. This is huge for the company and is something that they feel has made things different for the company. It has given them the chance to serve even more clients than what they had before. Their new office gives them the opportunity to reach people who they would not have been able to reach otherwise and allows them the chance to do much more in a place that is convenient for them and for the clients that they have worked hard to serve.