The Best In Blood Sucker Anime


Most of the time when we think about Anime ninja’s and sci-fi come to mind. However, there are many genres including romance, horror, and comedy.


Some of the most interesting are the 90s anime about vampires. Ranker-a website that ranks everything and anything ranks Vampire Knight at number two for Best Vampire Anime and at number thirteen for Best Anime Streaming on Netflix. It even ranked in the Best Romance Anime as well. Vampire Knight is a manga series written by Matsuri Hino. The story is about the fight between Pureblood vampires and Rogue vampires, with a young boarding school girl caught in the middle.


This one is even more interesting as it is ranked number eleven on the Best Vampire Anime as well as number nine as The Best Christian Anime and number twenty-two as The Best Horror Anime of All Time. A Japanese light novel series set 900 years after an apocalyptic war fought by humans against the vampires; Trinity Blood is about the ongoing war between the Vatican and the vampiric government.


Number one on Ranker’s list of Best Vampire Anime is Hellsing Ultimate first released in the US in 2006. This one ranks in several categories including, Best Anime Series of All Time, Best Adult Series of All Time, The Best Gore Anime of All Time, and Best Action Anime of All Time. This Japanese manga is about a woman (Hellsing) who leads the Royal Order of Protestant Knights, who wage war against the evil undead.