Using The Frontera Fund For The Good Of Immigrants

The Puente Human Rights Movement refers to a justice organization that works for migrants. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona. This is an organization that is focused on developing and empowering the migrant communities through education in order to defend as well as protect themselves. This way the Puente Movement will be enhancing the quality of life of various community members.

This is an organization that makes use of an open hand strategy. This is called the Closed Fist. It helps to build-up the power of the community. Puente Movement is fighting against enforcement that is responsible for criminalizing people. This is due to the deportation as well as detention system besides the racial profiling. Another factor here is the police-ICE collaboration. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida and About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

This organization believes in combating the attrition policies by having inclusive communities. This will make the lives of immigrants easier. This is the way in which Puente Movement is fighting attrition and building resistance within these programs.

This is a group that conducts campaigns for uniting people and fighting against those enforcements which are criminalizing people. These campaigns are focused on change that can only happen once the impacted communities are able to speak for themselves. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

This is why Puente Movement is trying to stop deportation by combining community organization, storytelling, along with political pressure, as well as legal advocacy. This way the Puente Movement has been able to successfully assist families in stopping approximately 100 deportations.

The Village Voice Media, as well as Phoenix New Times, have been co-founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. These two had received $3.75 million settlement when they were arrested by the Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. They dedicated this settlement money to fund all those organizations which are advocating for human, and civil, as well as migrant rights all across the state of Arizona.

It was on October 18, 2007, that these two journalists were arrested. This happened in the middle of the night. This was when the grand jury sought notes and articles that covered Joe Arpaio, from these two journalists.

There were Subpoenas by the Grand jury that demanded to identify those citizens who read stories involving this lawman. This was when Larkin and Lacey went to the U. S. Court of Appeals. They sued the State against defending their First Amendment rights. The two journalists won the case and got settlement money that was used to form the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund.

Arthur Becker Shifts Focus to Real Estate

Arthur Becker works within the world of investing like a professional athlete. He drifts from project to project with absolute preparation and dedication. Over the past twenty or so years Becker has established himself as one of the best in the industry at what he does. Naturally many people are curious as to how he has accomplished this task. Thankfully, Becker is one of the more open CEOs in New York City and he doesn’t mind taking time out of his day to explain his process. Check out Ideamensch for more info.

According to Huffington Post, Arthur Becker first jumped off of the page when he became the Chairman and CEO at the tech investing firm, NaviSite. From 2003 to 2011 Becker’s sole focus was on growing NaviSite into becoming one of the truly elite tech firms in the industry. During that same period of time Becker was also cultivating other talents so that he could pursue a better-rounded portfolio. This pursuit eventually led Becker to investing in his first private company: Madison Partners LLC.

Now Arthur Becker is a Managing Partner at Madison Partners LLC and his focus is on developing technology within the real estate and bio tech fields. Becker says of his shift in focus, “My previous work essentially led up to my first private investment. I have recently narrowed my focus a bit, which has changed my sort of customers.” Becker knows, if nothing else, that you must always be ready to grow and elevate with the clientele that you work with. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

Getting into real estate was an interesting prospect for Becker because he felt that he had some sort of background thanks to the Vera Wang Fashion Company. Becker’s work with then-wife Vera Wang’s fashion line helped him to get an eye on what it meant to cultivate an image and design something to sell. Now, Madison Partners is investing in unique properties all throughout New York City with the intention to flip them for a profit. Becker and Madison Properties are quickly growing thanks to some high quality developmental projects within the city. Becker already has projects going in Soho and Tribeca. More details can be found on Inspirery.


George Soros’s Scarce Temperament

The United States is home to many businesspeople as well as investment experts. George Soros is one of such great icons in the US. He was born in Hungary and was raised there until he became of age to pursue higher education. This saw him join the London school of economics with an aim to acquire business skills. For the love and passion for academics, George took part-time jobs the same time he was studying. This was in a bid to continue with his studies. The part time jobs saw him work as a night club’s waiter as well as a railway porter. This is a clear indication that George Soros began working hard since he joined the high learning institution. This gave him a firm foundation in working hard as well as time management. Read more on

On completing higher education studies, George relocated to New York abandoning the part-time jobs he was doing. After raising at least 12 million dollars, it was possible for him to start his own business in New York in 1969. This was because of his diligence as well as ability to lay down proper strategies; his business didn’t last long before gaining popularity. The rapid growth of his business gave him much confidence to run even bigger firms.

As his temperament, George could not withhold his philanthropic character, and this saw him give out at least 3 million dollars to district advocate races. The confirmed study shows that he distributed the money in 6 states targeting to support the financially disadvantaged candidates in the fight against discrimination. His philanthropic moves reached to the candidates fighting inequity and related vices in the judiciary system. His moves were devoted to bringing equality and fairness to how individuals should be treated. Individuals that were facing small drugs charges had a reason to smile because George’s work was aimed at giving them lighter charges. He pushed for an alternative punishment for such offenders in a way that they still get punished but in a different way rather than jailing them. George believed that the move would help the individuals to reform as they shape their lives at the same time. Read his profile at Washington Times.

George Soros is a world recognized billionaire, and it is believed that he uses much of his wealth in helping. He extends his support to individual people as well as organizations. His philanthropic work is a significant contribution to his astounding reputation all over the Globe. The amount of money George Soros has spent on his generous nature is believed to be more than 25 million dollars. In a bid to support Hillary Clinton’s election, George donated 7 billion dollars towards PAC. His philanthropy has overflow to attorney Candidates from very major US cities that include, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Mexico.

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Jeremy Goldstein discusses prevention of hostile takeovers

Jeremy Goldstein as made a name for himself as one of the country’s Premier mergers, acquisition and executive compensation attorneys. He previously worked for over 15 years with the famed Law Firm Wachtel Lipton, doing some of the biggest deals in corporate history of the recent past.


Starting in 2014, Goldstein struck out on his own, in an effort to concentrate more heavily on counseling at-risk business owners both large and small on how to avoid the perils of a hostile takeover at the hands of shareholder activist. Although Goldstein is now independently wealthy due to his long tenure at the firm Wachtell Lipton, he chose to focus on private practice because he truly believes in helping business owners who may fall victim to predatory shareholder activist and their uncouth practices.


One crucial step in Goldstein’s journey to becoming his own boss has been the addition of his name to the New York State Bar association’s new online lawyer recommendation system called Lawyer Referral and Information Service. The New York Bar Association has over 35 years of experience recommending lawyers to those in need of legal service who may be unable to determine the exact nature and area of expertise in which their cases will be tried. The New York Bar Association is also the oldest such association in the entire United States, being founded in 1876 and having operated continuously for over 130 years.


For updates, follow Jeremy Goldstein on Twitter.


For his part, Goldstein has been actively editorializing against the perils of shareholder activism and getting the word out to business owners, executives and board members on how they can stave off attacks by unwanted suitors. One of the themes that Goldstein has constantly hit on is the fact that most hostile takeovers take place under circumstances where management and shareholders are in a state of extreme contention. Goldstein recommend strongly to minimize this.


WEN By Chaz Dean: All-in-One Hair Care

According to Bustle, Wen is a great hair care products with great post-shower results for individuals with fine and thin hair. The hair product is suitable for all types of hair. However, the versatility extends beyond the type of hair. WEN is an all-in-one hair product with shampoo and conditioning capabilities. For those looking for a hair styling product, WEN provides one of the best hair treatment option. It can also be used with hair styling products without any negative effects on the hair. For best results, users are advised to use the recommended WEN product quantities as indicated on the product label. Users with short hair are advised to use 10 to 16 pumps while those with medium hair should use between 16 to 24 pumps. Finally, individuals with long air are advised to use between 24 and 32 pumps. For best results, it is recommended that users rub in the product thoroughly into their hair before washing off. Moreover, users should rinse off the products thoroughly to avoid greasy hair and achieve best results. The Bustle review also recommends daily use for better.

WEN By Chaz: Revolutionizing Hair Care Industry

With over 10 million units of products shipped since 2008and millions more since the product launch 16 years ago, WEN is one of the leading hair product brands globally. The three-in-one hair product produced by Chaz Dean, Inc. is popular among many users including celebrities such as Brooke Shields and Christina Applegate. The company behind the brand was founded by Chaz Dean, a hair stylist and designer with numerous celebrity clients. He is an industry veteran who rose through the ranks in the industry to become a leading figure in the industry. WEN is specially formulated to hydrate the hair while cleaning it. This allows the customers to easily style their hairs thereby giving them a dream look. Wen products are available on Guthy-Renker and QVC stores nationwide.


Bruno Fagali – Revolutionizing the Anti-Corruption Space

Bruno Fagali is a corporate integrity manager “Fagali Lawyers.” His enterprise is a private business based the public interest dealing with communication. Bruno Fagali is a learned scholar obtained his degree from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo in an advertising agency in the year 2009. Due to his efforts, he managed to do his masters by the Faculty of Law of USP.

Bruno Fagali cuts across every challenging aspect in regards to the law, but he majorly deals with Anti-corruption and more specifically on issues related to federal civil actions, administrative contracts, and regulatory law. Bruno Fagali is gifted as a man with strong personality and confident. Due to this unique aspect, he has been selected to be a member of several organization of great repute including the community of ethics and a corporate alliance of the Congress.

Through his career journey, Bruno has undergone very tough times while he is in his line of duty dealing with cases which involve domestic violence, family law and consumer law way back in 2006.Surprisingly in 2007, he did a remarkable judgment on the case which involved the Advisory public law contract. But this time around he realized he was talented in two aspects that are regulatory law and administrative process, so he focused in only the two.

Bruno Fagali took a risk once in his profession and published an article that exposed the corrupt tycoons. This raised questions which brought confusion but expressed the worries of the citizens which also made him famous. The best thing to aspire to live is to be fruitful after your hard work.

In conclusion, it’s surprising that I came to learn that Bruno Fagali can speak and write up to four languages fluently that include French, English, Portuguese and Spanish. This shows how Bruno works hard to achieve the best in his life.


Eva Moskowitz Is Dedicated To Public School Reforms

Eva Moskowitz is on a mission trying to deride the education experiences of poor children in New York. In 2006, she opened the first Success Academy Charter School in Harlem. Her plan has always been to keep expanding and in December 2016, the charter school network purchased a $67.7 million dollar space in the Manhattan Tower. The plans are to build two more schools, bringing the total number of schools to 41.


Eva was raised in Manhattan and attended Stuyvesant High School, where she grew dissatisfied with the lack of good teachers. When later interviewed about her early education, she said that the teaching was so inadequate that, “the students could teach themselves.” Eva Moskowitz earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History, from the University of Pennsylvania, there a professor disparaged her writing ability. While working on her PHD at John Hopkins University, she took additional courses in writing to improve her skills.


The critique about her own writing abilities, lead Eva Moskowitz to make writing a priority at Success Academy. The focus goes beyond just writing, the school has a goal to provide an exceptional public school education for children in low income areas. Success Academy Charter Schools have earned the prestigious reputation as the “largest, highest performing” public school system in New York.


As founder and Executive Officer, Eva Moskowitz plays a central role in the planning and developing the curriculum structure at Success Academy. Thanks to her efforts, the test scores of students attending the Academy continue to rise to higher levels. In Math the student’s scores were at 94%, which is an exceptional percentile for the Common Core exams. These are statewide exams, which measure proficiency in areas such as Math and English proficiency.


Eva penned an opinion article for New York Daily News and in it she talked about what lead her to founding Success Academy. She reflected on the New York school system as being designed to fail the average student. Eva said that the emphasis at Success Academy Charter Schools is on providing a high quality education to students from all backgrounds.


The Best In Blood Sucker Anime


Most of the time when we think about Anime ninja’s and sci-fi come to mind. However, there are many genres including romance, horror, and comedy.


Some of the most interesting are the 90s anime about vampires. Ranker-a website that ranks everything and anything ranks Vampire Knight at number two for Best Vampire Anime and at number thirteen for Best Anime Streaming on Netflix. It even ranked in the Best Romance Anime as well. Vampire Knight is a manga series written by Matsuri Hino. The story is about the fight between Pureblood vampires and Rogue vampires, with a young boarding school girl caught in the middle.


This one is even more interesting as it is ranked number eleven on the Best Vampire Anime as well as number nine as The Best Christian Anime and number twenty-two as The Best Horror Anime of All Time. A Japanese light novel series set 900 years after an apocalyptic war fought by humans against the vampires; Trinity Blood is about the ongoing war between the Vatican and the vampiric government.


Number one on Ranker’s list of Best Vampire Anime is Hellsing Ultimate first released in the US in 2006. This one ranks in several categories including, Best Anime Series of All Time, Best Adult Series of All Time, The Best Gore Anime of All Time, and Best Action Anime of All Time. This Japanese manga is about a woman (Hellsing) who leads the Royal Order of Protestant Knights, who wage war against the evil undead.

Kim Dao’s 10 Must Have Japanese Makeup Products!

Since there are so many great quality makeups in Japan, it can be hard to choose what to purchase. So, in this video Kim Dao talks about her top ten best Japanese makeup products, these products are a “must buy if you come to Japan”.


Before the video starts, Kim Dao mentions that many of the products showcased in this video have won numerous awards, so this truly is a best of the best mini product review. Content like this is really great to have because it offers an insider’s opinion. See for yourself, the products in action in this video.


Starting the list off with a very light liquid foundation, Kim Dao says it evens out her skin and gives her a glow. Number two is a beautiful ruby eye shadow palette. This palette has a lovely creamy texture, the “pigmentation is so good” and it’s easy to blend. Three is a liquid eye liner. At the midpoint, Kim Dao brings out two mascaras. One, she admitted she didn’t want to try because it looked “quite cheap,” but both give her “thin Asian lashes” a lot of volume. Seven and eight on the list are lovely blushes. Last, but not least, two lipsticks. Both hydrate really nicely and aren’t sticky, but the real winner is a lip gloss that goes on clear and adjusts to a beautiful shade of pink that’s different for everyone who wears it.


These were Kim Dao’s favorites, which was your’s?

Follow Kim Dao on Twitter @kimdaoblog.

Samuel Strauch: Tips for Getting Real Estate Help

Samuel Strauch is a successful real estate professional from Miami, Florida, and he has been helping clients and investors obtain positive outcomes. Samuel Strauch can help you through the entire process of buying, selling or investing in real estate property.

Real estate investing is one of the most profitable investment options. However, there are some crucial steps you need to take if you sincerely want to create wealth in this industry. A successful professional can walk you through the steps and ensure that you are successful as well.

Samuel Strauch caters to people who want to purchase property and those looking to make a career for themselves in this lucrative industry. Samuel Strauch can help you get an in-depth knowledge about the industry and gain insight in the real estate investing field.

The property investment market is growing at a fast rate, providing lucrative investment opportunities. Countless people have started in this field and become successful investors and you too create vast fortunes.

Once you have decided how you want to start or what kind of property interests you, you can start checking out property listings.

It is advisable to get an experienced real estate professional to advise you and guide you on your quest for real estate investment success and financial freedom.

Samuel Strauch has an extensive background in real estate investing and he has been helping people in this industry. He shows how to research rental rates, neighborhood demographics, market prices and other important issues. He can show you how to compare properties you are considering, to find out if the investment will produce a profit.

Samuel Strauch is a strong communicator and is well versed in negotiations. Samuel Strauch is someone who can help you get started and be on your way to achieving your real estate dreams.

Learn more details about Samuel Strauch: