Doe Deere Is Bringing Color To The World With Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the creative force behind the incredibly successful makeup brand Lime Crime. Doe moved to the United States from her home country of Russia when she was just seventeen. Once in the United States, she began to make her dreams become a reality. She became a musician which became a springboard for her creative cosmetic and fashion ideas. Ultimately, she began to create her own cosmetics which propelled her to great success.


Doe Deere had always been creative and had a mind for business. She began her first little business in Russia when she was only thirteen years old. She was selling temporary tattoos to her friends when they first came out and were still a fresh new concept. She quickly learned how to market and inspire early on in her career. From the time she started creating her own cosmetics, she has had a devoted fan base. She would make makeup tutorials and eventually she became a Youtube star. She knew that getting the right makeup to express herself was nearly impossible so she knew that she needed to create her own.


Once she started her own Ebay store she knew she needed a name for it. She used the name of her favorite color and combined it with the first rhyming word that popped into her head. Lime Crime was born and she had created a business that would soon become a household name. Lime Crime is primarily an internet based business but some stores have begun to carry the makeup at brick and mortar locations which are great for a customer that just does not want to wait to get their hands on the newest product to hit the market. One of the reasons that the products have become so widely popular is because they are not tested on animals, they are also vegan and dermatologist tested. Even today, Doe Deere is very hands-on with the creation of new products. She spends much of her time in the lab helping to create new products. She even tests them on herself first before she will release them to the public. Doe is incredibly driven and continues to see steady growth with her company. She even helps to mentor young entrepreneurs. She takes pride in being able to help guide the next generation of successful businesswomen.




Doe Deere Talks About Founding Lime Crime

There are several new cosmetics companies in the world today, and one of the most progressive is Lime Crime. The brand was started by Doe Deere in an effort to bring brighter colors to the world, and she wants women to wear something that made them feel good. She built the brand on her own, and it has grown over time to include hair color and the vegan lifestyle. This article explains some of her thoughts on starting her company.


#1: How Does She Manage The Office?


Doe works in the office every day, and she is hardly at her desk. She is moving around the office, and she lives on meetings with her creative team. They are looking for better ways to make their brand beautiful, and they have started a free flow of information that makes the company more powerful.


#2: Why Does She Model The Brand?


Doe models her own brand because she believes in consistency. She is a beautiful woman who looks lovely in the colors her brand builds, and she wants women to feel inspired as she models new colors and hair every month. She has an Instagram that offers inspiration, and she ensures the brand looks the same in all aspects. The consistency is what brings back customers in the future.


#3: How Does She Build Idea?


Doe speaks often about allowing ideas to come to her as she works. She knows her business will grow quite a lot with new ideas, and she does not wish to rush the process. The problems of the cosmetics industry are found in moving too quickly, and she believes in being patient. She meets with her creative director every day, and she wants her team to think of new ideas that will make the business look that much better. The ideas may not flow all at once. They come around when they have been thought over by the team as a whole.


#4: What Is Her Favorite Trend?


Doe is quite excited about customers coming back from brick and mortar stores to online stores. Her business does not have makeup counters, and she does not want it to go to physical stores. She wants her customers online where the shopping experience is consistent, and she is capable of offering her customers more options when the costs are lower. The changes in the industry have left her business quite a lot of room to grow.


Doe Deere’s Lime Crime brand is a powerful name in cosmetics, and she is working quite hard to ensure women look their best in her makeup. She models the brand to keep their image consistent, and she offers colors that are found nowhere else.

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Inspiring Information About Doe Deere of Lime Crime

Doe Deere was born and partly bred in Russia until the age of 17 when she moved to the United States in the New York City. Her ambition led her to become the able CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, which has helped her bring out the main purpose of makeup which is to express beauty and not necessarily hide flaws, as it is the perception borne by many. She had always desired to develop cosmetics, probably of lime, her favorite color. Actually it is from such that she borrowed the name Lime Crime. Her efforts got rewarded when she launched her line of striking free cosmetics in 2008, Lime Crime.



In addition, you might also find it interesting to learn that she pursued much of this on her own. Being an aggressive person, Doe appears on media severally addressing entrepreneurs and particularly women, encouraging them to remain in the quest. It is easy to catch up with her on public events like PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. Her Instagram serves as a mentorship page where she buoys up womenfolk to engage her for relevant tips and guidance.



The Uncommon Nature of Doe



As opposed to many people, Doe’s main interest is in fulfilling that which feels best to her in the beauty lines. In fact, the mission of Lime Crime is mind-blowing by the fact that it reads “rebellion in color.” Simply, according to Deere you do not have to bow for anyone. What you feel about your makeup is what matters, whether it hits the world by storm or not. Her initiative has boosted many women especially in their self-esteem.



She designs these products herself. As she confesses, it takes patience for a mere idea to be implemented and refined. She has to test the products herself to approve of their quality and authenticity. Doe says it might take weeks or even months before her ideas are grilled into the final product. As an entrepreneur she has to consider her customer’s interests which is a factor that gives her confidence as she approaches her potential and existing clients.


As well, despite her enviable success and great administrative skills, Doe strongly believes in showing respect to her employees and clienteles. As she explains, her purpose is in elevating other people and make them better through affirmative reinforcement. Her nature is hilarious and what you may not know is that she is also philanthropic. Recently she donated some bucks to Bide-A-Wee, an animal rescue organization.

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Doe Deere Leads and Enchants for Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a fascinating, beautiful, revolutionary, young woman. She has taken her physical attributes and public relations skills learned as a member of a struggling rock band in NYC, and turned them into a personality and a business brand. The company she founded on eBay is named Lime Crime, a playful name using her favorite color at the time. Her brand and Doe Deere have become wildly popular and have allowed her and her husband to move into new digs in the Los Angeles area.

She was recently interviewed in ideamensch, and a series of photos were included in the reporting. Thanks to ideamensch we know her husband’s name, Mark, and that he holds a position within the company.

Doe Deere is involved in mentoring other women in their business endeavors, and her advice should be taken as she had had great success in her business dealings. Deere’s operating management style is one of love and encouragement, and she disdains those executives who rule will an iron fist. Her only business disappointment happened when her company was hacked by a cyber attack. She has since upgraded her level of protection and assures her large customer base that any further security breaches are nearly impossible.

Her business days are spent consulting members of her staff, but she is the figurehead and driving force in Lime Crime, and her efforts have propelled the company to the forefront of the cosmetics industry.

The photos taken with the interview show Doe Deere as a still fashionable model for her brand. In the photos, a sense of feminine perfection is displayed in colors and outfits to shock the sensibilities of even the avant-garde. Read the entire article and enjoy the photo spread here: But she not only pulls off the looks but inspires and creates in us a need to know more about this diva. She has that certain something, an undefined quality that she shares with Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Sophia Loren. This special look is impossible to define but you know who has it in this world of unsophisticated media personalities trying to become stars. Some have succeeded in a monetary sense but getting to the status of a Hepburn or Monroe is more difficult. Doe Deere has a chance to join this select crowd but she seems happy to be a wealthy cosmetics executive with a quirky fashion sense. Hollywood stardom is not the only way to become famous and Deere is making her case for this title every time she is interviewed.