The Ideas of Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

National Steel Car, through its strategies, has expanded its boundaries and put up branches. The dedication of Gregory James Aziz as the leader of the firm ensures that the rail sector becomes a viable segment, particularly to the economy. The idea is well substantiated by his move of registering the company under the policies of the ISO to ensure that its operations fall within the set regulations of the law.


National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc., has incorporated into its system not less than 900 recruits who are well qualified in various level to boost the operations of the organization. There are directors whose primary role is to ensure that the new employees in the company fit the rights qualification measures. The step is achieved by subjecting them through interviews and only the one that meets the requirements are made become part of the staffs in the organization. There is another push that company has established with the aim of retaining its customers in the market and reaching out to the new ones. The fact that its operation is defined by the policy and the regulation, Gregory Aziz has made the objectives of the company to align with the law.

There are areas that Gregory James Aziz and its team of National Steel Car has concentrated its efforts. These include the marketing. Their concept of promoting the firm’s products has been achieved through the distributors of the National Steel Car which are located in various regions of the world. The clients of the company have found it easier to approach the National Steel Car agents and present their needs. The central office of the National Steel Car is located in Hamilton. All the other branches are controlled centrally by the management of the company.

National Steel Car has stood in the market with its relevance for the last 15 years. Gregory Aziz was a student at University of Western Ontario. He is a graduate in the sector of economics, and the area has boosted its operation of managing the National Steel Car. He was parts of the people who were playing a huge role in assisting his family business Affiliated Foods. The ambitions and dedication of the Gregory J Aziz elevated him to the high ranked post of the company. He then expanded the firm level of marketing to the international scene.

Gregory James Aziz has possessed leadership skills that have enabled him to overcome challenges at National Steel Car.  Refer to This Article for more information.

A New Focus for National Steel Car and Gregory Aziz

The backbone of the North American economy had been the railroads for nearly a century before major trucking companies came into existence. Even now, railroads offer their customers a way to get enormous quantities of goods across the country at a rate per pound that is often lower than the competition. However, due to the inability of these railroad companies to pull right up to their customers like trucks can, many large corporations have switched their business to trucking carriers. A major shift needs to occur in the industry in order to get customers more enthused about rail transport, and Gregory J Aziz is working to make that a reality.


Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994 from its then owner Dofasco. For nearly a century, National Steel Car has focused on the manufacturing and sales of rolling stock and railcars such as tankers, boxcars, flatcars, hoppers, and coal cars. They have serviced every major railroad in Canada for many years, but without a clear strategy for the future and a rapidly changing industry, NSC was not able to keep up with its competitors in the trucking industry, and many railroads were no longer able to purchase the railcars it produced. Aziz wanted to change that.


Using his past business experience and knowledge, Aziz took a fresh look at the Company. He knew that customers would need to have a high-quality car that would withstand not only the test of time and the elements but also the rigorous safety frameworks created by regulators. This would mean that engineering would have to become one of the main departments of the company. He also realized that National Steel Car had been sold and purchased so many times that the management group did not have a clear direction. This had to change.


Starting in 1995, Gregory J Aziz made some major changes to the company. He first put out a new mission and vision of the company that focused on customer service and engineering, changing the strategy of production from accessible and cheap to high-quality and safe. He then hired over 2,000 additional employees and spent millions on new equipment and capital projects to increase capacity and attract more customers.


Now, National Steel Car is one of the only rolling stock companies left in North America. It has sales of over $200 million each year, and it is the premier company used for almost every major railroad out there. The new focus on engineering and quality has created demand for the products and ensured the life of the company for many years. Get Related Information Here.

Dr. Jejurikar, helping others achieve

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certied plastic surgeon, focused on and dedicated to helping his patients safely achieve their goals. Dr. Jejurikar earned his medical degree at the University of Michigan, and has been in practice for between 11-20 years. Being in high demand, Dr. Jejurikar focuses on surgery of the eyes, nose, body, and breasts. His passion, and precise attention to detail, show in the skill of his work, and the smiles patients pleased with his work.


Dr. Jejurikar is in practice in the Dallas, Texas area at two different locations: the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and the Legacy Plastic Surgery Institute in Plano, Texas. Both being renowned facilities equipped with the latest resources, and the most cutting-edge doctors.

Dallas-Based Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, Specializes in Brazilian Butt Lift Enhancement

Being proficient at his art, Dr. Jejurikar strives to provide the most innovative approaches to help patients achieve their desired aesthetic. Dr. Jejurikar also comes highly recommended by his patients. It is best said in a quote from a patient who says:

“Dr. J has performed over 6 surgeries on me and is by far the best you can hope to find… He’s extremely skilled and on top of the latest procedures.”


Dr. Jejurikar is also deeply sensitive and caring for his patients, but also for the less fortunate around the world. He frequently takes medical missions to help the poorer communities around the globe. In particularly, Dr. Jejurikar participates in an annual trip to Bangladesh with an organization called Smile Bangladesh that is centered on helping impoverished children. Jejurikar believes that he is blessed, and humbled to have the opportunity, knowledge and resources available to help others locally and internationally.


Dr. Jejurikar’s surgical experience is extensive with a focus on cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Jejurikar’s aspired intent is to help others achieve their desired look or aspect.


Bob Reina Is Making Video Communication Easier For Everyone

You might not expect a former police officer who didn’t come from a technical background to be making headway in the internet video communication field, but that’s just what Bob Reina is doing. Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion, a company that began as a software designer for videos that could be sent through email but now has other live video streaming tools. Learn more about Bob Reina: and

The way it works is through WebRTC technology, a technology that streams video seamlessly over a web browser without needing to download or install large software, or even needing the Adobe flash player plugin.

The step-by-step instructions for use are easy to follow. From video emails and newsletters, to live face-to-face chat and video conferencing, Talk Fusion has become recognized as a legitimate software company.

Bob Reina loves helping people in any way he can, and as a police officer his career had started off promising in that area.

But with the long shifts he had to work and a retirement goal he didn’t feel he would meet, Reina decided to change careers and go into multilevel marketing instead. It was trial and error in the first several years of his newfound career, but in 2004 he stumbled across the idea that would get his business off the ground.

He had taken videos while on vacation and needed a way to send them to his friends, but found out there was no software available that could be used to email them. So that’s when he and his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen decided to create the software themselves and the brand name of Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina wanted to make Talk Fusion a multilevel marketing company because he had seen how he could make it profitable while also allowing others a chance to go into business for themselves.

Talk Fusion associates who sell the products have a lot of incentives for making sales and referrals including bonus paychecks and even luxury vacations. Bob Reina is also a proud owner of many pets and a supporter of the Tampa Humane Society, an animal shelter organization that also has veterinarian services.

The Phenomenal Success of Securus Technologies – Rick Smith

For decades, Securus Technologies has been known to provide a one of a kind technology for the correctional facility. The technology has improved security for inmates and is making the work of jail wardens easy. However, the innovation did not come easy; it required a lot of innovation and dedication to produce such a masterpiece of work. One clear thing is that the management of the company has had a high impact in achieving its success. In July 2008 when Rick Smith took over as the CEO of Securus Technologies, the company registered more numbers in development.

The outstanding achievements of a Rick cannot be vividly understood without reflection into his past. When he took over the leadership of the company, many people had confidence in him because of his experience. Read more on

Smith has a rich educational background. He spent a lot of time and resources to gather his management skill. He studied at the State University of New York, Buffalo where he graduated with a bachelor degree in Engineering. Rick also has an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of technology and an MBA from the University of Rochester.

His work experience prepared him well for the job at Securus. From 1972 to 1998, he worked for Global Crossing North America In as the controller and chief information officer. He was later appointed the president of Frontier Information Technologies. Another institution that enjoyed the services of Rick Smith is Midwest Telephone Operations. In this firm, he served as financial manager, business development director and the vice president.

The peak of his career was with Securus Technologies. Rick Smith is based in the company’s headquarter in Dallas Texas. His tenure has seen the company increase its service base, with a wide range of product and services. Currently, more than one million inmates and 26,000 correctional facilities enjoy the services of Securus Technologies. Today many jails can swiftly respond to an emergency, have accurate reports, better communication, monitoring and biometric analysis and even offer information to the public, thanks to the leadership of Rick Smith at Securus. Visit for more info.

However, success was challenging. Rick had to ensure sufficient strategies are in place for his success. When he took over the leadership of the company he was aware of competitors such as Global Tel Link. To counter the competition, Smith ensured the business had a broad range of products and services. He further set up call center to improve the communication via the Securus’s technology.

Rick also ensured he had trained field agents that responded to the customers in time. The agent also enables the company to collect the right information which helped in improving their services.

Those who have either directly or indirectly involved with the correctional system appreciates The remarkable contribution of Rick Smith to Securus. It is an innovation that has brought peace and hope to many people.


Bob Reina of Talk Fusion Chimes in on HuffPost Branding Effort

Talk Fusion is one of the premier video marketing companies on the internet and they’ve been doing their thing for the better part of the past decade. Established in 2007 by owner and CEO Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has rode up the ranks to be one of the first and best at what they do. Reina understood early on that there was power in video marketing and he wanted to be there when it became a must have for business on the internet. Now, Reina is sharing his experiences and expertise from atop the ladder in order to help those coming up. That is why Reina was asked to pen several articles for the newly re-branded HuffPost.


Bob Reina has always been willing to share what makes him tick and this is especially true when it comes to helping other entrepreneurs establish themselves within the industry. So when HuffPost reached out back in 2016 for Reina to contribute to their publication, he was quick to participate. Reina penned articles relating to digital technology, lifestyle, video marketing, and the future of being an entrepreneur. His work got read by millions of people around the world. In 2017 the Huffington Post decided to rebrand to their current name, HuffPost, and they asked Reina to once again take part and help them open up the new website with a publication.


When HuffPost re-opened they asked Reina to release two new articles for their readers. Reina’s first piece was titled “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” and his second article was “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.” Both of these articles focused on Reina’s unique upbringing within the industry over the past decade. They also gave Reina the chance to reach out and touch base with HuffPost readers.


The HuffPost re-branding effort was largely done in order to re-focus and re-tool what they want their brand to be. With the new age of the internet you have to always be ready to change. Reina understood their desire immensely and he stated in a statement,”I’m a firm believer in the art of innovation. A brand’s growth is never complete.”

Watch here:

What You Need to Know about Louis Chenevert

CEOs of all companies should always strive to work hard towards improving the businesses and ensure that they leave the organizations in a better situation than they found them. Innovation and implementation of ideas have always been the development strategy of United Technologies Corporation, whose CEOs work towards bringing more changes to boost the development of the company. Besides, the business administrators must emphasize the short term issues as much as they put their concerns on the long-term issues. United Technologies Corporation highly invests in technology and targets to offer the most efficient services to their clients.

The geared turbofan engine is one of the most amendable investments of the company and has taken many years to be implemented. The jet engine targets to reduce fuel consumption in the planes and increase its performance. The engine is already being used by over seventy aircraft and is a clear proof of the companies’ innovative strategies. The company plans to continue with its innovations and intends to serve a larger number of clients in the coming years.

Louis Chenevert is one of the contributors to the current success of the United Technologies Corporation, as he served as the CEO of the firm. Chenevert went to the University of Montreal, where he received a bachelor’s degree in commerce, with a major in production management. Before taking his role at united technologies corporation, Chenevert served as the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada.

Additionally, Chenevert has highly contributed to the success of the UTC company through the various innovation strategies that he has helped it drive and bring to life. His expertise has enabled the company stays on the front line as the leading innovative and aerospace company.

Despite the great success of the enterprise, Chenevert took responsibility to ensure that all employees get safe treatment and security while carrying out their activities. His collaboration with the employees helped to make sure that they produce the most advanced jet engines, which has now made the company the world’s largest technology firm. United Technologies Corporation has also made high profits besides partnering with other enterprises to keep improvising their productions.

See Chenevert speak here:

I was hacked online!!!

An increasing amount of damage is starting to happen to companies, governments and individuals. The damage is said to be happening from a proliferation of cyber attacks. A really great example is the attack that happened in May of 2017. This attack came to be known as the Wannacry attack (YahooNews). During the attack about 300,000 computers and other digital software was hit in over 150 countries. The attack came to be known as the largest cyber assault of its kind. Organizations had to respond to the threat by incorporating strict cyber security measures.


Cybersecurity attacks keeps increasing each year. Between the period of 2013-2015 the cost of cybercrimes was said to of fallen between $400-$500 billion. This meant that the cost had quadrupled in the 3 year period.


Known as being a private network and has a team of elite cyber experts to provide you with digital security is Rubica. They are easy to use and very sophisticated. Rubica opporates as a background program and only sends you an alert when your attention is needed. With Rubica you can rest assure that you have online safety and privacy and that you will never say I was hacked ever again. The program takes cyber experts from some of the top security organizations such as: NSA, US Navy and Scotland yard. So you are sure to know with Rubica you are in great hands.


ClassDojo Raises Over $20 Million For App

ClassDojo raised $21 million in a round of Series B venture funding. The tech connects students’ parents to educators and it helps them communicate about students’ activities and behavioral development at school.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, co-founders of ClassDojo, said the company closed the round back in 2015 and the capital was being used to grow their team and to figure out what features parents would find useful.

Chaudhary said the idea behind the communication platform is to help parents guide conversations at home and to enhance or support the development their kids are doing in school.

Teachers can use the app to snap and send videos and photos of their students’ latest works or activities that they have participated in. However, ClassDojo does have competition from companies such as Kickboard, FreshGrade and Nearpod to name a few. For now, the company is staying focused on distributing its app to more parents and teachers.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and it is a communications app that is designed to connect students, teachers and parents. They can share photos, messages and videos throughout the school day. The app can also be used to so people can work together as a team and bring ideas to life in both the classroom and in homes. The founders of the app are Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary.

The company is quickly becoming one of the most well-known education companies in the world. The app is used in many K-8 schools in the United States and in over 170 other countries. ClassDojo has a team of designers, engineers and educators from around the globe. The team has backgrounds in charter schools, public schools, as well as from companies such as Google, Facebook and Airbnb.

ClassDojo’s Mission

ClassDojo’s mission is to provide parents, teachers and students a way to create amazing classrooms. The company’s vision includes transforming education for kids around the world and they plan on doing this by connecting students, parents and teachers in every classroom and to work with them daily to help them bring the best ideas into their schools. n

Those who want to use ClassDojo can download the app via ClassDojo’s website.

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Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary

The Wessex Institute of Technology provides an eLibrary with papers from its journals and transactions. Much of the content to be found therein is openly available to the public. This makes it a great resource for anyone interested in the fields covered. This ranges from keeping pace with current developments, or simply trying to improve your education.

The main source of content of the eLibrary is the WIT Transactions collection. The Transactions mainly include papers that were presented at WIT’s international conferences. These papers are divided into seven main research categories: “Engineering Sciences”, “The Built Environment”, “Information and Communication Technologies”, “Ecology and the Environment”, “Modeling and Simulation”, “Biomedicine and Health”, and “State of the Art in Science & Engineering”.

Most of the remaining content are the papers published in the WIT Press International Journals. The Journals cover similar content and published to release noteworthy papers to a wider audience. These journals are: “International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning”, “International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics”, “International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering”, “International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements”, “International Journal of Energy Production and Management”, “International Journal of Transport Development and Integration”, “International Journal of Heritage Architecture”, and “International Journal of Environmental Impacts”.