Shea Butter: The Holy Grail

Surely you have noticed the recent increase in shea butter products. It seems everyone wants to get their hands on the potent ingredient. It’s no coincidence, because shea butter offers beauty and health benefits far reaching the status quo. The high fat and vitamin content makes it the perfect source for moisturizing the skin and making it smooth and healthy while keeping the pores clear and acne free. Overtime shea butter can even remove and lighten scars, but it doesn’t stop there.

One of the best quality names in the shea butter market right now is Eugenia Shea.This family owned business has roots in Ghana and America and holds true to offering a product which can help in treating conditions like eczema, acne, and chronically dry skin. Eugenia Shea really cares about their customers. Founder Naa-Sakle Akuete has a reputation for helping women in developing countries all over the world. The New York Times has describes Eugenia Shea as “A girl-power operation all the way down.” Eugenia Shea is a truly effective and moral company to jump behind where customer satisfaction is just the beginning of the benefits of this hidden gem. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a company that offers a better more pure product. Be a part of something great and make your skin more touchable than ever with Eugenia Shea Butter!