Kim Dao’s 10 Must Have Japanese Makeup Products!

Since there are so many great quality makeups in Japan, it can be hard to choose what to purchase. So, in this video Kim Dao talks about her top ten best Japanese makeup products, these products are a “must buy if you come to Japan”.


Before the video starts, Kim Dao mentions that many of the products showcased in this video have won numerous awards, so this truly is a best of the best mini product review. Content like this is really great to have because it offers an insider’s opinion. See for yourself, the products in action in this video.


Starting the list off with a very light liquid foundation, Kim Dao says it evens out her skin and gives her a glow. Number two is a beautiful ruby eye shadow palette. This palette has a lovely creamy texture, the “pigmentation is so good” and it’s easy to blend. Three is a liquid eye liner. At the midpoint, Kim Dao brings out two mascaras. One, she admitted she didn’t want to try because it looked “quite cheap,” but both give her “thin Asian lashes” a lot of volume. Seven and eight on the list are lovely blushes. Last, but not least, two lipsticks. Both hydrate really nicely and aren’t sticky, but the real winner is a lip gloss that goes on clear and adjusts to a beautiful shade of pink that’s different for everyone who wears it.


These were Kim Dao’s favorites, which was your’s?

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