You Must Defend Yourself Against Ransomware

Just imagine how horrified you would feel if you booted up your laptop or checked your smart phone one day and found it hijacked. If your device was kidnapped by a ransomware software programs such as WannaCry.


All your personal information is somewhere on the hard drive, from your passwords to your bank account numbers. You check your bank account balances, pay your bills, manage your brokerage portfolio and keep the notes for a research project you’re conducting for school or work. And that’s not to mention your text messages to your best friends, emails you were saving and extremely sensitive photographs you do not want your parents or boss to ever see, let alone the entire world.


And many people use their computers to work on. They write Word documents or design graphics for websites. They depend on that to pay their bills.


With ransomware, the program in effect holds all that hostage. It will tell you how many untraceable bitcoins to send if you wish to regain the use of your computer.


One company standing up to the cyber criminals and the ransomware they use to steal money is Rubica. They are the only cyber security firm that can protect both corporations and individuals.