The Chainsmokers: Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart’s Quest to Stand Out

The release of The Chainsmokers’ new song, “Closer”, had spawned some surprise by their fans as the song not only featured the talented voice of Halsey but also featured the voice of The Chainsmokers’ own Andrew Taggart. It’s especially surprising considering many artists within the EDM genre are mostly known for covering their identities, keeping themselves seen as more of musical superheroes.

Artists such as Daft Punk and DeadMau5 are great examples of this. However, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart wish to stray away from this trend in favor of being more personal with their fans. A duo that their fans can identify with.

They explain that they often come across songs where it seems like the same song but different versions of it and that it just seemed difficult to differentiate between the artists behind those songs. The duo are familiar with this very trend as it was something that they were trapped in for some time during the beginning of their career. Such a phase is what pushed them to become artists that blur the musical genre lines, blending genres such as hip-hop, indie, pop, and dance. It’s this motivation that launched their hit songs like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”. Their song, “Closer”, is just another example of the duo’s determination to make sure that they leave their mark on music and not simply be another generic EDM act. It also explains their collab with an act like Halsey. Halsey herself being a unique staple for today’s generation of music.

The duo explains that music for them is something personal as it’s a passion that both have been interested in for quite some time prior to them forming the band. Both Pall and Taggart were DJs prior to their careers, however, it was mostly regulated to a passionate side hobby. Now Pall and Taggart have made a career out of doing what they enjoy and plan on being a continuous storm of creativity and innovation within the EDM genre.