Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Changing Lives with Philanthropy

Talk Fusion has become one of the biggest video communication solution companies on the internet today. Their goal, since inception back in 2007, has been to connect users with the companies that are supply them with products.

Through it all we have seen CEO and founder Bob Reina perform as the guiding hand not just for business purposes, but also for developmental purposes of a philanthropic approach that is good for both business and humanity. Reina has become one of the most prolific philanthropic individuals in the industry today and he is doing it by giving back in several different ways.

To start off, Reina has created a free charity account that can be acquired by talking to any of the associates at Talk Fusion. The free charity account can be linked to a charity of choice of the associate.

The free account comes with all of the huge perks that the Premium Monthly Plan comes with including the Video Chat, Live Conferences, newsletter and more. In creating this charity account Reina is empowering his workforce to become givers of their own accord, thus creating more levels of philanthropy for worthy causes in need.

Moving past the work he is doing explicitly with Talk Fusion we can look at what Reina is doing with his own personal finances. Reina signed a record breaking charity donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay which came in the form of an eye popping $1 million dollars.

Reina has also given plenty to orphanages in Indonesia, thus allowing the most hungry and needy to have food and shelter while they look for their forever-homes. Reina has made caring a part of his platform and we won’t be surprised to see it reward both him and his causes throughout the years to come.

While we can talk about Reina’s charity all day we also have to talk about the recent success that Talk Fusion has been enjoying. Talk Fusion was recently awarded the Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award from TCM. Talk Fusion will likely parlay this success into another huge year.